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posted by donteatmyjello
I JUST started watching Degrassi. When I mean 'just started' I mean like this morning.
Already I've been glued to the computer screen, watching دکھائیں after دکھائیں of Degrasi.
Obsess much? Maybe. But there's a lot to catch up on, with the دکھائیں just finishing it's 11th season.
Ranking above 11 million views, Degrassi is (in my opinion) سے طرف کی far the best teen دکھائیں out there.

So although I don't know all the details of the گزشتہ season, I do know a bit. For example, I know the back round between Drew and Bianca.
And I know what's going on with Eclare (Eli and Clare.) But I have سوالات remaining.
For example, I haven't been able to watch the most حالیہ episodes.
(Episodes 32 - 45)
So it would be great if آپ could give me the low down on what has happened in the most حالیہ episodes. Thanks a ton!
Anyway, hope آپ enjoyed!
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