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One of the subjects that interest me the most about فلمیں (including DP movies) is the box-office. I think that if used in the right way (I mean, inflation-adjusting things), it might be a good way to compare فلمیں and understed why they are مقبول یا not. So I spent some time researching and I finally came up with the North American grosses of the 10 DP Movies. Hope آپ enjoy my research, my تبصرے and my images.

#10 - The Princess and the Frog - $107.7 million
If the word "flop" applies to any of the DP Movies, unfortunately, it's this one. The Princess and the Frog's marketing was very centered in the "return of traditional animation/fairy tale thing" and didn't consider that people might have lost interest in this kind of movie. Though it didn't help that people created too much expectations, PatF really could have done better. Also we have to remember that it was released weeks before James Cameron's Avatar (currently the highest-grossing movie of all time) and Alvin and the Chimpmunks 2.

#9 - Tangled - $199.9 million
If this فہرست wasn't inflation-adjusted, Tangled would rank #2. But we are not considering the additional price of the 3D ticket and the inflation factor has been included. Tangled was definetevely very sucessful, though not as much as its isolated numbers may seem to. It grossed twice as much as PatF and delivered Disney's biggest opening weekend ever, giving a new chance to the fairy tale genre. Part of the sucess may be explained سے طرف کی its marketing, that managed to expand the movie's audience.

#8 - Mulan - $204.2 million
Mulan was very sucessful upon its release, but not as much as the other DP renaissance movies. Maybe little girls avoided it because of the "China-War-Dragon" theme. Also, in 1998, the peak of Disney's renaissance was gone and after The Lion King, فلمیں started to gross less than Disney's "Fab Four" (which also includes The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin). However Mulan outgrossed non-DP فلمیں The Hunchback of Notre Dame(1996, $179.9 million) and Hercules (1997, $171.4 million).

#7 - The Little Mermaid - $210.3 million
Things were very hard for animated فلمیں back in 1989, when The Little Mermaid was released. It's even unfair to compare its gross with most of the other movies, because TLM had to "start from zero", while the other فلمیں found a Disney-confident audience. While it was possible to market Beauty and the Beast as "The movie from the studios that brought آپ The Little Mermaid", Ariel didn't have such thing. However, even considering this, the movie isn't in the bottom 3 of the فہرست and that is already very impressive. In 1989, it was the highest grossing animated movie to تاریخ (not inflation-adjusted).

#6 - Pocahontas - $258.4 million
People often refer to Pocahontas as a flop, but that's not true. The problem is that some anxious filmmakers were expecting the movie to go ahead of The Lion King's $592 million tally, and when the movie "only" grossed $258 million, they were clearly frustated. However, I'd say that the movie was mostly benefited سے طرف کی TLK's hype. If it had been released in other year, it certainly would be lower.

#5 - Beauty and the Beast - $312.5 million
Benefited سے طرف کی The Little Mermaid's hype, Beauty and the Beast managed to go ahead of that movie. The best picture nomination in the Oscars and the Golden Globe for best movie (Musical/Comedy) also helped the movie to gain interest, and to date, it beated TLM to be the highest grossing animated movie (not inflation-adjusted). With its 3D version release this week, the movie might even beat the #4 movie.

#4 - Cinderella - $370.0 million
Disney's most مقبول princess didn't make it to the podium of the highest-grossing movies. Of course it was very sucessful and saved the Disney Studios, but it's not the kind of movie people remember from the theaters. However, back in 1950, it outgrossed Snow White and remained as the top-grossing animated movie until Lady and the Tramp (1955, not inflation-adjusted).

#3 - Aladdin - $416.4 million
I'm sure most of آپ are surprised with this. Aladdin was an enormous hit in 1992 and it outgrossed The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast سے طرف کی a very wide margin (maybe because it is مزید attractive for boys). However, nowadays, Aladdin isn't as مقبول as TLM یا BatB. Also, if the فہرست wasn't inflation-adjusted, Aladdin would rank #1.

#2 - Sleeping Beauty - $577.0 million
Another big surprise! Bad mouths may say that this movie was a flop, but there are no words against the numbers. Though it grossed less than Cinderella and Snow White upon its original release, Sleeping Beauty managed to improve its gross with its re-releases over the years. Currently, it ranks #30 in the فہرست of the all-time movie grossers.

#1 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfes - $865.5 million
This definetevely wasn't a surprise. Disney's most مقبول movie and a masterpiece from the cinema, Snow White became the biggest hit of all time upon its original release (though it was outgrossed سے طرف کی "Gone With the Wind" later). Currently, Snow White is among the سب, سب سے اوپر 10 all-time grossers with an impressive $865.5 million tally.

Please تبصرہ =)
posted by princessforlife
 Im the chick on the right :)
Im the chick on the right :)
So, everyone has been doing these articles, so I thought why don't I do one too?

First Name: Saniah
Nia for short :)

Country of Origin: U.S.A. I live in Michigan. Crappiest state ever. I dream of the دن I can leave this boring dump.

Favorite Disney Movie: Well all of them! But my all time پسندیدہ would have to be Tangled and The Lion King.

Hobbies: Watching Disney Movies, reading, eating

Music I like: Mostly Disney. But im also into Taylor Swift.

Movies (besides Disney movies) that I like: Titanic, Sprit: Stallion of the Cimarron (I love it soooo much), The Road to El Dorado, Die Hard, Fast...
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*Steve creeps in closer and closer and then jumps to attack, but instead his claws got stuck to the ball and Denaji hits it. It goes flying and whacks through Stellas hat and into the water. Bobby was now able to get himself out of there just in time(by climbing on the side of the land) cause that ball(where Steves still clawed on to) heads for the waterfall*

Denaji + Anabella: STEVE! *Runs to go get him on the other side and Stella follows*

Peggy: Wow, that wasnt so hard.

Bobby: *Gets out of the water soaked* Yeah, no thanks to you!

Peggy: Well sorry, I couldnt think of a plan!

Bobby: Ah, whatever....
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So beautiful! I love English, German (though Anna sounds too old), Spanish, Polish, and French, though they all sound great!
موسیقی video
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Source: The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
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posted by BB2010
I'm really looking آگے to watching this one. Mulan was one of my پسندیدہ فلمیں growing up!

Tonight's rewatch: Mulan
Last time watched: 2015

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
I loved this movie when I was a kid! Mulan, both the movie and the character, was actually one of the reasons I became a feminist and why I love badass women (kinda why I don't 100% blame the revival era for people hating princesses who find love یا aren't "kickass"). I used to sing the songs all the time when I was a kid and I loved any merch I could get (which wasn't a lot). I still have my stuffed Cri-Kee that...
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Truly amazing transformation! I was floored سے طرف کی the finished doll compared to the original.
disney princess
جیسمین, یاسمین
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So cute!
All songs Arranged and Performed سے طرف کی kno
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In all my years on Fanpop, I've never written an in-depth مضمون about Ariel. Probably because she's already so thoroughly discussed. Plus, both her شائقین and critics can be a little...over the top, to put it mildly. I always feel like I'm one of the few people who have Ariel as مزید of a "middle" princess on their list, so in a way, I kind of feel like I'm well suited for this type of article.

Now, I don't really agree with judging the princesses solely on the basis of whether یا not they're good role models. Especially considering these standards don't seem to exist for other characters, especially...
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O = Original
R = Remake
O and R = Original and Remake

Favorite Belle
O 4
R 3

Both versions of Belle are fine, but there is something about both of them that people love that makes them prefer one over the other. The people who picked original Belle grew up with Paige O'Hara's voice who put her دل and soul in her role as Belle, and then the people who picked remake Belle like that she's an inventor. One user کہا they prefered original Belle because they didn't like Emma's acting and compared to Paige Emma was pretty wooden and even with any positive changes made to her Belle bad acting can ruin...
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