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posted by PrincessAyeka12
 Aurora's Playlist
Aurora's Playlist
گزشتہ Playlists;

Snow White: link

Cinderella: link

I like making playlists on my آئی پوڈ, ipod for all of my favourite characters from all kinds of media. Sometimes the songs don't fit the characters and are just there to capture the symbolism from objects, animals یا magic used in the film. I've made a playlist for a few of the Princesses and it's time I shared them with you.

Symbolism: Dreams, Sleeping, the original story, Dawn, Magic, Fairies, Sword, Song, Dance, Rose, Briar Rose

Soothing Dreams سے طرف کی Stephan Rhodes

- Dreamy Aurora


A Thousand Years Part 2 from Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 سے طرف کی Christina Perri (feat. Steve Kazee)

- In the original story, Aurora sleeps for a hundred years. Also when the couple meets Aurora is unsure at first and then lets her guard down, puts it back up, down again and possibly in sleep dreams about him. Phillip goes on a journey as well. In myths - fairy lore, when fairy magic is involved it's possible that people under the enchantment never grow old. The قلعہ will be frozen in time, whilst outside the قلعہ walls the rest of the world will اقدام on.


The دن we met,
Frozen I held my breath
Right from the start
I knew that I'd found a ہوم for my heart...
... beats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave?
How can I love when I'm afraid to fall?
But watching آپ stand alone
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow

One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I'll love آپ for a thousand more

Time stands still
Beauty in all she is
I will be brave
I will not let anything take away
What's standing in front of me
Every breath
Every گھنٹہ has come to this

You Can Tell She's a Princess سے طرف کی Barbie

- Aurora has the classic girly look of a Princess. I personally like that. Elegance = Special + Regal (for Aurora only, insert other word for other princess) = Princess


آپ can see it in her style
آپ can see it in her smile
آپ can see it in her flair
And the way she wears her hair

Spinning, spinning
Twirling, twirling
Girly, girly, girly

Her shoulders are back (na, na, na)
You'll never see her slack (no, no, no)

The Sword and the Rose سے طرف کی Runestone

- Symbolism; Phillip is the sword and Aurora is the Rose


Innocent Eyes سے طرف کی Delta Goodrem

- Aurora and the truth being kept from her for 16 years


I miss those days and I miss those ways
When I got lost in fantasies
In a cartoon land of mysteries
In a place آپ won't grow old
in a place آپ won't feel cold and I'll sing

Da da da da da da da da da da da da
Seems I'm lost in my reflection
Da da da da da da da da da da da da
Find a سٹار, ستارہ for my direction
Da da da da da da da da da da da da
For the little girl inside who won't just hide
Don't let me see mistakes and lies
Let me keep my faith in innocent eyes

What Have آپ Done Now سے طرف کی Within Temptation

- Aurora forbidden to see Phillip ever again


I know, should stop believing
I know, there's no retrieving
It's over now, what have آپ done?

What have آپ done now?!

I, I've been waiting for someone like you
But now آپ are slipping away... oh
Why, why does fate make us suffer?
There's a curse between us, between me and you

Lothlorien from Lord of Rings the Musical - London Production

- Aurora means Dawn. Before her 16th birthday, she lived in the woods/forest, the world isn't set in a specific country - it's a magical world, Aurora's hair is golden blonde in the publicity clipart


Sunlight and stars in her hair.
In her eyes an undying memory of home,
A land that is magical and fair

Gaze on me lady of gold,
Reawaken my slumbering soul.
Beacon of courage summon me home,
to your haven of wonders untold

Garden of wonder
Haven of sun
Forest of light
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Source: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
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Source: Frozen: Special Edition Blu-Ray
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Source: The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
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Source: Me
Here the first part of the best Disney Princess minor villain count down. Since there are thirty-three characters in the count down there will a total of three مضامین each with eleven characters. Remember this isn't my personal opinion, these were voted سے طرف کی the fans. Enjoy!
 Thery'e just... trees. Scary, sure, but only in certain lighting._misscindyspice
Thery'e just... trees. Scary, sure, but only in certain lighting._misscindyspice

Scary Trees (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) I'm not surprised they were the first to go since they pose no actual threat to Snow White. They're very scary but in reality they're just trees.
 Just... Urgh, they are the WORST part of the movie! I always skip them!_PrueFever
Just... Urgh, they are the WORST part of...
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 Just picture Kristoff on the far right اگلے to Flynn, I suppose. There ~is~ room for him.
Just picture Kristoff on the far right next to Flynn, I suppose. There ~is~ room for him.
Hello! I’ve seen a lot of مضامین ranking various things, and I decided to do a countdown that I haven’t seen yet (then again, I’ve only been on here for about two weeks). So without further ado, here’s my Comprehensive Ranking of the Disney Princes. Feel free to disagree with me! I’m used to having unpopular opinions.

11. Snow White’s Prince (“One Song”)
 "ONE SONG! I have but ONE SOOONG!"
"ONE SONG! I have but ONE SOOONG!"

Now, I know his name isn’t actually One Song, but it’s the backbone of his defining scene. And really? It's not that impressive. No offense, One Song lovers (are there any?),...
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Belle and Ariel as Elsa and Anna
do آپ want to build a snowman
beauty and the beast
the little mermaid
posted by dimitri_
I got inspired سے طرف کی Shiki_Otherside's مضمون ''Why The Other Princesses Would Hate Anna'' :) Just a fun and quick article!

For a long time we've been
marching off to battle
In our thundering herd
We feel a lot like cattle
Like the pounding beat
Our aching feet aren't
easy to ignore
Hey, think of instead
A Princess worth fighting for
That's what I said
A Princess worth fighting for

 I want her paler than the moon with eyes that shine like stars
I want her paler than the moon with eyes that shine like stars

My Princess will marvel at
my strength, adore my
battle scars
 I couldn't care less what she'll wear یا what she looks like
I couldn't care less what she'll wear یا what she looks like

 It all depends on what she cooks like
It all depends on what she...
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I meant to do this مضمون is quite a long time but I just couldn't agree with myself. Some parts of this فہرست are probably going to change after a time. I tried not to be influenced سے طرف کی what the voice actresses did outside of those DP فلمیں but I couldn't really do that, still here is my list.

11.Snow White - Adriana Caselotti
I feel guilty for putting poor sweet Snow in the end of my فہرست but... We all know that they choose Adriana Caselotti to voice Snow White because of her sweet, innocent and childish voice. Disney also didn't want Adriana to be in any other movie because her voice was...
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the little mermaid
موسیقی video
added by fanlovver
Source: http://24.media.tumblr.com/4e654e12bb39d6e1716a157e480da213/tumblr_mie0ff4Ypy1ri697yo1_1280.jpg
Now we come to the سب, سب سے اوپر 20 and مجموعی طور پر people either find these girls really pretty یا beautiful, some even gorgeous, with a few exceptions from some fanpopers. Just like with the other مضامین I will state fanpop's opinion along with my opinion. Please تبصرہ but keep in mind this isn't my opinion, this is fanpop's opinion. Enjoy!


One of the newest Disney heroines and apparently she did pretty good for herself سے طرف کی getting into the سب, سب سے اوپر 20. First of all a few people complained that she was the only Disney Fairy besides Tinkerbell that made it into the countdown but they don't realize...
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Hola! It's little ole me again. Ok, so I recently finished rewatching all of the DP films and many of my opinions have changed so I thought, why not make an updated list? When I first joined I just really wanted to make an مضمون so I made my پسندیدہ DP movie فہرست but I hadn't seen most of the films in a long time so I was going completely سے طرف کی memory and now that I look back I'm like, hmm these opinions have changed quite a bit now that I've seen them all again. اگلے to the film name آپ will see a number in parentheses and that signifies the movement of that movie on my list. Now let me tell...
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I got the idea from KataraLover's مضمون with a similar name. I actually made a سروے about this, but since Frozen was added I decided I may as well do it again, but I decided to write an مضمون instead.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
 I'm Wishing/One Song
I'm Wishing/One Song

I just really like the اندازی حرکت in this scene and how Snow and the Prince meet is really cute! The voice of Snow White is kind of annoying to me, but in this song I like it. The Prince actually has a great voice. I really like this one French version of Snow White cause her voice is just beautiful in this song. Here's the link: link...
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Bonjour! In my last مضمون I defended both Cinderella and Snow White. Now I'm going to defend Aurora and Ariel.

Aurora -

Most people either have a love یا hate relationship with Aurora. I love her, but she's not my favourite. Everyone complains that she has an underdeveloped personality and she does nothing, but most of all, people are frustrated about the fact that her eyes change colour.
In contrast, I don't believe she has an underdeveloped personality at all. Out of all the Disney Princesses, she has the least screen-time, (I think it was eighteen منٹ یا something) and I think Disney...
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