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Chapter 10: No مزید Slaking Off
Man! I have so many ppl to add! Sorry if ur character doesn't come up, but they will soon!

Deanxra and Axel have set aside their differences while Roxas was by-standing. The trio ran into Xion.
Roxas: Hi, Xion.
Axel: ارے Xion!
Deanxra: *sigh* Hey, Xion...
Xion: Hi guys. Sorry about the other day. I was just out explor-
Xion was rudely interupted when someone runs towards the group and screams.
Deanxra: ارے Dem Dem, what's going on?
Demyx: Xemnas کہا he will turn me into a dusk if I don't tell آپ to رپورٹ to...
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Chapter 7 Part 1: Deanxra's Power Demonstration
Remember to give suggestions! I own Deanxra and Square Enix owns kingdom hearts and Organization 13. I used a quote from Kid Icarus: Uprising( I'll tell u which quote at the end) I do not own the Kid Icarus franchise. It belongs to Nintendo. NO YAOI FANGIRLS ARE ALLOWED TO POST DISGUSTING SUGGESTIONS یا PAIRINGS! If want to compliment یا give me advice on how to improve my پرستار fiction, then آپ are ALL welcome to do so.

After everyone finished their food and the extra bacon, some of the members were curious to know what kind of powers Deanxra...
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Chapter#6 Part 2: Deanxra's Temper Consequence
Square Enix owns everything but Deanxra.

Deanxra: Is everyone ready? The food is about come! Kay, one سے طرف کی one in order, tell me what آپ guys want to drink.
Xemnas: Coffee.
Xigbar: Same here.
Xaldin: Coffee.
Vexen: Ginseng tea.
Lexaeus: Coffee...
Zexion: Water would be fine.
Saix: ...Coffee...
Axel: Um... Some water I guess.
Demyx: دودھ please!
Luxord: نیبو, لیموں گھاس چائے please.
Marluxia: Coffee if آپ must...
Larxene: ارے superior's pet! Fetch me some sugar water!
Roxas: Shut it! Uh... Chocolate دودھ Deanxra!
Xion: Paopu رس, جوس please!
She served everyone 2 sandwiches,...
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Chapter# 6 Part 1: باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ Duties
Square Enix owns everything except Deanxra.
After nothing but chatting for the اگلے 45 منٹ یا so, they heard a door open and a pair of footsteps. After checking her watch, she found out it was 7:02. She thought one of the مزید serious members woke up this early since they have the اگلے 2 days off and she suspected that the مزید loose, carefree, and lazy members would sleep in.
Deanxra: Hey, it's 7:02. Wanna go get somethin' to eat?
Demyx: Well, I am pretty hungry... Sure. Let's go.
(On the way to the Mess Hall)
Deanxra: Who do آپ think woke up just about...
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Chapter#5: The Whiney Baby
I own nothing except Deanxra.

After a good night's sleep, Deanxra woke up to the sound of music. She woke up, dressed, and looked out the door to the hallway to find Demyx running to the beat of his sitar. She thought he was crazy playing موسیقی at what she assumed to be 5 o'clock. After all, there is no sun یا an actual REAL moon that rise nor set. But, according to her watch, it was 6:15 a.m.
Deanxra: Why are آپ playing your sitar this early!?
Demyx: I had a nightmare! An-and THEN i-i went t-t-to GO get s-some water then BAM! It was chasing me! But موسیقی makes...
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Chapter 3: Chaos At Clock Tower
Square Enix owns everything except Deanxra
Deanxra joined Roxas, Axel, and Xion to Twilight Town to eat some sea salt ice cream. Though, she did feel bad for leaving Demyx alone, but she was pretty sure he had دوستوں over at the castle.
Deanxra: This ice cream taste salty, but sweet at the same time.
Roxas: Thats exactly what i کہا the first time I tried this, right Axel?
Axel: Yup.
Deanxra: Do آپ guys always come here and eat ice cream?
Xion: Yeah, we come here and eat ice cream everyday after our missions.
Deanxra: Wait, آپ eat ice cream everyday!? How in...
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ارے guys, starting today, i'm doing a پرستار fiction series using my Organization XIII character, Deanxra. I decided to do the fanfic here instead of the Organization XIII club because this club seems so dead and i wanted to make it مزید lively یا at least be able to update it. If آپ guys want something to happen یا want to suggest an idea, please feel free to comment! (not there's a chance anyone visits this fanclub) In this fanfiction I made it before the whole قلعہ oblivion thing but roxas, xion, and axel were already close friends. This will be a story of the friendships between Deanxra...
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Chapter 11: The Girl in the Suit
This is a chapter focusing on a friend of mine's character. Since there are مزید mission chapters, I'm gonna change to the regular format rather than the play format so I can focus on action rather than dialoge. I own nothing but Deanxra and Square Enix owns the Kingdom Hearts series. Please enjoy.

Axel, Deanxra, Demyx, and Roxas all decided to stick together for Deanxra's safety and look for this mysterious girl that Deanxra claimed to know. They all just walked, side-by-side, practically hand-in-hand. For a while, Demyx wondered if he got the location...
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Chapter 9: Deanxra's تفصیل of a Friend
I own Deanxra, and Square Enix owns everything else.
BEGIN! Oh, and for the people that want to شامل میں and answered my سوال over in the Kingdom Hearts club, im gonna need a bio of ur character.

After the discussion with Demyx, Deanxra went to sleep at what her watch told her was 8:27 p.m.. She was surprised at the time since she would always go to sleep at around 10:30. She went to sleep anyway.
She woke up and forgot to draw the new دوستوں she made yesterday. She opened her drawer, opened her sketchpad and drew like there was no tomorrow. She...
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Chapter 8: 11 and 15 talk about 8
Square Enix owns everything except Deanxra.

Axel, Deanxra, Demyx, and Roxas all went to go look for Xion, but she was nowhere to be found.
Axel: Eh, we'll look for her later. Let's go somewhere!
Deanxra: آپ guys can go. I need some alone time to think.
Roxas: 'Bout what?
Deanxra: I really don't wanna say right now, but wherever آپ guys go, have fun.
She left to go walk around the قلعہ without anyone trying to stop her. She remembered when Demyx gave her a tour of the قلعہ and each room seemed to fit one member's interests یا needs. There was one small...
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Chapter 7 Part 2: 10 and 3's Request
I don't own Kingdom Hearts یا it's characters. Square Enix does. I own nothing but the character Deanxra.

Deanxra, Demyx: NO!
Axel: Kay, Kay! I'll, wait, Demyx why'd آپ say no? Are آپ hiding something?
Demyx: No, I was just-
Luxord, Xaldin: Deanxra!
Deanxra: Umm, yes surperiors?
Luxord: Please. Don't call us that. Addressing us سے طرف کی our دیا names is just fine.
Deanxra: Sure, but why did آپ call me for?
Xaldin: I want to test آپ for fighting and usefulness purposes.
Axel: Not to bust your bubble, but isn't that Zexion's job? He is her mentor.
Luxord: Zexion...
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Chapter#4: New Friends
Square Enix owns everything except Deanxra
Demyx: Oh, ارے Deanxra.
Deanxra: Wha- whats wrong?
She slams the door shut and sits اگلے to him on his bed. She was prepared for him to scowl at her for leaving him alone. She did feel sorry for leaving him though...
But he didn't...
Demyx: Oh, nothing. I was just waiting for آپ to come back ہوم in my room.
Deanxra: Here, I hope this will make up for leaving you.
Deanxra went through her pockets and took out at least 800 munny worth of snacks.
Demyx: Why did آپ get me this
Deanxra: Axel dared me to jump off the Clock Tower-
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chapter#2: Endless Questions
(Square Enix owns everything except Deanxra)

On the same day, Deanxra was walking down the hall, wondering were she was and exploring. Of course, she remembered Xemnas telling Demyx that he could ask her all the سوالات in the world, right after the meeting, that is. She expected to see Demyx anytime now.
Demyx: where is she!?
Deanxra: ow... Oh! I'm sorry!
Demyx:*gasp* oh! I've been looking all over for you!
Deanxra: what? About the questions?
Demyx: Yup!
Deanxra: wow. آپ seem very persistant about those questions! *smiles*
Demyx: Well theres only 1. What do you...
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Almost forgot to say this about the last 2 مضامین and this one. Everything execpt the character Deanxra belongs to Square Enix

Deanxra looked at Demyx and surprised him. He smiled at her nervously and waved. She giggled at his adorable expression. He then, blushed and thought of all the fun they would have. Roxas was too thinking of all the fun they would have together.
Xemnas: before I end this meeting, i will announce that we will have 3 days off ,so ever-
Axel: WAHOO!!
Demyx: Yeah!
Roxas: Yes!
Xemnas: As i was saying, i will give آپ three days off, for the sole purpose of آپ getting to know Deanxra. She has promised to make up all the work for your missions.
Xion: she can collect hearts?
Xemnas: The weapon she wields is the only non-keyblade weapon that can collect hearts. Only Deanxra can wield that sword. If we tried to wield it, it would be impossible to even pick it up. Now, آپ are all dismissed.

WHEW! ITS FINALLY OVER! stay tuned for chapter 2!
Chapter#1 Part 2: Deanxra, The Princess of the قوس قزح Apocalypse
(i dont own Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, یا The Legend of Zelda series)
Deanxra walked in the Round Room. She came in with her ڈاکو, ہڈ on, and everyone except Xemnas scooted up to the edge of their seat. She then took off her hood, revealing short, bouncy below-jaw-length brown hair, big beautiful silver eyes, and peaches-and-cream complextion. Everyone was amazed at this young teen beauty that would help aid them on their goal to acheive Kingdom Hearts. Everyone gasp and looked surprised and shocked as if they saw a snow leopard walk...
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posted by Demyx_Fan
 Look at him!
Look at him!
I just don't get it what so ever. I'ts flat out sad. Everyone at my school thinks Demyx is dumb,retarted,annoying,non-evil,etc. Let me get this staight. Yeah he is one of the most non-violent people in organization 13. SO WHAT!!!??? That's what makes him unique and special. I mean he's so cool and nice that I cried when I killed him in the game. T_T I felt like everyone time I hit him I was kicking a puppy!!! And I wuv puppys!!! Back to the subject. :p Ok then so he fights with water right? SOOO! For him آپ are supposed to use heros crest cause all the other keyblade جنک, فضول doesn't work against him! Is that what آپ call weak?! NOOOOO! And he's probably the hottest one in organization 13. *drools* woops! Ok then so anyways if anyone agrees with me and wants to put justice to this fact of people calling Demyx dumb. STEP آگے BRAVE KNIGHT AND DO YOUR TASK TO SAVE DEMYX FROM BEING HUMILLIATED!
 He;s hot!
He;s hot!