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posted by big-fat-meanie
I have something very important to ask you:

Watch Degrassi: اگلے Class on Netflix.

It is really really important that Degrassi gets the proper ratings. It doesn’t matter if 10 million people watched Degrassi illegally because if no one watches it on Netflix, they will register the season as a failure. And the دکھائیں will be cancelled. We barely survived cancellation last time and if this is the end, this is the end.

If آپ watched اگلے Class through links, please watch it again on Netflix. This is so, so important. These ratings are critical in دکھانا Netflix that Degrassi has enough of a پرستار base to justify another season.

Even if آپ just have the دکھائیں on mute in another tab, this is enough. Just please don’t let the Friday premiere تاریخ pass سے طرف کی like it’s nothing.
Don't lie. آپ are all terribly obsessed with Johnny and Alli just as much as I am. And there is not enough 'Jalli' fiction out there people.

Soo, here is the first chapter, I'm working on the اگلے one as آپ read this. Tell me what آپ think. Thoughts, ideas, flames, I adore them all.


He watched her as she got up from her position on the بستر and walked out of the room to the bathroom. Her long legs seemed to never end and her long dark tousled hair in a messy bun. She wore a pair of his plaid blue boxers, he swore...
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-Johnny's POV-

Sometimes, it gets a bit annoying how Alli is. But I still love her. Is that even possible for me? I mean, its me! And besides, shes a 9th grader! But, its still hard for me to imagine life without her.

Wait, wait, wait. Lets back up a bit! Whenever i first met Alli, I thought she was hot. But she was a bit clingy, and back then I didnt really like 9th gradres. But then, we hung out سے طرف کی playing poker on the little camping-earth stuff trip thing and then I gave her a chance, and DAMN! If i didnt, i wouldnt be here, now would i? Love that girl. But, when she spilled about us to Holly...
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posted by Seddie4Ever
Season 1:
1+2.) Mother and Child Reunion
3.) Family Politics
4.) Eye of the Beholder
5.) Parents' Day
6.) The Mating Game
7.) باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال Diaries
8.) Secrets & Lies
9.) Coming of Age
10.) Rumours and Reputations
11.) Friday Night
12.) Wannabe
13.) Cabaret
14.) Under Pressure
15.) Jagged Little Pill

Season 2:
16+17.) When Doves Cry
18.) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
19.) Karma Chameleon
20.) Weird Science
21.) Drive
22+23.) Shout
24.) Mirror in the Bathroom
25.) Take My Breath Away
26.) Don't Believe the Hype
27+28.) White Wedding
29.) Careless Whisper
30.) Hot for Teacher
31.) Message in a Bottle
32.) Relax
33.) Dressed...
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posted by lovingsam
Clare- As a niner she was very geeky. She wore a uniform everyday then she meet Ali and K.C. both of them have turnned Clare around. After CLare's and K.C.'s breakup Clare has become her own person. Shr no longer cares what people think. Credit has to be دیا Eli Goldsworthy for helping out as well. This سال Clare has gotten her hair cut and got laser eye surgey. All eyes are on Clare now. Shen has changed for the best and she could have anyone she wants. Which we all know is Eli.

Eli- We don't know much about him. But we already love him. He's dark and mysetrious while being caring and sweet....
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<this takes place as the filler of season 9 so far <as the episode "beat it part 2" and maybe some newer episodes may later become incorporated that is an unknown factor enjoy>

day the story begins at: Monday December 14, 2009

Since Sav found out about Anya's little fantasy world they had gotten much closer. Because of this Sav had some plans for the upcoming Winter Wonderland Dance that was this weeks, Friday. His plans were similar to his plans when they went on the wild life retreat. So shall we now come on in the Degrassi hallways in the morning. Sav was at Anya's locker waiting...
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posted by lovingsam
I realize this doesn't help but I thought I would post it anyway.

This is from Miriam (Emma) and I askeed her if she knew what happened between Eli and Clare and what the death card meant and this what she said:
Well, I don't know what the death card ment but i do know Clare has a crush on Eli and Eli has a crush on Clare.

I know we already knew this but i thought I would post it anyway.I got a holod of Miriam since she has a fanpop account her screen name is miriam_mcdonald so be a پرستار of her! I chat with her all the time and try to get information out of her but it doesnt always work but i also like talk9ing to her as a person. Even though she is famous she does like to talk about normal things ok? So don't hound her. Sorry that sounds rude but I am very big on making sure people are comftorable.
Anya sat slumped over on the table, not touching her food. She glanced up at ہولی J and Leia as they sat down.
Holly J rolled her eyes. "Thursday already? I thought this mess was over with the fairy princess gig?"
Leia frowned. "It's called LARPing ہولی J."
Holly J rolled her eyes. "LARPing, fairy princess, what difference does it make?" She looked back at Anya. "What happened with آپ two anyways?"
Anya sighed. "I convinced him to go babysitting with me. And we were talking about kids when we grow up. I told him I wanted two. He wants six. Who's gonna have all of those kids?"
Holly J frowned....
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posted by AngelVicki427
In "Still Fighting It" Part One while acting out the last scene of Romeo and Juliet for english class, Eli gives Clare mixed signals of his feelings toward her. When she tries to confront him the اگلے day, he indicates that he has no feelings for her.
In "Still Fighting It" Part Two Clare uses Adam to help understand Eli and find out why he has been giving her mixed signals. She finds out where Eli lives after forcing Adam to tell her using guilt. Clare confronts Eli at his house, and Eli decides to tell Clare the truth because he doesn't want to continue to hurt her. Eli drives Clare to a spot in town where he reveals is where his ex-girlfriend had died on the way home, سے طرف کی getting hit سے طرف کی a car while riding her bike, from an argument they had. Eli blames himself and tells Clare that he doesn't want that to happen again and that was the reason why he was giving her mixed signals.
posted by taintedxfairie
i cant believe degrassi will be ending in the 9th season!! i hope the-n will reconsider this. this season spinner shaves his head due to most likely having cancer/aids. its rumored sean asks emma to marry him and she says no, and lakehurst will be going to degrassi. peter تاریخ rapes darcy, all kinds of stuff will happen. i dont want to think they are becoming مزید intense so they can end the دکھائیں with the most shocking episode ever!!!!! but i am glad the-n will be its own channel soon. most of this is almost 100% true but some might be false rumor یا differnt
Finally!!!! season 10 cast is CONFIRMED!
btw,I own Nothing of the following,and yes,its from a reilable source,its fron CTV's website

"DEGRASSI - Season 10 (half-hour drama, MuchMusic)

One of Canada's سب, سب سے اوپر young adult series returns exclusively to MuchMusic! Starting this July, DEGRASSI viewers can keep up with the series four days a week, as the دکھائیں moves to a 30-minute, Monday - Thursday format. In Season 10, a new school سال brings big changes to the students of DEGRASSI. New rivals, new friends, love interests, a shift in the school’s hierarchy and physical threats shake up every relationship....
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i hear footsteps behind me. i look through the corner of my eye to see who it is.
of coarse i thought.
out of everybody in the world,
it was craig.
the one person i didn't want to speak to.
so i continue walking.
"MANNY!! MANNY!!!" i hear him call.
so i stopped and turned around. as i did so i realised i had tears running all down my face.
he noticed how upset i was straight away.
"manny. whats wrong??" he asked me as he pulled me in for a hug.
i pulled away within milliseconds.
"craig. i. have. to. tell. you. something." i کہا one word at a time
"what? آپ can tell me anything" he said
oh god i am...
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As Anya was sitting alone with just a bag in her hands Sav saw her and came over to her. They were now the only two out side یا not at the pep-rally. He came up and کہا "now there is definitely something wrong, just tell me" she then realized she couldn't hide it anymore, she just started to burst into tears. Sav کہا worried "Anya, whats wrong, I can fix it" and she کہا still in tears "no آپ can't, not this" and he کہا "I bet I can" and she started cry harder. He sat down اگلے to her, grabbed her hand and کہا "Anya آپ can tell me anything". She then pulled out the boxed test and handed...
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Sav had no time to some way contact Anya before Asha came to dinner.He heard the door گھنٹی, بیل ring Asha walked in. She had the Indian skin tone and long black hair and was pretty, but in Sav's mind no where near as beautiful as Anya. They sat down and Sav was not happy with the situation which was slightly noticeable. Since Alli was not there and his parents stepped out off the room she suddenly کہا to Sav with a small Indian accent "are آپ happy arranged marriage?" and he کہا not trying to hurt her "um...well not really, I bet your nice and all it's just that I'm in love.... with another girl"...
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ارے everyone!!!well i'm pretty sure most of ya'll have seen these سے طرف کی now,but if آپ havn't,here it is!
(I don't own nun of the following,yes it is from a reliable sourse,its from MuchMuisic's website)

"MuchMusic's schedule now has episode titles and descriptions:

1001 - Waiting for a Girl, Part 1 (7/19)
Holly J is back for her senior سال at Degrassi with a mission. President of the student body equals entrance to Yale and Declan’s life. But when Sav decides to run against her, HJ will do anything to get votes, no matter how ruthless?

1002 - Waiting for a Girl, Part 2 (7/20)
Fiona is doing great...
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Anya was now furious at Sav but she didn’t want to be. Her hormones were going crazy. She hated being pregnant, she wasn’t going to hate her baby but she just didn’t want to be another Degrassi teen mom. But there was one thing no other teen mom at Degrassi had, she was going to marry her “baby daddy”. She was just so scared. She was sitting in her room that night and she was ہوم alone and the door گھنٹی, بیل rang and she went down and answered. It was Sav. She کہا with no emotion “what?” and he کہا “I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose, but it happened and آپ can’t do it...
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ہولی j- she became not nicer but مزید approchable. before in jessie's girl and standing in the dark episodes she was really mean and had much مزید attitude. This سال aka boiling point and since she me declan she's not the old ہولی j. i mean degrassi needs a person like paige and the old ہولی j یا else it wouldn't be a دکھائیں about teen issues.

Alli- SHe became much مزید outgoing... still chasing after guys but much مزید makeup eww i mean and her outfits too. She is so not respecting her muslim heritage.

My opinion
posted by lovingsam
so all of u have seen that commerical with girl with straighened hair rite? well hear are some rumors about who it is

1. julia in eli's dream
2. clare inn eli's dream
3.clare trying to change for eli
4.clare's realtive (cousin sister etc.)
5. new girl
6.eli's dream girl

i personally think its # 3,4,5 or, 2 but whatevs u decide and i can't wait until اگلے season! btw id odnt know if all of u have noticed this but CLare is in tenth and eli is in elevnth that meeans eli leaves clare behind at degrassi!GASP!!!! how will eitheer one suvie with out each other?????

thats all i have for now enjoy!

ارے guys. I put up on the دیوار that if آپ have any سوالات for Mundro I'll e-mail him and ask for آپ guys rather than him getting five million e-mails in his inbox. If آپ تبصرہ on here I'll send him the questions. Beware that he can't give anything away that will happen in the future. We already had one سوال asked.
Q: Do آپ think Eli would have دیا his extra ticket to Clare if Sav's tailight didn't get broken.
A:Yes i think Eli would've دیا his سیکنڈ ticket to Clare. I think there's something going on between those two.
Thats all for now .i hope I hear from آپ guys!

Every since Anya found she was pregnant she had become antisocial. She didn't wear the ring to school. She was now 3 weeks pregnant. They were planning to get married this weekend. They were just going to sign papers, no wedding just papers. She was kind of upset about it, but there wasn't much she could do. So in class Sav was passing notes to Anya (the bold sentences are Sav's and the italics are Anya's):

names for what?
the baby
I really don't want to talk about that right now
I want to think as little of the situation as possible and that’s gonna be pretty hard in...
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