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5-11 "Home is the Place" (Episode 98) January 4

Written by Jamie Gorenberg; directed by David Grossman

Susan bonds with Lee (Kevin Rahm) while Jackson's away, Susan visits a gay club for the first time. She believes a shirtless guy is flirting with her, til he mentions he's gay. Susan might sleep with Lee, but not remember it afterward. We may hear but not see Jackson (Gale Harold).

Gabrielle learns one of Carlos' former associates has a job opening perfect for Carlos. Carlos, however, has decided to teach the blind, to Gabrielle's horror. Carlos and Gaby host a dinner party where they learn they might be happier than his former associate and his wife are now.

Andrew's fiance Alex Cominis (Todd Grinnell) is in the episode, as is Alex's mother (Joanna Cassidy). Look for Alex's mother Melina to clash with Bree for their sons' affections.

Lynette has to handle Warren Schilling, or otherwise he'll make trouble for Preston, who's still posing as Porter. How far will Lynette go to protect her son? Lynette catches Preston when he talks to his twin Porter on the phone.

Edie reacts when Dave continues to act strangely.

5-12 (Episode 99) "Connect! Connect!" January 11

Written by Jordon Nardino; directed by Ken Wattingham

Gabrielle has her roofer order her kids to pick up their toys. She's lost control of the kids. Can Carlos help?

Dave takes a step forward with his plan of revenge.

Porter is laying low at the retirement home of his grandmother Stella (Polly Bergen) who might have had a heart attack.

Bree plots against Alex's mother (Joanna Cassidy) in hopes of keeping Andrew close to her, but there will be consequences for Bree.

Susan and Edie get locked together in a basement.

5-13 (Episode 100) "The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened" January 18

The show will air its 100th episode this season! Yay!

Beau Bridges guest stars as Eli, the neighborhood handyman who's found dead on Susan's roof. Most of the residents of Wisteria Lane will attend his funeral. The women of Wisteria Lane will recall significant moments from when Eli was present, including the day Mary Alice killed herself. Guest stars for the episode include Steven Culp as Rex Van De Kamp and Christine Estabrook as Martha Huber. Brenda Strong will also appear in person as Mary Alice.

A short-tempered caterer (not Bree or Katherine) prepares for a wealthy woman's event.

We'll meet one of the women's ex-husbands,a hot Latino.

February 1 Super Bowl Sunday. Desperate Housewives will be preempted by Wipeout.

5-14 (Episode 101) Probably February

We meet the headmaster of the private elementary school that MJ attends.

We'll also meet Bree's book publisher. Bree's well on her way to becoming the next Martha Stewart...

Can Gabrielle squeeze into the dress she wore when she became engaged? Probably not, as Gabrielle and another woman attend a fitness boot camp.

Tom may be forced to sell his car.

Someone argues with their liquor distributor over an unpaid bill.

February 22 The show is pre-empted by the Academy Awards.

March 1 Reportedly, a 2 hour episode of Brothers & Sisters will air that night, pre-empting Desperate Housewives.

March sweeps

This season, sweeps are in March instead of February. Sundays during March sweeps include March 8, 15, 22, and 29. New episodes on those dates are likely.

May sweeps

This season, Sundays during "May" sweeps include April 26, and May 3, 10, and 17. (I know what you're thinking: isn't it crazy to begin sweeps so soon after the last sweeps? And isn't it crazy to call it "May sweeps" when they take up the last week of April? The answer to both those questions is "yes.") New episodes on those dates are likely.

General season 5 spoilers

Marc Cherry has an idea for a past character who may return this season: it's either Felicia, Zach, Paul, or Betty.

Season 5 will have 24 episodes.

Other spoilers

The show is now expected to run through season 9. In other words, the show might sign off in May of 2013. DH creator Marc Cherry has talked before about wanting to do a series called Vicious Cheerleaders but with DH possibly running two years beyond his previous expectations of seven years, who knows if Vicious Cheerleaders will ever see the light of day.

Gabrielle's stepfather (who molested her as a teenager) was supposed to show up last season, but the strike put that on hold. He'll show up eventually, possibly this season.

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