The present treatise generally incorporates the matter about Indian Gods and Goddesses of Indian Art and Literature. The Iconographical representation of the Indian Gods & Goddesses, as glimpsed from the Archaeological findings and temple architecture is one aspect and the literary evidences found in our vast Indian literature of Vedic, Epic and Puranic period is the other aspect of the book. Both these aspects delineated in this book give us perfect picture and historical development of Indian Mythology of Gods and Goddesses. The literary and textual material, when illustrated with the iconographical representations becomes مزید relevant and complete. The subject-matter is nicely and systematically arranged here and historical sequence is well maintained سے طرف کی narrating the Vedic, Epic and Puranic deities. The Mythological concept of Trimurti (Brahma, Visnu, Siva) as depicted in the Epics and Puranas is elaborately discussed in the work. Not only the Hindu, but also Jain and Buddhist Mythology are separately treated in this book. Thus, the book is a kind of Encyclopedia on Indian Mythology, since it has covered almost all the aspects of it. A number of illustrations/figures of Indian Mythological تصاویر presented in this book really enhance the value of the book.

Besides the general Index, a Glossary of the technical terms is also appended in the work. Hence, this book would be immensely useful to the students as well as researchers to know and understand the real mystery of the gods and goddesses of Indian Culture, Art and Literature.