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 Once Upon A December
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Anya and Belle had to leave their ہوم behind when they were attacked سے طرف کی rioters. Now they watch their palace burn from the safety of the woods with no knowledge of whether یا not their family survived..now alone they mus protect one another...
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 "Red, I feel my soul on fire! Black, my world if you're not there!"
"Red, I feel my soul on fire! Black, my world if you're not there!"
“Red, the blood of angry men! Black, the dark of ages past! Red, a world about to dawn! Black, the night that ends at last!”

Belle heard the cheers of the students all around the town as Enjolras and his friends, Marius and Grantaire, along with young streetwise urchin Gavroche, beckoned them to شامل میں in their crusade. They were mainly men; very few there were women. Belle wanted to شامل میں them مزید than anything, but her family were adamant that she could not.

“No, Belle,” growled Maurice, her father, when she had protested. “We will have nothing to do with those revolutionaries! It’ll...
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We went into the بارن, گودام for shelter and so we'd have time to think of a plan. I feel like my life is flashing before my eyes. There are so many things I haven’t even done with my life. But I promise that I’m not going to let anything bad happen to these kids even if it kills me.

"Chris, if there's a spell آپ know that would help save us, now would be a good time to use it!" کہا Angel.

"There's one, but there's a problem. It requires four wizards and I'm the only wizard here that can help us." I said.

"Maybe we can do it." کہا Patch.

"No, it's too dangerous! The spell is so powerful;...
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 "Alright, grumpypuss!"
"Alright, grumpypuss!"
That was the way it was for Ramses and Ariel and they were perfectly happy. Queen Tuya knew that they wouldn't have it any other way, but her husband Seti was anxious that Ramses stop fooling around with Ariel and focus on taking a wife. He کہا as much the اگلے دن over breakfast. Ariel, dining with the servants, was absent and so unable to hear for herself what Seti had to say to his son.
"Ramses, آپ know we're holding that banquet tonight? Well-"
"Oh, don't tell me!" Ramses groaned. "You've got another batch of young and silly women lined up for me to meet and possibly think about marrying!"...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 A tale of love, friendship and a remarkable woman!
A tale of love, friendship and a remarkable woman!
Ever since they were children, Ariel and Ramses had been the best of friends.
Ariel, an orphan who's parents had died of fever when she was a child, could remember as though it were yesterday. She had been looking for somewhere to live; for some kind family to take her in after her parents' death and had stumbled across the small pool that flowed below the palace balcony, where Queen Tuya and her دوستوں often bathed. There she had come across the young Ramses, playing with a ball. When the ball had gone into the water, Ramses had gone after it; forgetting that he couldn't swim and that the...
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