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marthaa posted on Jan 03, 2010 at 10:43PM
I thought it would be really fun if we made our own seasan 8 of desperate housewives.

So lets do about 20 episodes togheter and make the best season of desperate housewives there can be :)

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک marthaa said…

“There have been darkness for a while now over wisteria lane. The people who live there have long since had a reason to smile. They have all been hurt deeply by the tragic attack.

There are those who can no longer keep up the appearance of being happy and has turned to the bottle instead.

There are some who have lost their husband and is lost on the path of life.¨

There are women who have lost their children and their will to see the good in the world.

People who know they will never be able to take away the misery her friends is buried under”

Wisteria Lane didn’t look quite the same anymore. What was recently filled with the greenest grass and the most beautiful flowers is now dead. The beautiful surroundings are nowhere to be seen, It is just one big whole where life used to be.

Bree is cleaning her kitchen at the same time she is crying. The tears almost make it impossible to even see the silver spoons she is polishing, but she keeps on until every spoon is sparkling. She is wearing a black nightgown that she has been wearing for 3 days now. And there is not as much as a stain in the entire house. The house is extremely quiet and you can almost here the teardrops smashing against the table. Bree opens a bottle of wine.

Susan is sitting in a hospital chair just starring at the clock who almost seem to have stopped. She has been sitting in that chair for almost 4 days now just counting the minutes. Julie has not woken up yet. The doctors doesn’t think she will wake up at all. But Susan had decided that she will sit in that chair until Julie opens her eyes. Mike is away with M.J on a vacation and Susan thought it would be best if they stayed away for a while.

The image of finding Julie keeps popping up in Susan’s mind. She was buried under a lot of wood and they were lucky to have found her so fast. Susan remembers her face, how dead it looked, the feeling of thinking your daughter is dead. No she would not rest until Julie was ok.

Julie was lucky considering the circumstances, so many had ended up a lot worse after that day. One of those people were Tom, he was home one hour earlier then he should have been and was standing to close.

Lynette is sitting by her kitchen table with all her children surrounded Parker, Porter, Preston, Penny and the twins Patrick and Patricia. The children all know what she is going to tell them but Lynette feels they all have to talk about it. Her husband, their father is dead. Lynette tries to hold a brave face as she starts talking but it does not last for long. The tears just come falling down her face as she talks about how he will always still be with them. She wipes of her tears with her sleeve and is reminded that she is wearing Toms shirt, it smells like him. Parker goes over to her to give her a hug and the embrace each other for a while and cry together. Lynnette looks Parker in his eyes saying they are going to be okay, they are all going to be okay.

Gabrielle is laying in her bed, eyes all swollen and red. On the nightstand beside her there are three different kind of pills. Carlos comes in to the room carrying a tray with food trying to get Gabby to eat, though she refuses still. He sits down on the other side of the bed trying to at least talk to her, but it is as she is not even there. He tells her that it is probably going to hurt for the rest of their lives, but they have to move on at least for Juanita’s sake. He tries telling her how much he loves her and needs her right now, how much the rest of the family needs her. But Gabby cant be reached, she just lies there looking at the ceiling. Juanita comes running in jumping up in the bed, asking Gabby to please come play with her. But Gabrielle can’t seem to see through the loss of her other daughter.

Everyone lost something that Monday on Wisteria Lane. The thing they lost most of all was the belief. No God could be so cruel.

It could have been somewhere else, it was not even supposed to have happened on wisteria lane. It was just like any other Monday, the children were playing, the wives were gossiping and then it happened. The man were chased by the Police in a blue car. Lynette had seen the car coming closer in a really fast speed, to fast. She thought that it probably was some young kid who had just gotten is license. Gabrielle was drinking a Margarita and was busy gossiping when she told Celia to go and play with her friends. Bree was telling everyone about who she saw Jill Ferris out with last weekend and did not even notice the car. Susan was inside making more drinks when se heard the bang.

There was a man in his early 20´s in the car and he was not from around there. Shortly after him there were three police cars. The man was what the police thought a terrorist that were planning on blowing up a school. So they chased him all the way to wisteria lane. Were he just stopped, went out of the car and blew himself up. Is was not the life of those in Wisteria Lane who had been planed to be destroyed, but there he was blowing hearts in to little pieces.

Seven people died on wisteria lane that Monday, and a lot more got hurt. So after that no Monday will ever be the same. The flowers had died, and now there were nothing but a hole.

Susan wakes up terrified after dreaming about that day. She is stilling sitting in that chair in the hospital not missing a second that goes by. And then it happens Julie opens her eyes.