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The dresses are ranked سے طرف کی how they look and how they look on the princess

10. Ariel's گلابی dress
This one was contraversial because the dress it's self is pretty but with Ariel's hair it clashes. if the sleaves weren't as puffy and the dress was a different color, it would be much better

9. Ariel's Blue dress
Even though this dress could be better in design, it complaments Ariel and her skin tone.

8. Rapunzel's Purple dress
this dress was simple and looked comfy. i like this dress, the only reason it isn't higher is it makes her look even مزید like she isn't 18. however it complaments her eyes and blonde hair

7. Tiana's Human wedding dress
this dress is sleek, stylish and simple but it doesn't match Tiana quite as well as her other dresses.

6. Belle's Yellow dress
Belle is definetly a girl who can pull off yellow, not many girls can do it. it complaments her hair and eyes nicely and doesn't make her look pale like most girls. however the dress is too big from the hips down, like a cupcake. if it wasn't like a hoop-skirt kind of look, it would be belle's perfect dress.

5. Tiana's Swamp Wedding dress
once again the poofyness comes into play here. the dress is also too sparkly for my liking but Tiana rocks it anyway

4. Jasmine's Purple "dress"
I really wish she would wear something like this مزید often in the movie. it brightens her face and makes her look like a proper princess

3. Pocahontas's Original dress
Even though it's bland it fits Pocahontas perfectly for her personality and spirit. it's comfy and simple.

2. Mulan's گلابی Matchmaker dress
Perfect is all i can say about this dress on Mulan. the colors brighten her face and make her stand-out. and #1 is......................

1. Tiana's Blue dress!
IT'S PERFECT! PERFECT! PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the sparkles are not too much, it perfectly fits Tiana, and makes her georgeous in every way shape and form!
Since I rewatched all of the DP فلمیں from the Classic Era yesterday I decided to write an مضمون about what I think of each of them aswell as the princesses from the فلمیں and a little bit about the other characters, my plan is to do this with each era as soon as I've finished watching all DP فلمیں from one of the eras (Renaissance Era will be next)

Let's start with the movies:

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs:

As most of آپ know this is my پسندیدہ DP Movie, but it's also my پسندیدہ movie of all time, I love pretty much everything about this movie, the اندازی حرکت is gorgeous, the songs...
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What would happen if Snow White really woke up and didn't know her prince. Would she pick him over her loving dwarves? What if he was a jerk?
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Eventually I will make a فہرست ranking all the princesses, but for now, here are my 3 absolute favorites, what makes them different and why I love them so much!

Obviously جیسمین, یاسمین stands out from all the other princesses for her unique and sassy personality, but this is just one of many reasons I like her. She has no interest in the rich princes that attempt to court her, she knows who she is and she doesn't need a man to complete her.
She looks past the fact that Aladdin is a poor misfit (with bad hygiene, let’s be honest) and loves him for who he is, much like Belle learns to love...
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 bo peep آپ dirty girl
bo peep you dirty girl
Hey, so I've been on this club for about three months and I really thought it was about time to do one of these.

Where do آپ live? Northern Virginia, and in case people are wondering no one here has a southern accent.

Age? I turned 14 July 2nd. c:

Favorite Princess? Well, as of now it's about a three way tie.

Rapunzel: Rapunzel is amazing. I love her transformation from a naive, young girl, into a strong woman. I also love that she's a mix of the classic and renaissance princesses, some call it unoriginality, but I don't see it that way. Whenever she's on the screen I'm just captivated سے طرف کی her...
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So many times have I heard that Disney Princess فلمیں are for little girls who wish upon a fairy godmother, want to be rescued سے طرف کی a handsome prince and live happily ever after. This is so not true and doubt all those who have opinions like this, if they have ever watched any DP movie seriously. So here's my 5 reasons why adults should consider Disney Princess فلمیں as serious entertainment

5. اندازی حرکت Art:
Any adult who have serious interest in اندازی حرکت art will not only enjoy the ever-evolving اندازی حرکت style from Disney studio but will find that اندازی حرکت in these فلمیں are top-notch....
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Well, I've noticed recently, that people have been talking about the اندازی حرکت of the Disney Princess فلمیں recently, مزید so the difference between 2D and CGI Disney Princess movies, as well as some other things.

Most seem to think 2D is better. Well, مزید than most, almost all actually. I too love the 2D اندازی حرکت from the Disney Princess movies, it looks great, especially in some of the movies, however, I think people are starting to overrate the 2D movies, at least on fanpop.

Outside of fanpop, the matter is completely different. The CGI فلمیں are loved and praised سے طرف کی many, especially...
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Excuse that last high notes, please, after all, I'm not Anika Noni Rose, and I don't have her wonderful range. :)
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