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If آپ thought the first was funny un....this is gonna be a RIOT lol

1.Tell Tobi that Deidara کہا they're gonna dress up for twin day.

2.Mix his clay with play-doh.

3.Everytime he enters the room,scream "Akatsuki alert!Invader:Yamanaka Ino!"

4.Get a microphone and scream "Uchihas Rule...especially Sasuke!!!"

5.Ask him how it feels to get owned سے طرف کی the Sharingan.

6.Dye his clothes purple and say "I knew آپ and Ino were related!!!"

7.Blow up the hideout and say it was his fault.

8.Tell him he's dramatic when he blows up stuff.

9.Act like a dude,hug him and say "Love ya Dei-chan!"

10.When he talks about art scream "Poser!!!"
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It's Deidaras "Favorite Song" in a Remix
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I loooooooooove tht vid.I watched it before I came here.
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 Deidara and Niko
Deidara and Niko
    It was a nice دن and I had to do a mission I thought it was going to be fun until I found out what I had to do. I went to get my mission it was a mission for me and my team. I had to kill an Akatsuki they wanted me to do it because they thought that my team was strong and I would get over him. They wanted my team to hunt down and kill Deidara. I mostly thought it was because he was my older brother and I would know most of his اقدام and I did. It could also be because I was his little sister and there would be a chance that he would hold back a bit. No matter what I...
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