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I was recently inspired سے طرف کی ShaylaBelle07 to write a فہرست of some of the retold Fairytales that I have read. Unfortunately I can not remember them all for I have been reading fantasy کتابیں since about 5th grade and I am 30 now. In the past few years I have become greatly entranced سے طرف کی retold fairytales, I love to read different versions of some of my پسندیدہ stories. And I like to get versions geared for my children as well. Maybe I will put up a فہرست of retold fairytales children’s version at another time. I hope I can remember them all, if not I will maybe make another فہرست at a later time. I am going to put up the Authors, Book titles, and a synopsis of the books, as well as my opinion of the ones that remember what I thought of them (I can read up to 3 یا 4 کتابیں a week so it is hard to remember sometimes. Some are just a mix of Fairytales and some actually focus on one well known story.

The Sisters Grimm Series (By Michael Buckley)
There are 7 کتابیں in the series:

-The Fairy-Tale Detectives
-The Unusual Suspects
-The Problem Child
-Once Upon a Crime
-Magic and Other Misdemeanors
-Tales from the ڈاکو, ہڈ
-The Everafter War


Here is a summary of the first book:
In Book One of the series, we meet two sisters, Sabrina and Daphne, who have been sent to live with their mysterious grandmother, Relda Grimm. From their first دن in Ferryport Landing, the sisters begin to unravel a mystery that reveals a family secret. Sabrina and Daphne learn they are descendants of the Brothers Grimm, whose famous book of fairy tales is actually a history book. Snow White, the Three Little Pigs, the Big Bad Wolf—they're all alive and now neighbors of Granny Relda in this community of Everafters, as magical folks like to be called.

But life is not a fairy tale in Ferryport Landing. Someone has set a giant loose on the town, and it's up to the sisters Grimm to stop the giant and find the Everafter behind its murderous rampage. Is it Mayor Charming, formerly Prince Charming, who may have plans to get his kingdom back? یا Jack, the erstwhile giant killer, now working at the Big & Tall store?

My Opinion: The دکھائیں Once Upon A Time slightly reminds me of this series. If آپ do not want a serious read it is nice. There are some dramatic moments and some interesting twists with the fairytale characters, but it does seemed geared toward a مزید juvenile crowd. Maybe 9 to 13 yr olds would enjoy them more.

Princess School series (by Jane B. Mason and Sarah Hines Stephens)
The Princess School series سے طرف کی Jane B. Mason and Sarah Hines Stephens features Ella, Snow, Rapunzel, and Rose as they attend princess school. They become دوستوں and face challenges with their many adventures. There are 7 کتابیں in the series:

1: If the Shoe Fits
2: Who's the Fairest?
3: Let Your Hair Down
4: Beauty is a Beast
5: Princess Charming
6: Apple-y Ever After
7: Thorn In Her Side

My Opinion: I found these کتابیں nice light entertainment and I enjoyed seeing some of the fairytale princesses in school together and being friends. This is another Juvenile series that I could see even 9 یا 10 yr olds enjoying.

Mercedes Lackey...I Love this Author! She has writes some of my پسندیدہ Fantasy کتابیں and she has done some wonderful retold fairytales! I especially love two of her series!

Five Hundred Kingdoms
-The Fairy Godmother
-One Good Knight
-Fortune's Fool
-The Snow Queen
-The Sleeping Beauty
-Beauty and the Werewolf (really, really want to read this)

My Opion: These are not necessarily a fairy tale retold, but a mash up of fairytales in a fairytale world. It is مزید adult oriented and a lot مزید serious then the first ones I listed. But I love her style!

Elemental Masters

-The آگ کے, آگ Rose (Beauty and the Beast)
-The Serpent's Shadow
-The Gates of Sleep
-Phoenix And Ashes
-Wizard of London
-Reserved for the Cat
-Unnatural Issue (I have not read this one yet but want to)
-Home from the Sea (this one has not came out yet)

My Opinion: Each of these is a different fairytale retold and some are easier picked out then others. I enjoyed them all, but once again they are very serious and very adult oriented.

Alex Flinn: She is a good مصنف of a few Fairytales that I have read. One of the کتابیں was made into a movie سے طرف کی the same name: Beastly. I have not read all her books, but I have read these:

A poor shoe repair guy finds adventure and romance with a beautiful princess, six talking swans, two giants, and one magical cloak.

-A Kiss in Time
Sleeping Beauty wakes up in the twenty-first century and goes to South ساحل سمندر, بیچ in this humorous fish-out-of-water romance

Ever wonder what it was like for the Beast? Find out in this contemporary retelling.

My Opinion: I have read مزید interesting books, but they were okay. They were fine amusement and I read through them pretty quickly. I would say junior high and high schooler's would enjoy them as well.

Once Upon A Time novels:
Once Upon A Time is a series of novels published سے طرف کی Simon Pulse, an imprint of Simon & Schuster[1]. The Once Upon A Time novels are usually new retellings of fairy tales featuring a teenaged heroine. Some of the recurring themes and subjects in the کتابیں are romance, magic, fantasy, intrigue, finding true love, and good conquering over evil in the end.

-The Storyteller's Daughter سے طرف کی Cameron Dokey (A Retelling of The Arabian Nights, published September 2002)

-Beauty Sleep سے طرف کی Cameron Dokey (A Retelling of
Sleeping Beauty, published December 2002)

-Snow سے طرف کی Tracy Lynn (A Retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, published February 2003)

-Midnight Pearls سے طرف کی Debbie Viguie (A Retelling of The Little Mermaid, published June 2003)

-Scarlet Moon سے طرف کی Debbie Viguie (A Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, published April 2004)

-Sunlight and Shadow سے طرف کی Cameron Dokey (A Retelling of The Magic Flute, published July 2004)

-Spirited سے طرف کی Nancy Holder (A Retelling of Last of the Mohicans and Beauty and the Beast, published November 2004)

-The Night Dance سے طرف کی Suzanne Weyn (A Retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, published November 2005)

-Golden سے طرف کی Cameron Dokey (A Retelling of Rapunzel, published February 2006)

-Water Song سے طرف کی Suzanne Weyn (A Retelling of The Frog Prince, published October 2006)

-Before Midnight سے طرف کی Cameron Dokey (A Retelling of Cinderella, published March 2007)

-The Rose Bride سے طرف کی Nancy Holder (A Retelling of The White and the Black Bride, published June 2007)

-The Crimson Thread سے طرف کی Suzanne Weyn (A Retelling of Rumpelstiltskin, published June 2008)

-Belle سے طرف کی Cameron Dokey (A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast, published November 2008)

-Wild Orchid سے طرف کی Cameron Dokey (A Retelling of the Ballad of Mulan, published February, 2009)

-The Diamond Secret سے طرف کی Suzanne Weyn (A Retelling of Anastasia, published June 2, 2009)

-Winter's Child سے طرف کی Cameron Dokey (A Retelling of The Snow Queen, published September 8, 2009)

-Violet Eyes سے طرف کی Debbie Viguié (A Retelling of The Princess and the Pea, published February 23, 2010)

-The World Above سے طرف کی Cameron Dokey (A Retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk and Robin Hood, published June 8, 2010)

My Opinion: I have not read all of these, but have read most of them. They are very interesting and I would say high school age and up would enjoy them. They are all from different authors and done in different styles, so if آپ do not like one it does not mean آپ would not like one of the others.

Gregory Maguire: He wrote the book Wicked about the Witch from the Wizard of OZ, but he has written some retold fairytales too.

Confessions on an Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella retold) my opinion: I found this book very dark and a bit disturbing)

Mirror Mirror (Snow white retold) my opinion: I can not remember what I thought of this book, but I have found all his کتابیں Dark and disturbing.

Mette Harrison:

I have only read this one, but there are other fairytales سے طرف کی this مصنف at the site above.

Mira, Mirror

آپ know the mirror from the Snow White fairy tale. یا do you? One hundred years later, she is still hanging on that wall. This is her quest to be human again.

My opinion: This was a twisted and kind of sad book. I found myself feeling sorry for the mirror. It was a quick read and a juvenile read.

Robin McKinley

She has written some very good fantasy کتابیں and some are retold fairytales:

Spindle's End
All the creatures of forest, field and riverbank knew the baby was special. She was the princess Briar-Rose, cursed سے طرف کی the evil fairy Pernicia on her name-day. But Katriona چرا لیا, چوری کی her away to the small village where Kat lives with her aunt, and they raise the princess as if she were their own. No other human, not even Rosie herself, knows her true identity.
But Pernicia is looking for her, and two village fairies and all the animals in the realm may not be enough to save her.

Rose Daughter
When their father's business fails, three sisters اقدام to a tiny neglected cottage far away from anything they have ever known. Beauty tends the awkward, unknown, thorny plants that surround it, and when they bloom the following summer an old woman tells her: "Roses are for love. Not silly sweethearts' love but the love that makes آپ and keeps آپ whole . . . there aren't many roses around any مزید because they need مزید love than people have to give them to make them flower."
And when Beauty takes her father's place at the terrifying Beast's palace she discovers that the Beast's beloved rose garden is dying.

Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast
Beauty has never liked her nickname. She is thin and awkward; it is her two sisters who are beautiful. But what she lacks in looks she can perhaps make up for in courage.
When her father comes ہوم with the tale of an enchanted قلعہ in the forest and the terrible promise he had to make to the Beast who lives there, Beauty declares she must go to the castle, a prisoner of her own free will.

My opinion: I can not remember what I thought of these particular books. But I believe I enjoyed them.

Gail Carson Levine

-Ella Enchanted (Cinderella retold)

-Fairest (Snow White retold)

My opinion: These کتابیں were amusing and interesting. A great read for Juvenile girls.

Sorry this is all I can remember at this time. I hope آپ find this فہرست informative and I also hope آپ will pick up some of these کتابیں and enjoy them as much as I did!
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Hella: But I didnt send any fairy to help me.

Fairy godmother: I know dearie, were like Santa Claus, we always watch your every move. The only difference is that we go to that location to help with whatever.
Jackal: See? I told ya Santa was real!

Hella: Why didnt آپ come to help me before-

Fairy godmother: (Sounded annoyed)For crist sake, sometimes theres things that we can do and what we cannot do. Like bring someone back from the dead!

Peggy: So, آپ know about that royal ball then?

Fairy godmother: Sure do, and I'm gona take آپ there wit just a snap of this wand.

Bobby: Wouldnt it break?

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French version (Believe in your dreams, Princess) of the Dream Big, Princess campaign video
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جیسمین, یاسمین
Hi, All. I've tried to avoid writing مضامین for a long while, mostly because I'm busier, and secondly, because it takes forever to explain the "why" behind statements.
Today, because I am bored I'm going to stick with trying to examine my impressions of each of the DP movies, and their princesses, (with a sidebar about the princes). This is the first مضمون in a series of 13 articles. (Disclaimer: These are just my opinions, mind you, and not completely shared سے طرف کی everyone. My life experiences have colored my perspectives on each princess, so the take-away message is that my opinions are...
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This is not my video! Credit: Disney.
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Scene 7- Stellas house(main room).

*Knock knock* Anabella: THE DOORS ALIVE! *Hides under the table*

Denaji: No آپ idiot, someone's outside of the door.

Anabella: Oh. *Gets out from under the table* I'll go get it.

Denaji: No, I'll go get it!

Anabella: No, I wanna get it! *She and Denaji beat up each other*

Hella: *Groans and walks to the door, then opens it.* WTF happened 2 your clothes?

Rodney: While I was delivering mail to all of the girls at the cities, I got chased سے طرف کی a bunch of frogs and fell in a lake. یا was it a swamp?

Hella: *holds her nose* Ok, What invitation?

Rodney: *holds them...
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the little mermaid
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Snow White : Snow White is a perfect example of Miss Goody Shoes . She is way too kind .... and foolish as well !! I mean who takes an سیب, ایپل from strangers یا marry a stranger ???!!!!!

Aurora : Ahhh .... well , the girl really needs development . I find her quite bland and boring as well . I want to know مزید about her !!! Except for the fact that she is sweet and pretty , I hardly know something about her personality !!!!

Elsa : Elsa didn’t selfishly abandon her kingdom. She ran out of fear that she was a danger to it (which she mistakenly proved correct). Selfish would’ve been if she ran...
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Chapter 9

TALENT دکھائیں ON MAY 31st AT 7:30PM.



After reading the advertisement, on the bulletin board, Melody took the pen and wrote down her name, along with her homeroom number (RM 13) and ہوم phone number. As she was finishing writing down her phone number, a small boy about her age came up اگلے to her.

"Is there still time for me to sign up?" he asked Melody. She turned to the boy. He had mousy black hair, with chocolate eyes, tanned skin, and dressed up in jeans...
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