Chapter 16: War

Quasimodo left Belle in the cathedral room as he quickly raced back down to the سیکنڈ level grabbing a wooden beam throwing it over the edge of the balcony crushing Frollo's carriage in the town square he was now furious running up the steps to the entrance to Notre Dame that was completely locked "You men pick up that beam break down the door" he ordered his guards as Phoebus wrapped his arm around the chubby guard standing اگلے to cage "Alone at last" knocking the guard unconscious grabbing the keys from behind his بیلٹ, پٹی climbing on سب, سب سے اوپر of the cage with a spear in his hands the sky filled with smoke "Citizens of Paris Frollo has persecuted our people ransacked our city and now he has declared war on Notre Dame herself WILL WE ALLOW IT!!" the citizens would not they released the gypsies and together began fighting back against Frollo and his army "I think the calvary's here" کہا Hugo "Hey isn't that Pheboul", "Doofus" کہا Laverne "Phoebus!" Quasimodo corrected excitedly as he leapt off his cage and joined in the fight.
Guards began climbing up Notre Dame with ladders and hooks but he and gargoyles wouldn't let them take over Quasimodo threw a cement block over the edge destroying one of the ladders, Victor dropped a brick on سب, سب سے اوپر of the guards heads with his eyes closed but quickly apologized, Hugo chewed up a rocked pretending to be a plane we went to edge and spat rock chunks at the guards on the ladders making them climb down یا others to flee he and Victor even built a contraption that squashed two guards like as ماؤس trap "Are آپ sure that's how it's suppose to work" Victor asked "Works for me" replied Hugo while Laverne sent her pigeons after the guards "Fly my pretties fly fly Ah hahha" she laughed evilly flying toward the crowd like a swarm of bees frightening the guards as they ran for their lives.

Phoebus was down in the square fighting the guard with the mustache and Frollo's new Captain as he quickly tied the guards شرٹ, قمیض over his face Jolly rammed into him landing him اگلے to his horse "Achilles sit!" and like an obedient dog he minded his master "Put your backs into it!" shouted Frollo the door was nearly broken down "Huah ah Belle" Phoebus quickly ran towards Notre Dame while high above in the cathedral Victor held Hugo against him as the flames underneath a massive boiling pot of hot liquid copper to keep from going it was it was their last defense as Laverne, Victor, Hugo and Quasimodo pulled on their ropes dropping the pot to its side as it made it way over the balcony through the mouths of the gargoyles attached to the cathedral spilling all down the front of Notre Dame looked like a آتش فشاں that has just erupted with magma spilling all across her quickly the guards dropped the beam and fled while Frollo backed up against the cathedral and shielded his body then with one final cut of his sword he was inside "FROLLO HAVE آپ GONE MAD!!" Screamed the Archdeacon "I will not tolerate this assault on the house of God!" "Silence آپ old fool!" throwing him to the ground "The hunchback and I have unfinished business to attend to!" "I don't think so!" کہا Phoebus as he threw him to the ground pointing his sword toward him "Why if it isn't the mighty Captain Phoebus come to seek your revenge upon have you", Oh I've come to do مزید with than that Frollo I've come to kill آپ to make sure that no harm comes to Quasimodo but especially Belle "I see come to protect your witch have آپ well I hate to disappoint آپ Captain but I fulfilled my duty she's already dead", "NO!". Frollo kicked his sword out of the way and with stood up Phoebus attacked and their swords clashed "Face it Captain آپ already failed and now because of آپ and your witch and all of Paris is burning آپ thought what آپ had was love but آپ were a victim just like me she twisted and clouded your mind", he کہا as they fought "NEVER آپ DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT LOVE یا BELLE!!", "Really I know آپ failed her Captain آپ couldn't save her from flames not even from me why آپ even failed to save the gypsy girl such a pity two lives and آپ couldn't save one especially the one that was most important to you" Phoebus backed him against the دیوار grabbing him سے طرف کی the کالر ready plunge his sword into his دل with his other hand "Phoebus No! My son this is not آپ and this is not answer God will make sure there will be justice for his crimes and that he will be punished" the Archdeacons words rang through his mind as he backed away his sword still facing Frollo "As آپ wish father quickly find someone to escort to the Palace of Justice dungeon grabbing Frollo's sword "Sorry Captain" two of Frollo's guards hit him and the Archdeacon in the back of the head with the handle of their swords Frollo took back his "But it's like I told آپ the hunchback and I have unfinished business to attend to and neither one of آپ will interfere good work men آپ stay here and keep an eye out on them and آپ gather what's left of the guards and recapture those gypsies" "Yes sir".

Frollo headed up the stairs closing the door and locked it behind him leaving in the key heading up the steps to find Quasimodo while Pheobus was weak from being hit but not weak enough knocking the guard to the ground with his feet rolling over him so he was on سب, سب سے اوپر and with one big مککا, عجیب الخلقت knocked the guard out cold "Father are آپ alright" helping him up "yes I'm fine but آپ have to stop those guards from recapturing those gypsies and Frollo", "Don't worry father we will is there another way into the cathedral?" "Yes through the south entrance here is the key", "Thank you" helping him over the beam. "You there" calling out to some random citizens "Yes sir" "Take care of the father the rest of آپ tell the other citizens to capture the rest of the guards they're going after the gypsies" "Yes sir" Pheobus stared at the key as much as he wanted to go after Frollo whether if Belle was still alive یا not he had to find Esmerelda not just for her sake but for his and Quasimodo's as well whether she was dead یا alive.

"Alone at last"
"Hey isn't that Pheboul", "Doofus", "Phoebus!"
"Are آپ sure that's how it's suppose to work?", "Works for me"
Fly my pretties fly fly!"
"Achilles sit!"
"FROLLO HAVE آپ GONE MAD! I will not tolerate this assault on the house of God!"
" Such a pity two lives and آپ couldn't save one especially the one that was most important to you"