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 Belle rightfully earned best picture for portraying a nerdy college student
Belle rightfully earned best picture for portraying a nerdy college student
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Previously on DNTM: Ariel and جیسمین, یاسمین made a truce and after a college themed تصویر shoot Mulan was eliminated. Who will be eliminated next?

Confessionals after the elmination:
Snow White: I was sad that Mulan went home
Anna: Mulan would always know what the Mickey Mails meant. What are we going to do know?
Ariel: I was in the bottom two last week because of my تصویر and how I was distracted سے طرف کی drama. I have to improve.
Rapunzel: I had a great تصویر again!
 Rapunzel is happy about getting a good picture
Rapunzel is happy about getting a good picture

Belle: My تصویر was the best of the week and I am so happy I am doing well.
 Belle in the confessional
Belle in the confessional

Merida: I was told again that I needed to improve. I am trying to improve as much as I can.
 Merida in the confessional
Merida in the confessional

Cinderella: I was told I finally learnt how to pose!

At the house:
Rapunzel to confessional: After the truce both Ariel and جیسمین, یاسمین surprisingly have become great friends.
جیسمین, یاسمین to Ariel: I am sorry I almost made آپ go home. Thanks for not saying it was me who caused the drama.
Ariel: Don't worry I caused it too.
Ariel and جیسمین, یاسمین to confessional: Today after elimination we went for a swim in the pool together and then we cooked together.
 جیسمین, یاسمین and Ariel talking
Jasmine and Ariel talking

Pocahontas to confessional: Before they were enemies and now they are friends. It is really weird.
Anna: Mickey Mail! Can آپ sell it in مزید ways then one? Love Mickey.
Rapunzel: What does that mean?
Snow White: I am to sleepy to think about it now

Next دن at studio:
Donald: Today آپ will be having your weekly challenge سے طرف کی doing a commercial for Coverprincess makeup lipstick. Models have to look great in front of a moving camera as well as a still camera. The winner of the challenge and two دوستوں will win a years supply each of CoverPrincess make up. This will not be the last time آپ will be selling something from CoverPrincess makeup.Lets put the CoverPrincess lipstick on and begin.
After the girls filmed the commercial Donald evaluated their performance.
Donald: I actually felt like most of the girls did great today. جیسمین, یاسمین had a spunky attitude which connects with the audience. Rapunzel and Ariel had a happy persona which was perfect. Snow White had such a sweet personality that was very cute towards the camera. The worst was probably Merida, Elsa and Anna. Merida has a thick scottish accent and made it hard to understand.Sisters Elsa and Anna both could not say the lines properly. I was very dissapointed
Donald to the girls: I will play the finished commercial and after the group video of آپ as a group saying "Easy, breezy, beautiful, CoverPrincess" The winner of the challenge will be displayed on the screen.
The commericial:
Belle: Everyone can be pretty
Ariel: Everyone can be beautiful
Rapunzel: And with the colour palette
Snow White: Of CoverPrincess make-up
Jasmine: آپ will always have the attitude to stand out.
Cinderella: and آپ will shine like a star
Elsa: I never go anywhere without it.
Pocahontas: And neither should you.
Merida: So buy CoverPrincess today.
Anna: آپ will love it
Group:Easy, breezy, beautiful, CoverPrincess

Donald: The winner is Jasmine
Jasmine: Yes! Finally I won a challenge!
Donald: Pick two friends
Jasmine: I pick Pocahontas and my new friend Ariel
Ariel: Thanks so much.
The princesses are shocked that جیسمین, یاسمین picked Ariel to share the prize
جیسمین, یاسمین to confessional: To continue to prove that I didn't mean to cause so much Drama I decided to choose Ariel to share the prize with me and Pocahontas
Donald: Jasmine, Pocahontas and Ariel when آپ get ہوم آپ will find your CoverPrincess make-up supply. Bye everyone

Back at the house
Jasmine, Pocahontas and Ariel see big bags full of CoverPrincess make-up
Pocahontas: I love all this make up
Ariel: Thanks so much جیسمین, یاسمین for picking me
Jasmine: That is fine Ariel, آپ are my friend now.
Rapunzel to Ariel: I love this make up, can I borrow some.
Cinderella: I would love to borrow some too.
Ariel(joking): Only if آپ are nice to me.
جیسمین, یاسمین to confessional: I loved winning, everyone wanted to borrow my make-up.
Belle: Mickey Mail! Are آپ ready to let off some steam, Love Mickey.
Elsa: Maybe we are posing as like ice, water and steam.
Anna: Of course آپ jump to that conclusion Snow Queen
Ariel: I can't wait to go to the تصویر shoot and دکھائیں the judges I am still a model.

At تصویر studio studio
Donald: Welcome back to the studio, today آپ will posing in the style of steam punk, a genre of science fiction based around steam powered machinery. Put your make up on and get your hairstyled.
Donald: Today to be honest I felt the models really dissapointed me. Only three out of the ten did well. Merida surprisingly was one of the girls who did well. She looked really cute in her picture and I saw a side of her I had never seen before.
Merida: I did so well today! I am really happy.
Donald: Snow White was really great. She astounds me every week with her modelling ability. My favourite of the دن was Ariel. After the trainwreck that was last week she really put the drama aside and produced a great shot.
Ariel: I did really good. I think I proved that I should have stayed in the competition.
Donald: The remaining seven did really bad. I was really disappointed. The model I was most disappointed with was Rapunzel. Obviously I expected to see great poses but she didn't work it at all.
Rapunzel: I did badly for the first time. Hopefully I don't get sent home.
Donald: Belle and Cinderella went into the same poses they went into last week as they thought it would work again. However this a different تصویر shoot theme,and those poses didn't work. Pocahontas was great last week to but this week she just stood in front of the camera and did nothing.
Pocahontas: I am not very sure what the whole steam punk theme is so I didn't know how to pose.
Donald: Anna needs to learn how to pose properly as she kept smiling and hunching which looked un-flattering
Anna: I felt like I tried but it didn't work.
Donald: I have noticed with Elsa her signature pose is posing while walking. The last three weeks it worked but this week it just was unflattering. She kept دکھانا her leg underneath the dress and it was ugly.
Elsa: I did what I usually do and it didn't work.
Donald: Out of all the girls who did badly جیسمین, یاسمین did the best, but that is not a good thing. I liked how she showed the clothes with her arm and the placement of her legs but the سب, سب سے اوپر half her body was just bland.

At the house
Cinderella: Tomorrow آپ will met with the judges only 9 will continue on in the hope of becoming Disney's اگلے سب, سب سے اوپر Model.
Merida: I can't believe there will be only 9 people left.
Belle: I felt a lot of us did badly today. I can't guess who is going home.
Jasmine: Hopefully I will stay.
Ariel: I don't want آپ to leave Jasmine, not when we just became friends.
Rapunzel to confessional: I did badly today. I am really concerned about whether I will stay یا not.
Anna to confessional: Both Elsa and I did badly and I am hoping that neither of us will go home.

Judging Panel:
Judges Mickey Mouse, Magic Mirror, Minnie and Donald بتھ, مرغابی sit at a large judging desk. The 10 princesses are standing on a small platform in front of them.
Mickey: Hello. Today we will evaluate the pictures where آپ posed wearing clothes inspired سے طرف کی Steam-punk and decide who will be eliminated. First up is Snow White

Minnie: Super Cute
Mickey: I love how آپ look like there is a gust of wind and آپ are looking like آپ are looking off into the distance at a forbidden lover.
Donald: آپ did very well again.
Snow White: Thanks

Mickey: اگلے is Jasmine

Magic Mirror: It is only OK. I love the bottom half but not the top.
Donald: I kept telling آپ to change your face but آپ didn't
Mickey: I certainly feel آپ can give مزید than this

Mickey: اگلے is Merida

Minnie: This is really cute.
Magic Mirror: This is your best picture سے طرف کی far.
Donald: I feel that all that improvement has finally payed off.
Merida: Finally! Thanks

Mickey: Anna is next

Magic Mirror: This is super awkward
Donald: آپ were really clumsy this week.
Anna: That is just who I am
Mickey: I don't like this picture at all

Mickey: Elsa

Magic Mirror: What happened? This is an awful shot.
Elsa: I don't know what happened.
Donald: آپ have a signature pose that آپ do which is walking and posing and this week it didn't work
Minnie:I like the intensity in the eyes, despite the bad pose

Mickey: Belle is up next

Magic Mirror: This is like last week's pose but worse
Donald: آپ didn't do anything interesting
Mickey: This is a really boring shot I hope that آپ having a bad shot isn't going to happen again if آپ stay in the competition.

Mickey: Pocahontas is next

Mickey:You are just standing there doing nothing
Donald: آپ did nothing in the shoot, آپ just stood there.
Magic Mirror: Not a great shot but I love how your face looks.

Mickey: Cinderella is up next

Mickey: This is a pretty good shot
Magic Mirror: I like the پرستار and the pose.
Donald: آپ were not that good during the shoot but I a think it is great that آپ got a good shot
Cinderella: I will do better اگلے time.
Minnie: I love it, it looks very high fashion. The only thing bad is i can't see your right foot.

Mickey: Rapunzel is next

Mickey: Um
Magic Mirror: This is an awful shot
Donald: I don't know what happened with آپ this week.
Rapunzel: I don't know either I just couldn't get with the theme.
Donald: آپ got with the other themes in the گزشتہ weeks. آپ can't use that as an excuse

Mickey: Lastly Ariel

Mickey: This is a great shot
Magic Mirror: Even though most of your face is covered I still feel the intensity in your eyes.
Donald: آپ were my favourite of the day.
Mickey: Thanks so much everyone. The judges will deliberate in private and we will decide who is eliminated

After the deliberation
Mickey: Hello models. Firstly I have to say the performance in the تصویر shoot today for a majority of آپ was very bad. I am hoping that in the اگلے weeks we will not have another shoot like this where everyone is so bad. I have 9 تصاویر in my hand and the تصاویر represent the 9 models who will still be in the running to becoming Disney's اگلے سب, سب سے اوپر Model. The princess to get best picture is:
Ariel: Thanks
Mickey: آپ improved from last week good job.
Merida: I am so happy I improved
Snow White
Mickey: آپ do very well every week, good job.
Pocahontas:I will pose better اگلے time
Elsa looks over to Anna in the bottom two and looks sad.
Mickey: We know آپ have مزید in آپ then this.
Elsa: I will دکھائیں آپ I have مزید in me
Only two models remain Anna and Rapunzel
Mickey: Would Anna and Rapunzel please step forward. Both of آپ have similar looks and similar personalities. One thing that آپ also have in common is your تصاویر this week were awful. Both of آپ have taken good pictures in the past but this week آپ disappointed all the judges. Rapunzel what happened to the Queen of the simple high fashion pose? And Anna what happened to the model that was perfect during the Sailor Scout تصویر shoot? The model still in the running towards become Disney's اگلے سب, سب سے اوپر Model is:
Rapunzel cries as she walks up to collect her photo
Mickey: Some of the judges felt your تصویر was the worst of the week. If آپ take another تصویر like this آپ will most likely be sent ہوم do آپ understand?
Rapunzel: Yes
Mickey:You are still in the running towards becoming Disney's اگلے سب, سب سے اوپر Model
Anna cries and hugs everyone and gives Elsa an extra long hug.
Anna to Elsa: You'd better win for me
Anna to group and judges: Bye everyone.

Anna's last words
Anna: I am sad to be going home. I wish good luck to all the girls but I hope Elsa wins because she is a great model as well as being my sister. I found out modelling is fun and will definitely pursue it in the future

Photo Montage

Next time on DNTM: A model hears some shocking news from back ہوم and the girls pose as zombies.

(Authors note: Another مضمون has been written and I hope آپ liked it. Good job Zikkiforever for guessing the eliminated model again and congrats also to 324Anna And MissAngelPaws for also guessing it correct the three of آپ will be getting props.)
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