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In the last part Mulan's dream came true! In this part we're going to meet the fourth princess Pocahontas who also has a dream, but a special one.

For the third time Alexandra was back at the room which now only had 7 doors and for the third time she picked the door to the left of the door she previously had opened and took the key on the میز, جدول and opened the door and went in.

Now this was a huge difference from the گزشتہ rooms she had been to. This one was in a forest close to the sea:
-This is what America was like in the 17th century, this is where your fourth princess lives, her name is Pocahontas, آپ maybe recognise the name, Erica said?
-No, Alexandra answered.
-Because she actually excisted in real life too, anyways, she loves all the animals here and she don't want to have a war, but she's very brave.

Suddenly they saw a girl standing on a cliff, she had beautiful long black hair.
-That's her, isn't she beautiful, Erica said?
-She really is beautiful, Alexandra said.

Suddenly she jumped off the cliff and into the water, there on a کشتی sat another girl.
-That's her best friend Nakoma, Erica said.

Later they saw a raccon jumping of the same cliff and a humming bird.
-Those are Meeko and Flit, Meeko is the raccon and Flit is the humming bird, Erica continued.

They laughed when they saw Meeko trying to get up on the کشتی and when Flit got stuck with his nose in the boat, but they felt sorry for him when the کشتی was turned so that he came underneath the surface.

Meanwhile they listned to Pocahontas who told Nakoma about a dream that she had last night and Nakoma told her that she should speak with her father about it and Pocahontas promised her friend that she would.

Then they followed Pocahontas and Nakoma into a little village where they saw a man that got a tattoo of a برداشت, ریچھ track to prove that he fought with the strength of a bear.
-That's Kocoum, he is supposed to marry Pocahontas, but I don't think they should be together, he's too serious for her, Erica said.
-I agree, Alexandra said.

Later they saw another man.
-That's Cheif Powhatan, he's Pocahonta's father, Erica said.

They saw him giving Pocahontas a beautiful ہار that was her mother's. Pocahonta's mother had died when Pocahontas was just a خلیج, کھاڑی so she had never seen her mother, but she had her mother's spirit inside of her.

They where having a great time with Pocahontas, she showed them around her home, she showed the rivers, some of the animals and she told them that it's important to respect all the animals for what they are and Alexandra couldn't have agreed more.

On the afternoon she asked them if they would like to go on a کینو ride and they wanted to do it.

On the ride they learned that it isn't easy to make a decision, the ride led them to a place coverd with a huge درخت and lots of animals.

Than Pocahontas started to talk with a tree.
-Trees can't talk, Alexandra said.
-In fantasy worlds anything can happen, even the most impossible things, Erica said.

The درخت happened to be Grandmother Willow, she gave Pocahontas advice and agreed with the point of Kocoum. Than Pocahontas told her about the dream she had last night.
-I run through the forest when an arrow appears infront of me, when I see it it starts to spin, Pocahontas told Grandmother Willow.
-A spinning arrow, oh, how uncommon, Grandmother Willow said.
-Yes and it spins faster and faster and faster until it suddenly stops, Pocahontas continued.
-I think this spinning arrow trys to دکھائیں آپ your way, Grandmother Willow said.
-But Grandmother Willow, what is my way, how will I ever find it, Pocahontas asked?
-Your mother asked the exact same question, Grandmother Willow said.
-She did, what did آپ told her, Pocahontas asked?
-I told her to listen, around آپ there are voices, they are in the earth, the water, the air, they دکھائیں آپ the way so listen, Grandmother Willow continued and than she sang a song about listening with your own heart.

Meanwhile Pocahontas, Alexandra, Erica and Meeko climbed up the درخت to look at the view, but than they saw something strange appearing, it was a pair of clouds that appeared, they where strange looking. Alexandra told Pocahontas that it looked like a ship was on the way and that she wanted to see what people it was that came to visit.

The visitors happend to be europeans from England, the girls hid behind the trees and bushes to spy on them without nobody noticing something. One of them came closer to where they where and they tried their best to hide even more, but he saw them.

Luckily Meeko stopped him from looking after them. The man became interested in the little raccon, he gave him a bit of a کریکر and Meeko loved them.

But later the man looked and saw the girls hiding behind the bush. He then decided to go to the waterfall, but the girls followed him. He hid up on a cliff ready to shoot Pocahontas, but when he saw her he dropped his gun and looked at her and walked closer to her, but suddenly Pocahontas ran away from him and tried to take her کشتی back to her village, but the man stopped her and told her that he wasn't going to hurt her, but Pocahontas didn't understood him.

But later she listned with her دل and knew that she understood him, so she introduced herself. He introduced himself as John Smith.

That's it for part 8. In the اگلے part we'll see if the love between Pocahontas and John Smith grows stronger. Please تبصرہ and tell me what آپ think!
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