The saddest moments from DP فلمیں that made me cry and most often they still do. Some are close to دل while some are so well enacted and animated that i'm moved سے طرف کی the simplicity of emotions.

13. 3 good fairies put the entire kingdom to sleep:
Despite their best of efforts, they lose Aurora to the spell and the only way to make things work is to put the entire kingdom to sleep, waking only when she awakens. It makes me sad to see them blame themselves for this loss. It doesn't make me cry though, but yes, it puts me in a sad mood.

12. Cinderella crying in the forest:
مزید than her dress being torn apart, which was her mother's and a sweet surprise سے طرف کی her friends, the way she breaks down in the forest, "There's no hope" it always pinches my heart. Being her, who believed so whole-heartedly that wishes do come true if آپ truly believe in them and have faith in them, realization of utter hopelessness was miserable, even if only for a moment.

11. Tiana wishing on Evangeline:
Her demoralized دل was so sunk that she resorted to something she didn't even believed in. It pained me to see that her hard work wasn't going to pay off, while she saw her friend having everything she wanted served in a silver platter. I know she wouldn't be jealous of her friend, but it still depresses me to know that in reality, sometimes hard work isn't enough.

10. Do آپ wanna build a snowman:
The whole build-up of the song is so sincere and innocent. The emotions Anna go through while growing up, being hopeful that Elsa would play with her again like before to ignoring while she learns to be happy سے طرف کی herself with her parents سے طرف کی her side to emotionally exhausted of losing people she cared about the most, including her sister with no fault of hers; truly makes me curse her fate. Seeing someone lose hope in the good is always heart-wrenching.

9. King Triton destroys Eric's statue/Queen Elinor destroys Merida's bow:
Both are equally disheartening. Even though both of them loved their daughters but in fit of anger, unable to see how their daughters didn't understand and follow through their simple requests, destroys the prized possessions of their daughters. I can relate to this personally coz once my mom had thrown my personal journal away in fit of anger. It hurts awfully bad, having to lose your cherished belonging. Not because of its physical value but of the feelings attached to it, which parents sometimes tend to overlook.

8. Aladdin says goodbye to Genie:
Ecstatic with newly found freedom in eternity, Genie is crazily packing up, babbling all along, bursting with unbelievable joy and while Aladdin quietly watches him and realizing how close a friend he had come to be. Al, "Genie, I..I'm gonna miss you."
Genie, sobers down from his ecstatic joy, "Me too, Al"
And when they hug, my دل swells.

7. Rapunzel's parents lose hope:
For years and years, they have lit the lanterns faithfully, hoping against hope that their lost daughter will return eventually. But all these years, the harsh reality that it may have only become a ritual only, that she won't come back no matter how long they'll free the lanterns showed on King's face. He just didn't want to light the lanterns anymore, feeling that it is all useless. And how Queen tries to reassure him with an empty دل herself. This scene, though very short, tugs at my دل sincerely. And I love that there are no dialogues.

6. Shang dies:
Unfortunate incident leads to a mishap and hanging سے طرف کی a thread, Shang lets go of Mulan's hand سے طرف کی choice to save her. The fear and hurt of losing your loved one was so apparent in Mulan's eyes. Being so able, so mature, so intelligent, she couldn't save the one that mattered most. And her grief struck so true at دل when she wails out her scream.

5. Ariel longing for Eric from away, Triton realizes she's in love:
Ariel's longing for Eric is so deep and true but she won't make a deal any مزید just to be with him, so she waits, knowing her دل will always be with him only. And Triton realizes that he can't hold on to his children forever and he has to let them go for them to choose and build their own happy lives. This scene is overwhelming, filled with purest of emotions, that it makes me cry soft silent tears every single time I watch this. Its rather a bittersweet moment than sad.

4. Merida thought she lost her mother forever:
Despite fighting for her truest wish, she had to pay a heavy price for her independence. It pulls آپ apart, having to choose from your own happiness یا the happiness of your loved ones. And آپ wonder why آپ were chosen to pay such a high price for your own wishes. And in neither case, آپ are fully happy and tend to regret the other. She wasn't ready to pay the price for her happiness in this way and instantly regretted having to lose her mother over her independence. Her hope slowly dying, when she covers her mom in the stitched tapestry is so apparent from her eyes and admittance that she'd give anything to get her mom back breaks my دل every single time.

3. Beast let Belle go:
one of the most دل breaking scene, among all of DP movies. Every time i hear the Beast's voice full with anguish and yet ringing with deeply found love, when he admits to Cogsworth that he had to let her go because he simply loved her enough finally. I always felt that he could finally make peace with himself but it cost him his heart. It makes me cry every time coz I truly know what an agony it is to let the person آپ love walk out, knowing آپ may never see them again but hoping that they'll at least remember you.

2. Flynn saves Rapunzel:
This is again a very overwhelming scene for me. Rapunzel's and Flynn's emotions are so beautifully entwined. Both trying to do the right thing, both want to save the other, both wanted to believe everything will be okay. And Flynn's words really break me, "You were my new dream." Changing for better, only to lose everything is undeniably the harshest reality sometime one may face. And how Rapunzel is left nothing but her words and a useless hope to get him back.

1. Reflection:
This is the most heart-breaking song ever. Mulan's compromises for her family, her failure to fit in, her desire to be her real self all come through so strongly. She knows if she chooses to be her real self, it will break her family's heart. Choosing someone else's happiness over yours is the toughest choice one can truly make. And it pains me to see how she struggles between this choice - to do what her family expects of her یا to be her real self.

Would love to hear from آپ guys, as always!