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Demi Lovato is really making the rounds in support of her new single, the positive, dancey anthem ‘Give Your دل a Break.’ The teen will appear on ‘American Idol‘ اگلے Thursday, March 15 at 8PM on FOX. She will perform her new hit song on the results/elimination episode. The crème de la crème usually performs on the Thursday episodes of ‘Idol’ all season long, so this is a big coup for Lovato.

Lovato is fresh off her well-received, hour-long documentary ‘Stay Strong,’ which aired on MTV on Tuesday, March 6. The revealing special, along with the live Q&A that aired afterwards,...
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 Demi Lovato rehab after he picked up his career with determination and it seems that with her new album will leave everyone speechless.
Demi Lovato rehab after he picked up his career with determination and it seems that with her new album will leave everyone speechless.
Demi Lovato rehab after he picked up his career with determination and it seems that with his new album will leave everyone speechless. After the success of the single "Skyscraper" سٹار, ستارہ is back in his recording studio in Miami and a few days پہلے to talk to someone has reached a duet

Even this time the news was spread through Twitter پروفائل because its producers Demi wrote: "Wow, today we had a special guest in the studio. We are thinking of a duet, "and then a follower of the producers of Demi commented:" It 'very possible that Demi duets with Justin Bieber. "

Although there is still no official seems that the "scoop" can be trusted: in those days Justin was in Florida for the کنسرٹ of his girlfriend, just an hour's drive from Miami, so آپ can mysterious سٹار, ستارہ that is really him. Also to consider is that Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are still good friends. Can آپ imagine singing along with Justin and Demi? What kind of song might sing a duet?
Demi Lovato: boyfriend wanted. Who is it? آپ choose! PHOTOS
Who could be the new boyfriend of Demi Lovato? Look at the تصاویر of candidates e. .. choose!

June 25, 2011

Since she returned to the stage, after leaving the rehab period and "no" that he saw the victim of eating disorders and self-harm, the beautiful Demi Lovato's single ... permanently archived history with Joe Jonas, Demi is now looking love. But who could be her new boyfriend? We have collected a فہرست of "candidates": see the pictures, and Demi Lovato helps آپ choose the perfect boyfriend!

Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner, Avan Jogia and ... why not, Prince Harry! Who could be the new boyfriend of Demi Lovato?
Joe Jonas "I'm sorry" new single: apologies for Demi Lovato?
Joe Jonas has a new single "I'm Sorry" and apologizing to a former girlfriend Demi Lovato? Read!

June 17, 2011 - Kika

Joe Jonas has revealed the عنوان of his new single "I'm Sorry" (sorry) and کہا that talks about one of his past relationships. Will finally apologize for Demi Lovato?

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

We know that Joe Jonas is definitely not the guy "perfect" and in a perfect relationship:...
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Demi Lovato: Tattoo with پار, صلیب and with the feather. Photos!
Demi Lovato دکھانا other two tattoos: the feathers on the neck and a پار, صلیب on his hand. View photos!

June 13, 2011
Demi Lovato has decided to دکھائیں clearly decided to get tattoos on the body. We saw a few months ago, after the release of Demi from rehab, the words "Stay Strong" (Hold) on the pulse of the star. Earlier, in September 2010, a picture of Demi on Twitter showed a feather colors painted behind the ear: in the تصاویر recently uploaded, the design can be seen clearly. The meaning? Nothing special: she liked the design and wanted to do for some time.

Check here in حالیہ days a new tattoo on the beautiful former سٹار, ستارہ of Sonny: a پار, صلیب drawn along the right thumb. That is also a message to his fans? Of one thing we are sure: it will not be the last tattoo that Demi does seem to have a penchant for tattoos!
Demi Lovato's hair: رپورٹ cards of his hairstyles!
See تصاویر of Demi Lovato's hair look and the grades from 1 to 10, make your marks for the star!

June 12, 2011 -
Guys, get ready with your hands on the keyboard of your PC: ... came the رپورٹ cards for Demi Lovato!

The beautiful former سٹار, ستارہ of Sonny loves change has changed the look of her hair very often: blonde, blackberry, brown یا jet black, curly, smooth, اقدام یا بش ... Demi Lovato likes to change the style of hair and always try new hairstyles! So you're ready to play with her​​? Click on the banner above dates and grades (1 to 10) within the different looks of Demi Lovato who have started .. رپورٹ cards!
For the first time since entering rehab last fall, Demi Lovato is opening up about the problems that led her to seek treatment in the first place.

The Disney starlet, whose rep had previously کہا she was getting help for "emotional and physical issues," revealed in the May issue of Seventeen that she had been struggling with cutting, an eating disorder and depression for years.

But Lovato's troubles came to a head in October, when she punched Alex Welch, a dancer on her international tour with the Jonas Brothers.

"Lashing out was my cry for help," the 18-year-old told Seventeen. "Wow, who was...
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As آپ all well know, Demi Lovato is a talented pop-rock singer and actress. But she is also well known for being a role model.
Ever since I watched Demi Lovato in Camp Rock and then in the movie's bonus feature "How to be a rock star", She became one of my role models.
Especially since she had trouble with bullies, just like me.
She makes me want to be a better person, and her song "Believe", has been a lot of help to me.
I have always had a problem with my self esteem.
It's just that I've always been told that I am wierd and that I am ugly, but when I heard believe, that really boosted my self-esteem....
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