I love them <3
I saw KataraLover and sweetie-94 doing these kinds of مضامین so I decided to do this too but with Mulan and Pocahontas.

They are both confused and تلاش for spiritual guidance. Neither are very... optimistic. They have مزید in common than that but I will explain it all reviewing the aspects.

Since Pocahontas follows her intuition and wanted to choose her own path, Mulan is much مزید obedient than Pocahontas. Pocahontas isn't into serious guys and Mulan, well... just look at Shang. Mulan is literally a fighter and Pocahontas is against. Mulan کے moped, موپیڈ around a lot in the beginning of the movie but Shang was able to discipline her. Pocahontas on the other hand still seemed to be doing that towards the end of the movie.

I don't really get how Mulan has a boring personality and how she's a cardboard cutout. But yeah, Pocahontas' personality is مزید playful and fun. Pocahontas is wiser, bolder, مزید curious and مزید outgoing. Mulan is مزید self-reliant, مزید tenacious, مزید astute, مزید self-conscious and مزید awkward. Though, both are pensive, selfless and opinionated.

I personally like Shang much مزید than I like John Smith. Shang has a good work ethic and he's the best role model out of all the Disney Princes IMO. He's also the most selfless Prince, he genuinely cares for his men. He perseveres and does whatever it takes to protect the ones around him. I also love how he's a general who has faced the Huns but he gets all awkward when he's in front of Mulan. Though, I can't say that I don't at least respect John Smith, he took the blame for Kocoum's death and he took a bullet for Chief Powhatan. He has a nice approach towards Pocahontas and does a lot for her.

Relationship with their Prince:
I might be alone here, but Pocahontas & John Smith's love isn't as passionate as it seems. John changed his whole point of view after Poca sung Colors of the Wind, I think their relationship was too rushed. Mulan & Shang share a strong friendship that would make their relationship last. They balance each other out and are a great team.

Singing voice:
Mulan's singing voice isn't as strong as Pocahontas'. Pocahontas' singing voice is just so powerful and she also has superior vocal abilities IMO.

I think Mulan's really really beautiful, I've always appreciated her natural beauty. She could pull off anything because she doesn't rely on femininity to look as beautiful as she does, she even managed to look cute as a guy. She's so lovely when she is deep into her own thoughts. But I'll give this one to Pocahontas because she is مزید unique looking. The first time I saw her, I thought she looked breathtaking. She's just drop dead gorgeous, she's got great legs and her lips look like Angelina Jolie's.

Definitely Mulan for me, it's my پسندیدہ DP movie while Pocahontas is among my least favorites. I think the humor, the characters and the plot in Mulan are just great. There are definitely strong points in Pocahontas but I find it very bland مجموعی طور پر and I wish everything didn't get solved so quickly.

Both have scores that give me ہنس bumps; Short Hair and Farewell. Both have gorgeous scores and overall, amazing soundtracks. I'll Make a Man Out of آپ is my پسندیدہ Disney Song and I love all 4 songs in Mulan, but Pocahontas wins this because of the quantity.

This is just me, but both are the Princesses I can relate to the most with. I can definitely relate to Pocahontas' indecisive nature, she feels as if she has lost herself and didn't know which direction to go to. How she has to choose her path, how she doesn't have the answer to everything and always has to seek advice. I'm repeating myself but Mulan was insecure and she messed up because she didn't know who she was supposed to be yet. I always struggle with trying to ''find myself'' and trying to please my family. Even though I relate to Pocahontas' a lot, I relate to Mulan the most.

When John Smith asked Pocahontas to come with him, she decided to stay with her people even when she really did love John. At the beginning, she was supposed to marry Kocoum but she wasn't really interested. Even though he was pretty hot and could've taken good care of her. So yeah, Pocahontas wins this even though Mulan is also independent.

I don't get when people say Pocahontas is smart... she's certainly wise but I think she's one of the least smart Disney Princesses if anything. Poca was struggling but I think it was pretty obvious she had to go save the guy she loved. Mulan thought of a trick to feed the chickens and helped the elderly man solve the game problem in the beginning. She figured how to reach the arrow, she blew up a mountain to defeat the huns, she found a way to get into the palace and got to outsmart Shan Yu. She has an inventive mind and she comes up with a plan for everything, it's مزید than her situation یا luck IMO.

Pocahontas is definitely one of the bravest Princesses. She risked her life to save John Smith. I mean, she did it in front of everyone and her head was about to get chopped off. But what makes Mulan the bravest Disney Princess for me is that she knew there were little chances of making it out alive in the army but she still went through with it. Even when Shang told her to pack up, she persevered. It's not just because Mulan went to war, but also because she was very well aware of everything.

Overall winner: Mulan