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I tried to express how I felt because I wanted to have a پسندیدہ Princes فہرست so bad... I know people will disagree with my فہرست but to each their own ^-^

11. John Smith
Believe it یا not, I do not hate John Smith, not anymore at least. I actually feel bad for placing him here since he gets so much flack nowadays but I'm afraid the other Princes just appeal to me more. I do respect him, he has redeemable qualities and his several sacrifices are admirable. But his arrogant nature gets on my nerves, what is he so arrogant about? So cocky that he even assumes Pocahontas likes him. He is bland and his rushed character development bothers me. He suddenly becomes perfect after Colors of the Wind. So yeah, I don't think he's a very good character, I feel like he's too much of a stereotype (of a blonde man).

10. Naveen
His change from a player to a one-woman's man isn't very believable to me. I don't mind that he's kind of a man whore, but then again what else is there to love about him besides his looks? :/ I can relate to him being lazy but that's not a good thing and he's fun... that's about it.

9. Charming
He gets undeserved flak IMO, he is basically in the same situation as جیسمین, یاسمین yet he gets hated so much more. Is it because he's a guy? Honestly, I think it's kind of funny how he rolls his eyes at Anastasia and Drizella. The way his face lights up when he sees Cinderella makes it hard for me to dislike him, he makes her very happy. Although he's low on my فہرست because we don't see him doing much.

8. Kristoff
He doesn't have any strong character traits IMO. If آپ think he does, then I would like آپ to point them out for me because I don't see them. I feel like *some* of his شائقین only like him because he is adorkable. He's definitely not your stereotypical Prince which is okay but I feel like his character could have been written so much better, for me at least. Maybe I would like him مزید if the movie focused on his character مزید because I generally love the characters in Frozen, Kristoff leaves me cold.

7. Beast
He was a spoiled and selfish Prince at the beginning, I like that he sloooowly becomes nicer, his character development is well done. I think it's cute how he's so clueless but still tries to be romantic. That's about it, I think he's a pretty great character but I'm not that fond of him for some reason. Maybe it's because I feel that he has gone a bit too soft for my liking towards the end.

6. Prince
He would most probably be higher on my فہرست if he had مزید screen time, because he is not so layered as he is. But what we do see of him is pretty amazing. He is such a hopeless romantic, he searched far and wide for his one true love and seeing his sad face when he found out she was dead lying in the coffin breaks my heart.

5. Aladdin
He has a دل of سونا and he is just an مجموعی طور پر loveable guy. He's such a liar though, but then again, everyone lies. He's flawed but I personally see مزید good than bad in him; he's adventurous, clever and generous!

4. Flynn
I like his back-story, the fact that Rapunzel could make him open up to her and remove that mask he was wearing all along is very cute. He should be the one called Prince Charming in my opinion because he is the most charming Prince; he's funny, hot and just a great guy.

3. Phillip
I think Phillip is a little boring, he makes fighting a dragon look boring (as Straggy said), though not all the time. He went through آگ کے, آگ for Aurora and he would do about anything for her. He's just so romantic, diligent and heroic. Also the talk he has with his father about marrying a peasant girl cracks me up. I read a confession saying ''I hate how Eric and Phillip are often accused of being bland because they don't go through character development, what's wrong with being good from the start?''. I agree with that confession and I think having no character development is still better than having a rushed one anyway.

2. Eric
Contrary to مقبول belief, I love Eric مزید for his personality than I do for his appearance. Even as a child, I only had eyes for Aladdin. Anyway, Eric was really determined to marry this dream girl. He found one. So what he thought she had the most beautiful voice? She was also the one who saved his life, someone who saves my life surely will leave a mark on me. He then slowly realizes a real girl is better than this image of a perfect girl. That's pretty deep if آپ ask me. Funny because he is perfect to me, he saved his dog from a burning ship. I would also like to clear up that I don't think he's shallow, if he were, we would see it on the look of his face when he was looking at the statue of himself. He's just such a sweet guy but he still falls in love with Ariel, who is full of flaws. It's so sweet that he loves Ariel's quirkiness. I love love love Eric <3

1. Shang
He is so perfect, not in the same way as Eric but in my eyes he is. He fits all of the requirements of ''being a man'' ;) He's completely selfless, noble, brave, smart and so much more. He is a strong captain, he constantly tries to protect the people around him, he genuinely cares for his men and he knows how to discipline them. He spared Mulan's life when it was against the law. Not to mention he is not intimidated سے طرف کی Mulan's intelligence, strength, etc. That is... beautiful, just beautiful. I think it's cute how he's so assertive throughout the whole movie but then comes the ending when he has to talk to Mulan... lol.
It has been so long since I did an مضمون on here and I felt like it's time to do something and be a part of the DP community.
Anyways,this فہرست might change after today so this would be a current list. So..don't be upset if your پسندیدہ movie is low.
I am also ranking them on animation,music and characters. So keep that in mind!~ (Also,no Frozen on this list. I haven't seen the movie yet.)

10) Beauty and the Beast.
Now,the movie wasn't too bad. It was just really really dull. The characters were meh and I just didn't see any development. The اندازی حرکت wasn't all that bad but it could have...
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This was سے طرف کی far the easiest to do and I bet آپ can guess who #1 is. Don't expect to see Lucy Liu because she's too old.

5.Ashley Argota
I don't really think she can play Mulan, I just put her hear because I needed someone to fill the #5 spot. She doesn't look all that Asian and I don't think she'd look good with short hair.

4.Kristin Kreuk
Well she's only half Asian but I think could be a subplot for the movie. Kristin certainly has the acting ability to play a strong and vulnerable character. I liked Smalleville, it was a pretty cool show.

3.Breanda Song
The longest running, most...
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Please, no SWEARING, no RUDE comments. :)Thank you!

10. Belle

See here I know what I'm going to say about Belle!

What people say about her: She's; smart; pretty; bookworm; THE BEST; Disney's Favorite; everyone should love her; kind

Well, yeah I hate Belle, a little, no, wait ALLOT! So, she's on the bottom. She called the beast disgraceful! Also she threw Gaston in mud? I would have thrown her in the mud! Everyone should love her? She's like so ugly! Lame! Bookworm? آپ see her read 1 book in original! Disney's favorite?! Oh, now you've gone too far! They have NO favorite! The Best, no WAY jose!...
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Welcome guys to my final and most upbeat interview yet. I am very happy to announce this final session will be with the characters from Disney’s Tangled! I have two main reasons for being super excited about this one; one Rapunzel is so super bubbly and hyper that this should be a very exciting interview and two I get to stare at Flynn during the whole thing…YAY ME! We are doing this interview outside in a beautiful clearing and it is just to be me, Rapunzel, and Flynn (sigh)

(When I arrive Flynn is already laid out on the ground relaxing and watching Rapunzel skips around and picks flowers....
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posted by starlight77
As a Disney princess lover there are many things I love to youtube that I thought some of آپ might want to see this stuff too. I'm not sure if this will interest any of آپ but some of these are really cool videos.

Disney Princess Weddings سے طرف کی Kristie Kelley
These are so cute because the Disney princesses and wedding are two of my most پسندیدہ things in the world!

Now here are some deleted songs that I like. I'm not sure if they are better than the originals, but they are cute.

Proud of Your Boy
Bit of backround for you: When Disney was...
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posted by emilypenguin55
“She’s so beautiful” Aaron کہا as he lifted up an open heart-shaped locket with a picture of a girl inside. Sighing happily he put his new found treasure into his sack and swam a few مزید feet to sort through and another pile of shipwrecked goods. “Aaron! Aaron! Aaron! Come look at what I found!” a childlike voice rang out through an opening in the ships floor. Smiling Aaron swam down to see what his friend Marlin, (Aaron’s best bro) found. “What is it? What did آپ find?” Aaron asked مارلن who was attempting to hide whatever he had found behind him, “okay close your eyes...
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1)How do آپ feel about being پرستار of the month?

I’m so grateful for everyone who voted for me. I really believe a lot of fanpoppers deserve this recognition, so it’s great to know people appreciate what I do to the spot.

2)Who is your پسندیدہ princess and prince and why?

My پسندیدہ princess has always been Belle. She’s so sweet, witty, stubborn, kind, bleh… everything about her I just adore. <3 As for my پسندیدہ prince, that would have to be Phillip. He’s incredibly chivalrous and what I believe a “classic prince” should be like.

3)Who is your least پسندیدہ princess and prince...
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Charming choked out dirty water as he struggled to stay afloat. He could hear his wife screaming his name somewhere, but the pain in his stomach wouldn't leave his mind alone.
Le Fou was slapping the water with his arms and shouting out nonsense. Among them, Charming heard, "I can't swim!"
Great, Char. Now you're gonna have to do the right thing. He started paddling toward Le Fou but drew back after the pain stung him again. He looked into the black water and saw red coming.
"Le Fou, hold onto Princey!" Gaston yelled.
Le Fou scrambled toward the prince and climbed onto him.
Charming groaned....
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When it was DreamyGal who got voted princess of the ماہ in May, dweeb had to interview her. Dweeb personally told me she was going to make DreamyGal's interview short and lame, because she didn't like DreamyGal. I offered to re-interview her so she could have an actual interview. Dweeb actually wrote a nasty paragraph at the end of the interview that was about DreamyGal.

So heres the مضمون DreamyGal deserves.

1. Let's get formatilies out of the way- How do آپ feel about being Princess پرستار of the ماہ for May?
It’s wonderful! I don’t come on here to gain recognition, I just do it for...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
The Liveliest Disney Princess

The Disney Princesses vary in many ways, and their liveliness and energy levels are no exception to this rule. Some princesses are thought to be relatively calm, relaxed, and laid-back. Others are thought to be spunky and energetic far مزید often. Which princesses are considered مزید lively than the others? To find out, read this article.

9. Cinderella

The least lively princess according to Fanpop was Cinderella. Temperamentally, Cinderella is a very calm and relaxed princess, and also her placement is دیا because of her refusal to do anything about her unfortunate...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
    With a big bang, Alice’s book shut abruptly. جیسمین, یاسمین commented, “So, they are trapped…”
    Snow White began to cry a little bit. “I know that they are bad, but I can’t imagine them…them…”
    In an instant, Cinderella’s fairy godmother arrived, and patted Snow White on the shoulder. “Oh, don’t worry my dear, the two of them are probably having a fine time with your stepmother and the others who tried to hurt you. The thing is now, they can’t come back and hurt you, can they?”
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
    Mulan paced in the front as the princesses sat down and faced her. With determination, she told the others, “I don’t think I could do this سے طرف کی myself…indeed I was in the army, but it’d take a miracle to get me into the قلعہ سے طرف کی myself.”
    She then turned to Alice, and asked her, “What do آپ want to do, Alice?”
    Alice didn’t respond. She was reading a book, which she seemed totally obsessed over. Esmeralda soon took the book off Alice’s ڈیسک and asked, “You don’t care if Belle and Pocahontas are mistreated?”...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
    Aurora walked around a bit and with a glance of glee, she found the other six princesses sleeping under the tree. “Hello!” Aurora greeted.
    “Mmm...mmm…” Snow White replied sleepily, she was not totally awake yet.
    “Apparently they don’t hear us,” John Smith told Aurora. “Let me try.”
    John Smith walked toward Pocahontas and with a gentle voice, he whispered, “Pocahontas, I am back.”
    Pocahontas abruptly woke up, waking up the other six princesses. After she...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
    The loud sound of a tooting horn awakened Aurora from her sleep. She was wondering where she was…she just remembered, she was with the other princesses. However, she was taken away سے طرف کی Gaston, and now she had no idea where she was. She rubbed her eyes and realized though, that she was in a dim area in a small enclosed space.
    She stood up and stated, “Oh no, where am I?”
    “So, you’ve woken up,” a voice stated weakly.
    Aurora twisted a bit and stated, “Gaston, stop it! Let me go!”
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We all know the stories of Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Mulan, and The Princess and The Frog. This story all started in Cinderella's world. Despite calls for Lady Trimane and Drizella's deaths, Cinderella was so kind that Lady Trimane and Drizella were only banished. Lady Trimane's last words were "I'll be back, آپ scullary maid in princess clothing and everything آپ own and love will be mine" though no one other than Cinderella thought it was a serious threat. One دن Fairy GodMother went to a fairy convention which...
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SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I loveee this!!
My 8th مضمون on this spot~!
My پسندیدہ Princess Movies~!

10.Princess and the Frog

Now though I love Tiana this movie was not good. It was uninteresting to me. I was very bored with it. IDK if it was because the main characters were frogs most of the time یا because I did not love any of the characters.

9. Sleeping Beauty

Boring. I love Phillip && the fairy scenes but the princess was boring && asleep for a lot of the time.

8. Pocahontas

Now I adore Poca && I think she is beautiful. I dont not like this movie but I just like the others more. I would hsvr liked...
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