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ارے guys! For this مضمون I'm going to go through all the DPs in order and say which of their hairstyles is my favorite. Anna and Elsa will be in this list, but unless آپ think of the length of a braid as a spoiler there probably won't be spoilers. And this is all original movie, no sequels! With all that said, let's start with the list:

Snow White's Red Bow Hairstyle
Snow White only has two hairstyles, this one and the same hair with a blue bow, but I think the bright red color is a good contrast to her hair, and it brings out the red in her lips.

 Yawn, too tired to think of anything else to do with my hair...
Yawn, too tired to think of anything else to do with my hair...

Cinderella's White Bow Hairstyle
I've never been much of a پرستار of Cindy's fringe, in my opinion it's even worse than Aurora's. But this bow makes the bangs look bearable, and a like the white color with her hair. But really I love all of her hairstyles, with the exception of the ball hairstyle.


Aurora's Black Hairband Hairstyle
I've always thought that if she lived in the modern day, Aurora would be the type of girl who had dozens of headbands and wore a different one everyday. And her headband in the film is my پسندیدہ of her hairstyles, it looks most comfortable and does a good job drawing attention away from her unfortunate bangs.

 I'm just FABULOUS, aren't I?
I'm just FABULOUS, aren't I?

Ariel's Loose Hair
I'm not really a big پرستار of Ariel's hair in general, but I like it loose a lot better than I like it with decorations. Some shots (like the one below) her hair looks great, and other shots it looks kind of meh.

 No one can say no to a redhead in sailcloth!
No one can say no to a redhead in sailcloth!

Belle's Loose Hair
Belle's hair isn't all that interesting either, but I think it looks nice down, and I don't see the greasiness people always talk about. I also like her blue bow and ballgown hairstyles.

 Someone doesn't think my hair was dipped in grease? REALLY?
Someone doesn't think my hair was dipped in grease? REALLY?

Jasmine's Slave Girl Ponytail
جیسمین, یاسمین kind of rocks all her outfits and hair accessories, but I like this ponytail held up سے طرف کی سونا the best. My سیکنڈ پسندیدہ is probably her turquoise braid hairstyle.

 OMG, I'm the only Renaissance girl whose hair آپ don't like loose!
OMG, I'm the only Renaissance girl whose hair آپ don't like loose!

Pocahontas' Loose Flowing Effing Magnificent Glorious Amazeballs Okay I'll Stop Now Hair
Since I'm not counting sequels, I only have this and a braid to choose from for Poca. But although I do find the braid pretty, it certainly can't beat Pocahontas' hair down and flowing in the wind. The only thing I don't like about her hair is that her hairline is all kinds of messed up, like seriously.

 Can آپ paint with all the colors of my hair? Easily, there's only one color!
Can آپ paint with all the colors of my hair? Easily, there's only one color!

Mulan's Long, Loose Hair
I'm one of the few who don't think that Mulan's hair lost it's 'magic' after she cut it off, but I do think her hair looks the prettiest when it's long like this. It looks almost like black ink dribbling from her scalp which, although it brings forth an utterly disturbing mental image, totally works for her. Also, I think her hair is a bit better than Poca's, if only because the latter's hairline looks like a stop sign.

 My ink-dribbling-from-scalp hair is MELTING!
My ink-dribbling-from-scalp hair is MELTING!

Tiana's Unadorned Bun
I honestly think that Tiana has one of the best sets of, if not THE best sets of, outfits of the DPs, so this was a hard one to pick. And although I think it would be nice if we could see her with her hair down, I still love all her hairstyles, this one in particular. I think Tiana looks really good with her hair up in a bun, and this unadorned bun is definitely my پسندیدہ hairstyle for her, and I especially like the little curls that pop out from her hair.

 Yeah, yeah, Tiana's great and all but damn does Naveen look FINE!
Yeah, yeah, Tiana's great and all but damn does Naveen look FINE!

Rapunzel's Long, Blonde Hair
Rapunzel has only two hairstyles in Tangled, but I like them both. However, this one obviously wins. It's 100 feet long, very nicely animated, makes good rope, AND IT FREAKIN' GLOWS! Need I say more?


Merida's Obvious Choice Hair
If آپ prefer the wimple, ومپلا over this awesomeness, then آپ might want to take an eye test to make sure آپ can see amazingness properly! Merida's hair is super awesome, at least in my opinion, from the realistic red color to the nice curly texture, and I hate seeing it cooped up in the wimple.

 Merida: 90% hair, 10% human flesh
Merida: 90% hair, 10% human flesh

Anna's Coronation Bun
I love all of Anna's hairstyles, I even like her bed-head hairstyle! But this one is sooo pretty, with the braid and her cute little fringe. If I had to choose a different one of her hairstyles I'd probably pick the braids with the گلابی hat.


Elsa's Side Braid
Elsa only has like two hairstyles, but I love them both! It was kind of hard for me to pick between the two, but in the end I think her braid looks a bit prettier.


Anyway, I hope آپ liked my article, I had a pretty good time writing it.
 Don't let the frostbite bite!
Don't let the frostbite bite!
I walked to work the اگلے دن with my head in the air. I never felt better in my life--I couldn't believe that my mother actually fell for the phony note.
I opened the door to my boss's office. "Mr. Anthony, I got the note signed سے طرف کی my mother. What's next?" I sat down in the plastic chair in front of his desk.
He dug through his ڈیسک and pulled out a black suitcase. "The task begins," he announced, handing it to me.
My دل stopped. I felt the cool texture of the black leather under my palm. "What's inside?"
"Your suit, a camera, notepad, laser pen, and a bar for defense," he counted these...
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posted by faithtrust
First Name:
Katie-Louise (Kate)
Country of Origin:
Favorite Disney Movie:
Gosh, that is difficult. Its always been Beauty and the Beast, that یا The Lion King. (my cats even called Mufasa haa)
Erm.. I write a lot of poetry. Go out with my friends, charity دکان shopping things like that. I like old things آپ see. Antiques if that be to wear یا just little trinkets around my bedroom (my mother calls it mess ha).. I have a large close family so spend a lot of time with them..
Education: I left high school in 2008 and finished college last year, is studied my A levels (English Language,...
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Ariel stared into her brother's eyes, trying to follow what her sister had said. "Belle's right, did آپ get contacts?"
"Were آپ guys recently brainwashed? Because you're actually agreeing with each other," Charming said, confused. He waved the subject off. "So, um, who's up for a dance?" He and Anastasia quickly left the room.
Ariel looked into the terrified eyes of her younger sister. "His eyes were green!"
"And Anastasia looks like Mom!" Belle added.
"He swore that he'd never marry a woman that looked like Mom," Ariel breathed.
Melody put her sketchbook down for once. "I think the two of...
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posted by cuteasprincie
I have High Expectations for BRAVE,You know!!!!!!I Think Its Kinda Good Movie and Gonna Win Oscar...I am :( Because Can't Win The Oscars,But I Expect Brave to win...I Don't Want Alan Menken To work in Movie!!!!Because Just Of him(I think)Tangled Cannot Win The Oscar,But I don't Want this to Happened With Brave.
I think Brave is Kinda Like Mulan(Somewhat)...I hope Merida Become a Disney Princess and Merida's Beloved The Disney Prince....I like conception and Art of Disney in This Movie..Even Concept arts are so good!!Would آپ like to listen My opinion About The characters of Brave??If آپ so...
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I watched all the Disney princess فلمیں recently (except one)and I decided that I can relate to a lot of them. So here they are in order. oh yes, I'm not going to add Rapunzel. I've watched Tangled once, But I don't remember it enough to say she is like me.

Snow white:
I don't know what it is that I don't like about her, But I think it's because I can relate to her the Least. I don't Wait for my prince, I'd go after him! And I would've acted MUCH differently than snowy if I were in her position. I wouldn't go into somebody's house, clean it up, let a scary old lady with apples in it, یا take...
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Well.. I sorta got bored and decided to compile a فہرست of my favourite DP songs in order and then averaged out the results to come up with a favourite soundtrack list. All تصاویر are mine. Hope this مضمون turns out okay! I doubt many will agree with me ahah. Here goes..

(I'm ONLY counting songs btw, NOT the background score otherwise the فہرست would be completely different)

#10. Sleeping Beauty

Coming in at last place is Sleeping Beauty. To be honest the only song I like from this movie is Once Upon A Dream, which I find is the perfect duet. The others are all well composed - maybe with...
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FIRST, I would like to congratulate ppgbelle4 for being January's پرستار of the month! :D She really deserves it, with all the wonderful contributions she's made :) *cues round of applause*

1. How does it feel to be Disney Princess پرستار of the month?

I am going to be honest: I didn't expect to be voted as FOTM. ROFL Honestly. I haven't been on as most people here, so I was shocked. I thought tiffany88 was going to win with how much she contributes with all of her desktop wallpapers. ...So yeah, I was like :O, and still like :O. XD However, I appreciate those who did vote for me.

2. How did آپ discover...
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Cinderella's sight was blurred with tears as she watched the blood pour out of her husband's body.
"Charming!" she screamed.
He was still breathing, but she could tell that he was trying hard.
Gaston pulled the dagger back out. "I've been meaning to make an offer with آپ princesses." He snapped his fingers, and the cage began to rise over the pit of green slime.
"This pit--" he pointed at it. "...is full of poisonous chemicals. Once Le Fou drops it, Snow White and Princey here will go bye-bye." He looked up at Charming. "Well, if he makes it to the end..."
He straightened his back. "For a...
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جیسمین, یاسمین and Mulan ran as fast as they could to the ballroom where they found the other princesses.
"Snow White is gone!" They both کہا at the same time.
Tiana gasped. "What happened?"
"She got sucked into some magic portal," جیسمین, یاسمین replied out of breath. "And it disappeared right after she was gone!"
Cinderella smoothed back her hair. "This is terrible! Now we have to find Snow White, too!"
Aurora thought a minute. "Do آپ think her disappearance has something to do with Gaston?"
"Maybe," کہا Belle. "But how did he summon a magic portal?"
"He must have one of our fairies' magic." Cinderella...
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The princesses quickly realized that the wand's magic had taken them somewhere far away, and they all felt a refreshing feeling as they began to تلاش for their loved ones.
Ariel wanted to say something, but she couldn't breathe! They were underwater! They all scrambled to the surface as fast as they could, and found themselves in the middle of the ocean.
"Oh, no!" cried Aurora. "The magic didn't work!"
"Actually, it did," Belle pointed out. "We're near Ariel's home, Atlantica."
"Woo-hoo! I'm home!" squealed Ariel.
"But how are we going to get down to your palace?" Mulan wondered.
Ariel wringed...
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10. Belle- I think she's مجموعی طور پر just... plain, to be blunt. I mean, there's nothing special about her. Maybe everybody in this club loves her so much because she's easily relatable? The only thing I find nice about her is that she loved Adam for who he was, even in his beast form. Just... don't like her much... haha

9. Pocahontas- I'm not quite sure. Just never really like Pocahontas much... She's beautiful and stuff but... I don't know... haha She doesn't seem like a princess I guess. She's a good strong woman and role model but I just never thought of her as a "princess" so I...
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Chapter 1

     Lilly never had trouble sleeping; with the exception of last night. It was her last night in her bedroom. The اگلے morning she was bound for New York City. Her once  lovely decorated bedroom was empty. All of her possessions were packed up and in her Aunt Janes SUV. After tossing and turning for a couple of hours, Lilly got out of بستر and went downstairs to make some coffee. Her stomach was full of butterflies. Her life long dream of becoming a Doctor was coming true. In a few hours she would be on the interstate, heading down the road to her future.
   Before she knew it,...
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So I just discovered that I have never done one of these...and since I saw "Tangled" I thought might as well do it now that آپ have seen the last addition to the "Prince Pack". So here we go.

10. The Prince - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Ok so I think the way him and Snow White sing is adorable and آپ know the whole true loves kiss thing was sweet too...but we never see this guys personality sure he seems really nice and ofcourse charming but we don't know if he's funny یا آپ know all that other stuff so yeah sadly he's at the bottom because I just don't know much about him.

9. Prince...
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posted by DreamyGal
Thank GOD...I'm finally able to get on this webite again! I missed everyone on here SO much! It's funny how آپ can make دوستوں on the internet who you've never met...
For the longest time, I had no internet at my house, and was only able to visit this site on my computer at work. It's weird, but sometimes my server at work blocks this site, and sometimes it doesn't. But now, I have internet at home. Yay!
If آپ haven't seen Tangled, don't read any further...don't want to spoil anything!!

I saw Tangled the دن after it came out...LOVED it. Went back and saw it again...loved it even more....
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Aurora walked into the tiny cottage, which she had left at age 16 to become a princess. She sighed and looked around. Memories flooded back of her 5th birthday, the fairies smiling at her and hugging her, giving her a black headband to wear, which she ended up wearing up to her 16th birthday, until it was replaced with a tiara. Aurora frowned and reached up to her tiara and took it off her head, setting it on the small wooden میز, جدول in the center of the room. She took the small black headband and put it on her head. She smiled and sighed. She felt like Briar Rose again. Aurora turned and smiled,...
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posted by Genius_626
OK, I love "Tangled." Period. Maybe آپ need some back story if آپ really want to grasp my situation:

I support Disney even when they're faultering,(although I think they've recovered already) kind of like I would a friend, that's just how I am; I feel I owe disney something since their فلمیں have shown me my true calling in life: to animate, to direct, to make فلمیں and to entertain the masses and challange myself with my creativity. Granted I'm only a teenager, I know what I'm going to do with my life because of disney.

Anyway, I am greatly dissapointed with the reviews "Tangled" is getting,...
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 chericherry productions
chericherry productions
If it helps, read my link first. آپ know the drill, from 9 to 1, the countdown goes. I'll try not to be bias and be different from what آپ see. But I am pretty bias and sometimes I agree with others, so here goes nothin'!

9. Mulan
Yes, here we are again. Mulan is last on my پسندیدہ princess فہرست and now this. For a major part of the film, she is disguised as a man. Not very attractive for a woman. She looks pretty with her make-up on and her dress...that's about it. Her eyes are exotic but I don't like them very much.

8. Tiana
She was #7 on my پسندیدہ list...here she is at 8th place....
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 # 9 Prince Charming
# 9 Prince Charming

Oh does this guy gripe me. I almost don’t even know where to start. I’ve never hated a Disney character; but what I feel for this chump is probably the closest I’ll ever get. Even though we don’t really get to know him in the first movie (which is what I go by…I don’t count sequels because they piss me off), I think I have a pretty good idea of how he rolls. I can “sort of” relate to him on one thing; his Father wanting him to get married so he can have grandchildren. My Mom wants nothing مزید than for me to find the right guy, settle down, and spit...
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A/N: So I was watching Beauty and the Beast this morning and I read a story
about the prince before he was transformed and it gave me this idea. I
thought it would be interesting to see the individual changes from who the
prince was before to who he was after Belle broke the spell. I also thought that
it would be interesting to see it through the eyes of someone besides Belle
or the prince.

Also I use the name Adam for the prince.

Disclaimer: I do not own Belle یا the Beast/Prince/Adam یا any of the other
characters...lets just say I do not own Beauty and the Beast. Also I dont remember
clearly how...
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posted by disney_prince
This is a very brief مضمون where I am going to look at each princess and see how much they are like myself.

Snow White
Like Snow White I am usually a fairly up beat person. I always try to look on the brighter side of life, at least on the outside. Compared to some of my دوستوں I come across as being the colourful character of the group.

At times I can be a bit of a push over and I have a little bit of intelligent wit that seeps out of me every now and again. Like Cinderella I want the fairy tale ending and I also have some inner strength.

I am far from perfection...
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