Wow, did this فہرست take a long, long time. I made sure to watch every princess movie before this, so I could realize exactly how I felt about each princess. I really wanted to make a فہرست I felt needed no changes, a فہرست I could really be proud of, and I think I finally did that. Enjoy reading.

10.Tiana (#6 on my last list)
I really love Tiana's loyalty to her father. She works & works, just so she can make him proud and live his dream for him. I wish I had that kind of motivation. She's got a good sense of humor, آپ can tell سے طرف کی the way she jokes around with Lottie and doesn't take her too seriously. This might not have much to do with her personality, but I just love the way she puts honey on those hot cakes! Swinging her hips and everything. Show's that she's got a real knack for baking and has attitude. I really do love her - it's just, when she becomes a frog, her personality kind of goes downhill. She's still spunky and witty, but can be a bore sometimes. Another thing I don't like about her is that she's a bit of a دکھائیں off. The way she minces that مشروم, کھنبی in front of Naveen, and how she's never shy to دکھائیں off her talents. She knows she's really good and just wants to دکھائیں it off to everyone in a way that doesn't look like she's دکھانا off. & I hate that in people. She's also very redundant and predictable. She's such a workaholic, just watching her work her butt off makes me tired. Overall, she's a nice character that I really love, but could've been MUCH better.

9.Aurora (#10 on my last list)
From the moment beautiful, charming, graceful Aurora opened that window in the cottage, I fell in love with her. آپ can tell when she listens to her fairies talk about her birthday that she's very playful and flirty, and I love how she plays along. She's incredibly dreamy and I love it - I love how she gets so lost in her own daydreams she doesn't realize a man is holding her till he starts singing. آپ can tell she'd be very fun to hang around. I would love to put her higher, much higher but I can't because I don't really know her. All she did is cast a spell on me, charm me, whatever, but she's a one-dimensional character who is lacking depth. I wish I could put her higher but I can't.

8.Cinderella (#7 on my last list)
Cinderella is a sweet, optimistic, and even has a fun side to her. I like that she has time to even sew her little mice دوستوں little mice clothes, despite having so much else to do in her house. I disagree with people who say she doesn't stand up to her stepmother. She stands up for herself in very subtle, gentle ways, yet firmly. She's also very playful and adorable and she talks to her mice دوستوں as if they're her best دوستوں and I love that. She is obviously very aware of her beauty, but never uses it to her advantage and that's what a lot of girls need to learn these days. She is definitely the best role model. Sometimes, I feel her character gets a bit boring though, and I can't relate to her that much.

7.Snow White(#8 on my last list)
How can anyone hate Snow White? How can anyone say she has no personality? How can anyone say she's boring? She's this wonderful, radiant, glowing girl who has impossible optimism and is always, always laughing and I love that. I love how at the beginning she's wearing the ugliest clothes ever, working in the worst conditions, yet finds time to sing and dance and be lovely. She loves everyone, even the ones who do her wrong. & she is so spunky and adorable, I love the way she teases Grumpy because she knows he loves her, but he just won't admit it. She's such a sweetheart - helping a little bird find her way home, giving the dwarves kisses before they go to work, caring about the dwarves health and making them "wash up" before dinner. Snow White is someone آپ would never meet in real life and if آپ did, she would drive آپ crazy. But in the movie, I love her to pieces. Her presence on screen is just so hypnotizing - I can't take my eyes off of her, she's so bubbly and happy all the time. But she can get a bit annoying sometimes though, and although she's a real cutie, her quirkiness can be quite a headache.

6.Mulan (#5 on my last list)
I love how we first meet Mulan, she's sitting in her bed, in comfy pajamas writing cheat notes on her arms. So normal. She's so like me - using sneaky ways to get out of having to do her chores, arriving late to important things. I love how she doesn't want to find a husband, but does it anyway because of the pressure on her to bring honor to her family. Shows how selfless she really is. I love how she's really insecure, and doesn't know who she really is, and needs to find her place. She sticks up for what she believes in, and is able to stand up to her father when he's determined to go to war with that leg. I love when she finally makes the decision to go - the pounding موسیقی is perfect accompaniment too her fiery determination as she cuts her hair and puts on the armor. I love how she's just so clumsy at being a "man", and, just like normal people would, even forgets to give herself a boy name & had to think of one right on the spot. I love how she slowly falls in love with Shang, and is so protective and tender with him when his father is found dead. She's so deliciously cunning and smart when she points that arrow to the mountain and grins straight at Shan-Yu's face, when she takes out the پرستار and is able to trip him up and explode him with fireworks. But some problems I have with her is how dull her personality can get sometimes. Especially at the end, when she invites Shang to dinner, I feel like that's so unlike her. But her dullness is the only problem I have, other than that, I love her.

5.Ariel (#4 on my last list)
The thing I love most about Ariel is just how fun she is. She's not sulky یا boring, not ever, she's just so hyperactive and full of energy and I love it. When we see her first, slacking off a کنسرٹ Sebastian worked so hard for, I can't help but laugh, because I know that's exactly what I would do. She's so relatable. I love how dreamy she is. Like, after she sees Eric, all she can do is dream about him, and hug his statue, and just be so wonderfully in love. She's got this fierce determination آپ just can't help but admire, and I love the way she decides to do what she needs to do right when she needs to do it. She doesn't wait, she doesn't even think about, she just does it. & honestly? I'm just like that. So it's nice to sit their and watch her be so spontaneous and be able to relate to her. When she gets up on land, one of my پسندیدہ scenes of hers is when she's flustering with her hair, and feeling insecure about what she looks like in front of Eric. She's also very awkward and hilarious, and it's fun to watch her mess up and mess up, but still get back on her feet. Although she can be selfish sometimes, it's hard to hate her. I just couldn't put her any lower because I relate to her so much, and like I said, she's so fun and spunky.

4.Rapunzel (#2 on my last list)
Oh my god. This is so weird. Me, putting Rapunzel fourth? This is crazy. But it's the truth. When I first came into this spot, I was a Tangled fanatic. & I mean I was crazy about it - it was my wallpaper, icon, پسندیدہ movie, پسندیدہ soundtrack...everything. I was nuts about it. & now...well, things have changed. I still love Rapunzel, though. I love how playful and funny she is with pascal, and how she stays positive and tries to find things to do with Pascal, despite being locked up. She seems like the normal, bubbly heroine at the beginning, till Flynn comes along & I love how she shows her tough side. Her longing for freedom is lovely too, I adore how excited she gets once she gets out of the tower. I agree with people who say she has no flaws, but for some reason, it doesn't bother me. I love the way she dances in the kingdom scene - so free, so lovely, so beautiful. When she's talking to Flynn before the lanterns rise, that's when I really fall in love with her. She's so scared but sweet, so hurt but strong. For some reason though, I feel like I don't love her as much as before. & I feel so bad for putting everyone behind her, just so she could be in second. I think I was doing that just so I wouldn't disappoint users in this spot. This is her rightful place.

3.Jasmine (also #3 on my last list)
It really bothers me when people say she's bitchy. So just because she stands up for what she believes in, she's a bitch? I love her for that. I love her from the moment we meet her, and she's very funny with a great sense of humor about all her suitors. I love that she's not boy-crazy. She just breaks the classic Disney princess stereotype, and I just love her for that. She's not exactly the smartest princess, but she definitely has a cunning and sleek side. I love her flirty, hard-to-get attitude she has with Aladdin, and I love that even though she's incredibly strong, she also has a weak, shy side. She's FANTASTIC at arguing. Honestly, I think in a verbal argument, no one, not even princesslullaby could beat her. She never lets anyone get in her way, and stands up to Jafar like nobody's business. She's fun, fiery, and different from all the princesses. I barely have any problems with her. I honestly don't mind that she still loved Aladdin a lot even after all those lies, because I feel like that just proves how much they love each other. Their love is unconditional. & that's why I just love, love, love princess Jasmine.

2.Pocahontas (#9 on my last list)
It's no doubt that Poca definitely made the biggest leap from my last فہرست to this one, and honestly, I don't know what I was thinking when I put her ninth. I guess when I was making that فہرست I just decided to put her ninth so she wouldn't take up space later on. Like I said, I have no idea what on Earth I was thinking. I love Pocahontas so much. She has been bashed and hated on to death: she's boring, lacks personality, has no goals, loses personality, makes me fall asleep, etc. and even though they're all valid reasons to dislike her, I just can't bring myself to. She's just so fun! So daring and bold! I love how she's such a strong figure and role model, and never loses sight of that dream she so wants to find a meaning to. She also doesn't take crap from John. I'm muslim, so a lot of the time I get racial stereotypes thrown against me, and I love how Pocahontas deals with them and I can relate to her so much on that. I don't think she loses her personality when John Smith comes, I love her all the same. She's still spunky and rebellious, and gosh, I love that part in "Savages" when she sings, "How loud are the drums of war?. It's so powerful. Gah, I just love her so much. She's amazing.

1.Belle (#1 on every فہرست I've ever made)

I've encountered many Belle haters on Fanpop. Many. & they all think the same thing: that she's boring, that she's bland, that she has no personality. And honestly, I could care less what they think, because since I can remember, Belle has always been my absolute پسندیدہ princess. From the moment she walks out of her home, in all her grace and beauty, to the moment when she's dancing with her love, I love her. She may not be smart, but I love that she reads. I love that she's interested in how things work and is interested to learn, just like me, and isn't afraid to دکھائیں it. I love that she's able to stand up to Gaston with fierce, woman power and never lets him get his way, no matter what. When she sings about how much she wants adventure, how much she wants to escape, how she wants more, my heartstrings just pull a little because I just feel exactly what she's feeling. But my پسندیدہ part of this is how she still stays ہوم - no matter how lonely she feels she still stays because she knows her father needs her a lot. Her loyalty and dedication to her father never fails to amaze - I wish I had that kind of bravery. I also love how she stands up to the beast. If I was in her place, I would've cowered down to him. But she stays strong, she isn't even scared when he roars at her. Yet she's so accepting and gentle and kind. I want to be like that. I want to be able to not judge people and learn to get to know them first. Even though she's falling in love with the beast, she still feels the need to go after her feeble father and I love that. I love that even at Gaston's threats and everything, she still will not ever marry him. She stays strong through the end, and is willing to fight and risk her life for the beast. I just think she deserved that happily ever after so much. I love that her flaws are so similar to mine - she's stubborn, like me. She's very anti-social, like me. & I really aspire to have some of her good traits, - like مزید acceptance and understanding. & that is why Belle is my پسندیدہ princess and will forever be.