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Congratulations KataraLover! آپ definitely deserve to be پرستار of the ماہ for May, because آپ have contributed so much on this spot!

So here is the interview with KataraLover, the پرستار of the ماہ for May! ☺

1. How long have آپ been active on this site?

Almost two years starting november.

2. What was one of the nicest compliments یا تبصرے you’ve gotten for your contributions to this spot?

I'd have to say when pulgaenana complimented me and شدہ تبصرہ on my مضمون telling how the Scamp's Adventure is better than Lady and The Tramp. I just love it when people leave تبصرے on my مضامین that I put my دل and soul into. She told me I was hilarious and epic mostly when I کہا "I don't see a beautiful night! I see people's dirty laundry".

3. How did آپ discover Fanpop?

Well I was looking up the most beautiful disney heroines because of a video I saw on youtube. When I saw آپ could actually vote and make stuff on here I just knew I had to join. However it tooked a while for me to شامل میں but I found the time when I got sick.

4. What other princess fairytale would آپ like to see made into a Disney movie?

If آپ count سوان, ہنس Lake because I love The سوان, ہنس Princess. I'd also love to see disney make Anne of Green Gables it's one of my پسندیدہ کتابیں in the world.

5. Who are your favourite/least پسندیدہ princesses and why?

My پسندیدہ disney princess is Ariel! I could go on about how amazing she is but I'll try to keep it as short as I can. I relate to her because she has a dad who doesn't understand her. I also feel like I don't belong and that I belong in a world that's impossible for me to be in. I want to be a merman مزید than anything in the world! I love how she's very realistic, she's also adventurous, brave, smart, sweet, curious, and stilling to do whatever it takes to make her dream come true. She is also the first heroine to save her love interest, she started disney female independence. I don't think she's stupid for agreeing to Ursula's deal I think she's brave because she knew what might happen and was willing to take a risk for love.

My least پسندیدہ is Aurora! She's so boring! I like her and all but she doesn't do anything! All she does is sing, dance, cry, sleep, and look pretty. She's so weak and doesn't do anything to help herself. She could have ran away to be with her true love but instead she just does what she's told.

6. Which other animated heroine would آپ like to see as part of the lineup?

Well disney I would want either Melody, Eilonwy, یا Kida. Disney I would want either Odette(my پسندیدہ non-disney heroine) یا Anastasia(my prettiest animated heroine).

7. Who is your پسندیدہ character (apart from the princess) in each of the princess movies?

-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Prince
-Cinderella: Either Anastasia یا Charming
-Sleeping Beauty: Merrywheather(My favrotite character in the movie)
-The Little Mermaid: Eric
-Beauty and the Beast: Chip
-Aladdin: Aladdin(My پسندیدہ character in the movie)
-Pocahontas: Grandmother Willow
-Mulan: Either Mushu یا Cri Kee
-Princess and the Frog: شارلٹ
-Tangled: Gothel

8. Who is your prettiest/least beautiful princess and why?

My prettiest is Ariel! I'm not just being based I really think she's the most beautiful! She has gorgeous blue eyes, long beautiful red hair, the cutest nose ever, a lovely profile, a stunning facial stucture, and the most dazeling smile ever. Plus she's one of the sexiest things ever created! The only animated females that come close to her beauty is Anastasia and Melody.

My least pretty is Pocahontas! She use to be high on my فہرست but that was only because of her amazing body and stunning hair! Her face isn't all that. She has a horrible nose, مچھلی lips, her eyes are too small and dark, and her smile it looks like she's being forced to smile. I hate her پروفائل and her facial stucture is just not that good. Don't get me wrong she's pretty but isn't this goddess of hotness everyone goes on about. If آپ ignore her hair and body she's just plainly pretty at best.

9. What is your favourite thing about being a regular on this spot?

I get to talk to a much of دوستوں on here that are creative on here because people who I know in my town are simple minded.

10. If آپ could visit any princess' homeland, which one would آپ choose?

Ariel's of course DUH I would love to be a merman exploring the sea. I want to be a merman مزید than anything and to have some excitment in my life. My and Ariel could explore mysterious caves and sunken ships. Plus later we can go to the قلعہ and listen to music.

11. As a child, which villain were آپ the most afraid of?

I would have to say the Hag from Snow White. I wasn't afraid of the Queen because I thought she was really beautiful. However when she transformed into the hag I was terified. I was most scared during the transformation.

12. Which princess have آپ started liking مزید than before, and why?

Well Snow White use to be my least پسندیدہ but is now my 6th favorite. Cinderella use to be my third least پسندیدہ but is now my 5th favorite. I just find them so charming and I always enjoyed them as a child. I love how Cinderella goes from rags to riches. I love how Snow White managed to stay brave during all of this.

13. Which princess have آپ started liking less than before, and why?

Belle, she use to be my سیکنڈ پسندیدہ but is now my سیکنڈ least favorite. I think she's just too perfect!

14. What do other people think of your passion/obsession for Disney Princesses?

My family is use to it because I've been obsessed with disney since birth. When people who aren't my family یا دوستوں find out they think I'm odd but I don't care. I love being an individual and not one of those moron guys who think آپ have to do sports and drunks to be cool.

15. For how long have آپ been interested in the Disney princesses?

Since the دن I was born and I became even مزید interested when I saw the disney princesses on ice show.

16. Which character from a DP movie would آپ like to voice?

I would love to voice Aladdin because he's my پسندیدہ disney prince.

17. Which princess quality do آپ wish to have?


18. If آپ could change the appearance and personality of one princess who would آپ like to change and why?

It would be Aurora, I would make her personality and appearence like Odette from The سوان, ہنس Princess. Aurora is very pretty but not beautiful at all and Odette is one of the most gorgeous animated characters that were ever created. She has سونا of sunshine in her hair while Aurora is ugly bleach blonde and awful bangs. Plus Odette's nose and chin aren't too pointy like Aurora's. Odette's eyes actually stay the same color and her skin isn't گلابی like Aurora's. Plus I love all her outfits مزید than Aurora's. If she had Odette's personality she would have ran away from ہوم to find her true love, she would have spiced the boring story up. If she did look like Odette and had her personality she would سے طرف کی my 3rd پسندیدہ and 2rd prettiest.

19. Which is your پسندیدہ song in each of the princess movies?

-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Someday My Prince Will Come
-Cinderella: A Dream Is A Wish Your دل Makes
-Sleeping Beauty: The Gifts
-The Little Mermaid: Part of Your World
-Beauty and the Beast: Belle(Reprise)
-Aladdin: A Whole New World
-Pocahontas: If I Never Knew آپ
-Mulan: Reflection
-Princess and the Frog: Almost There
-Tangled: When Will My Life Begin(Reprise)

20. Who is your پسندیدہ sidekick?

Mushu and and Cri Kee are my پسندیدہ disney princess sidekicks because they are hilarious. They are awesome in the scene with the panda bear!

21. What is your all time پسندیدہ scene in a Princess movie?

Part of Your World I just love how Ariel can just express her dream! She can feel it, see it, and it's so beautiful that it's almost real. Plus I love how she wishes to be in a world she's not part of.

22. What is your پسندیدہ ending scene from a princess movie?

The Little Mermaid ending mostly because I know کدال, hoe sad it was in the original story which I despise. It's that all of Ariel's hard work finally works out! Her father is able to let her go because his love for his daughter is greater than his hate for humans was. I love Ariel's dress when she comes out of the water it's just stunning and the glowing water. The long awaited kiss that tooked the whole movie to finally happen, I love and hate those build up moments. Also that moment that Ariel hugs her dad and says "I love آپ daddy" always warms my heart. Plus I adore that chorus moment of Part of Your World it always give me goosebups. There is some self sacrafice in it just like the original. Triton has to give up his daughter and Ariel has to give up her family.

23. What is your پسندیدہ Princess outfit?

Ariel's sparkly dress! I love it so much it's modern and has some old fashion quality to it. I always love sparkly dresses and it has so much meaning of Ariel's dreams finally at last coming true.

24. Which princess do آپ think has the best wardrobe?

Jasmine I love how it's exotic and even her peasent outfit is amazing.

25. Which user(s) on Fanpop do آپ respect the most?

ppgbelle4 we're even on a real name bases, we always go to each other with our problems we know alot about each other I feel like I can talk to her about anything.
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Originally, I was planning to write an مضمون about all the out takes from Frozen and my opinions on them. However, I kinda promised that مضمون to another user, so I'm just writing this about "Life's too short"
- Life's too short https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUMiU2wp7ZQ

Anna: I came all this way today to give us a fresh start
But now that you’re like wow it’s all like warm in my heart

Elsa: I'm so glad آپ like it sis 'cause this is the real me
You have no idea how great it feels to be free

Anna: We've been falling out for way too long, so let’s forget who’s right

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Nezorf - Reverof Ni Emit Tsrif Eht Rof (Esirper)
Frozen (2013)
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آپ do not have to agree with anything. No bad تبصرے please.

11. Sleeping Beauty
Movie: 11
Princess: 10
Prince: 10
Sidekick(s): 9
Songs: 11
Wardrobe: 11
Prettiest: 2
Singing voice: 2
Setting: 5

10: Princess and the Frog
Movie: 10
Princess: 11
Prince: 9
Sidekick(s): 10
Songs: 10
Wardrobe: 8
Prettiest: 9
Singing voice: 1
Setting: 3

9: Brave
Movie: 4
Princess: 6
Sidekick(s): 11
Wardrobe: 10
Prettiest: 8
Setting: 2

8: Mulan
Movie: 7
Princess: 9
Prince: 8
Sidekick(s): 2
Wardrobe: 7
Prettiest: 6
Singing: 11
Setting: 11

7: Aladdin
Movie: 6
Princess: 4
Prince: 7
Sidekick(s): 8
Wardrobe: 9
Prettiest: 3
Singing Voice: 10
Setting: 10...
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