11. DunBroch

It's nice and olden looking, but too dark and grey for my tastes, I'd feel like it's like Beowulf where any old monster just waltzes in and wrecks shit, not a lot of light یا open space either. It gives me the creeps like it could be a haunted قلعہ to visit for Halloween.

10. Snow White's Castle

Too far away and off to the side for me. Feels like if I got sick یا something no one would know about it. Like there's a castle, a forest, and then some dwarfs out in the middle of nowhere. We don't see much of the actually inside of the قلعہ either, so it's anyone's guess how nice it looks inside, but the outside and the basement part seem too secluded, so it's not one of my favorites.

9. Beast's Castle

Just like the other too away from everything, the villagers don't even know about this huge پچھواڑے, گدا قلعہ not too terribly far away until Belle starts telling them about the beast, so either the town's folk are oblivious یا it's another one of those castles where wolves are constantly outside of the gate and no one knows where آپ are until you're dead یا a threat. No thank you! I think the reason it's higher than Snow White یا Merida is because we get great shots of the inside and it's majorly beautiful and open. I wouldn't mind so much being stuck inside if I didn't think too hard where I am and see all the snow outside. It's a really beautiful place, just the location is a bit disenchanting for me.

8. Aurora's Kingdom

It's a very elegant castle, nice interior, nice exterior, seems like generally swell place to live. There's a magical forest not too far away, and even the forest seems really open and friendly where آپ can take a nice walk ad stumble upon some hot people, no wolves, bears یا dwarfs یا anything, just a standard lofty forest. I don't know if the Enchanted Tales movie counts, but from that her Aurora's room and garden seem very classy and timeless. مجموعی طور پر Aurora's kingdom is great, the design of everything is very aesthetically pleasing.

7. Mulan's Villa

Very nice and open, the style of the doorways and roofs are probably my پسندیدہ aspect about them. The general atmosphere is open and colorful with many pastel gentle shades that seem kind of beautifully faded. The garden area is just breathtaking though, so vast and elegant

6. Tiana's Restaurant

We don't really see the house she's going to live in یا Naveen's palace and kingdom یا anything, so even though it's a restaurant in New Orleans I wanted to see if I'd like to visit it I guess, and the answer is hell yes! The inside is actually exquisite and from what I've seen of the New Orleans area online looks like a festive and fun cultural experience. Also the food in the movie looks amazing so I wouldn't be able to wait to come here.

5. Cinderella's Chateau

It's so elegant, I know she lives in the قلعہ now, but this house is absolutely gorgeous. The windows Cinderella opens in the beginning, the walls, the stairs, and the tiled floor are so classy and enchanting. The white and blue accents really go well together and make it look stately and sophisticated, but it's still really open and fairly large space.

4. Eric's Sea Side Castle

Beautiful and enchanting, this is like a dream fantasy vacation spot, right اگلے to the ocean and a lovely view of the horizon. Of course if it had that دیوار like in The Little Mermaid II I wouldn't be all about it, but as it is it's really quaintly built, we didn't get to see much interior, but it feels cozy yet still really grand and royal. If only there was a place like this on Realtor.

3. Rapunzel's Kingdom

I know it's supposed to me German based یا something like that, but it really reminds me a lot of Spain یا Italy, I took a trip to Italy and I can't help, but get those vibes every time I see Corona, from the گونڈولا, gondola boats to the laters, the close together houses and the موسیقی in the streets. Obviously, loving Italy and the Peloponnesian isles (and really islands in general), I love this kingdom. The ocean can be seen from everywhere and the flora and fauna math the unique styles of the houses really nicely. The inside of the قلعہ also looks amazing, I love how big the rooms are, without it seeming too artificial, also how sunny it looks inside with all the big windows. Beautiful place, whether آپ see is as مزید German یا مزید Italian.

2. Powhatan Village

اگلے to the sea, اگلے to the woods, what مزید could a girl ask for? I like how it seems one with nature yet still a culturally knit town with really simplistic, but nicely open small homes. I don't know why, but it reminds me of when I used to live in a townhouse and it's just kind of a nice feeling, آپ can see the people working, the people playing and everyone is pretty chill. Dream citizens to have too.

1. Sultan's Palace

This really doesn't seem like a kingdom I'd like, seeing as it's no where near water, nor seems too particularly simple and quaint, but it is very sunny and warm, and even though the palace is crazy immaculate, it doesn't put me off at all, it kind of reminds me of the palace like in Prince of Egypt it's grand and all, but it doesn't feel artificial یا detailed, just big white marble carvings so it still feels relaxing and not to European with سونا and stiff structures everywhere. The palace garden as well is super open, yet still looking extremely fancy. It is an organic and subtle kind of elaborate, if that makes any sense. Dream palace for sure, and who knows, maybe I can install a pool.