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djwoods posted on Nov 14, 2009 at 04:36PM
So far with Bree and Karl and Julie getting strangled, Katheryn's breakdown, Susan and Mike getting Married, and the new neighbors what do you think will happen next?
I'll start off... We all know about this airplane crash that is suppose to happen in December. So despite that, I believe Katheryn is going to go to far and someone is going to get seriously hurt. Lynette is going to finally accept being pregnet right before she has a miscarriage.I believe the new family is in store to be a new regular, all but the Dad (same as Katheryn) and her and Bree will become awesome friends. After Katheryn finally hurts someone then she'll get better. I also believe Andrew will be killed off the show, paving the way for his parter (who would be widowed) to be a new regular on the show. I think Lee and Bob will be leaving soon as well because as many story lines as you can give them, they are just not working out. Though the idea of a gay (desperate housewife) is an awesome idea, just this character situation just isn't working. Trying another couple is probably the better way to go, once again paving the way for Andrew's partner to be the next regular. They've brought back to many people. Marc Cherry says the Edie was let go because of budget costs. So they brought back way to many people to not have some major deaths with the plane crash. I think in the spoiler when it says one fan favorite will loose someone they love to save another it'll be Lynette, I think somehow or some way she'll have a miscarriage around the time she starts to be very happy and in love with her unborn children. Also I wouldn't be surprised if they took out Tom? That would be something we wouldn't be expecting, but I've done the research and he's not looking to get out of his contract, and if so it's not any public info unless you all know something that I don't. I hate to see Tom go, I really like him. I do believe Orson will be killed off along with a lot of other ppl on this site and other sites. Also some how Susan is getting a free get out of jail card, just can't figure out how? Maybe Sunday they'll show us.
Well that is my two cents of everything, post your idea's. Let's see what all everyone comes up with.
Also do you think about Bree and Karl ending up together?

DHW till the end.

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