So this had been hilariously enjoyable and challenging for me! Doing a silly مضمون can be totally fun, but be sure to respect my opinion, okay? Admit it یا not, we all have some guilty pleasures. What if Disney princesses lived in the MODERN دن world and had some guilty pleasure? It would be hella awesome to know about it! P.S. = Those memes are JUST FOR FUN

Snow White – Sneaking into food and being a comfort lover

Yup! Ah, taking a tid bit out of refrigerator is something pretty naughty and silly and mischievous! I think Snow would hate being on a diet, just a wild guess lol! She eats whatever she has in front of her in the movie, so it does make sense! She’d be a total بستر stewer and be a food fanatic! She’d like...sneak into the fridge, looking for food. Snow’d grab anything.....from a ketchup bottle to a delicious piece of chicken. Throw in a bottle of ووڈکا, شراب and a superhero movie and a She will سٹو, اسیجنا in her own sheets until the stickiness and stains become just too ewwww! She’d also enjoy having childhood food eating ‘ring fingers’ یا drinking the رس, جوس directly from a carton. She’d be a total addict of sleeping in and loving the bed. She’d make sure she has all things for bath...essential oils, bubble bath, floral-smelling candles, etc. Here comes the example

Snow white : Imma feeling to hungry! (Goes to the kitchen)
Snow White : No! I’m not in a mood to cook, I want to eat in my bed! Ah, the refrigerator!!! (Opens it and grabs a slab of butter) Yum!!!!! Yum, yum, yum!
(At night) Prince Florian : Dear, I had brought a new slab of butter, where did آپ keep it?
Snow : I have eaten...I mean not eaten....No, I’ve eaten......the butter! Well I’m too lazy to cook ever! Bring me the lip balms!

Cinderella – Fantasizing and getting cozy

She’s a total dreamer and a hopeless romantic, so, what do آپ expect me to choose?! Fantasy is a guilty pleasure no matter who آپ are. Some fantasize about being rich and famous; some fantasize about their dream job یا being a superhero; and some dream about being shacked up with Ryan Gosling. She’ll imagine being with a tall, fair and muscular man! She’ll totally be in love and even keep a secret diary. She’ll write there about her crush and imagine many things. She’ll imagine dancing with that guy and going to prom. Cindy, آپ get into your most comfortable pyjamas. آپ know the ones: you've had them since high school and they are perfectly worn in. آپ grab a romance novel آپ never got around to finishing, and a box of chocolates. آپ might need a pint of ice cream too یا some ہوم baked cookies. She’ll roll in her بستر like anything, hum a sweet tune, imagine her love and even dance.

Cindy : Ah, I am sooo sleepy, lift me up babe ( Rolls out of the بستر and falls down)
Cindy : Ah! I hate you! I hate you, how dare آپ not lift up me!

Aurora – Dancing when alone and dress hoarding

People like her love nothing مزید than dancing round the house (sometimes in the buff), clutching a hairbrush mic and singing full pelt to power ballads and cheesy novelty songs. They will even play Karaoke and Sing سٹار, ستارہ alone and are notorious شاور singers. This guilty pleasure is fine when no-ones around and آپ can hold a tune – but when she is uncharacteristically atonal and intent on sharing – earplugs and blindfolds may be required. She’s done several closet cleaning sessions to clean house and do the “out with the old, in with the new” thing. But she can’t برداشت, ریچھ to part with her prom dress. It’s beautiful, it’s her favourite colour and it brings back so many amazing memories but there’s only one problem. It’s never going to fit again. It’s not because she might have been “fat”, it’s because she’s grown, her rib cage and hips have expanded and she’s also 2 inches taller. Maybe she still tries to squeeze into it because she’s determined, but the only thing that’s going to do is rip the darn thing. It’s okay to keep it and be nostalgic, but not if it means آپ can’t fit any new clothes in your closet.

Aurora – Ugh, it doesn’t fit. This dead jeans! Okay, it’s fit!
(She dances and twirls and sings) Aurora – I know you, I’ve wore you...
Phillip – Aurora? (Enters the room)
Aurora : Once upon a ward.........Ugh! (They crash and Aurora rips her jeans at the knees)
Phillip : Ouch! I didn’t meant to rip your jeans...
Aurora : Thanks!! I’ve always wanted a pair of ripped jeans!

Ariel – Trashy TV and famous singer

Pick your poison. There are many of them. She could be a پرستار of The Bachelor and be secretly singing, “Someday my Prince will Come” on the inside; یا maybe she’s a پرستار of My 600lb Life (while trying desperately to make herself eat a ترکاریاں, سلاد instead of the پیزا she wants to order); یا maybe she just likes to keep up with the Kardashians to remind herself that fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and maybe her life isn’t so bad after all. Whatever her guilty binge watching show, she watches it for a reason and that is sure to keep آپ coming back for more… at least until the newest hot reality دکھائیں hits cable. Whether it is a break-up, getting fired from work, یا just an altogether bad day, there seems to be a song out there for every life scenario and Ariel sings it. Whether alone in the house, making a solo road trip, یا locked away in the shower, singing سب, سب سے اوپر hits at loud volumes is always a great way to relieve stress. Am I right, Ariel, the bathroom singer?

Ariel : (Doing chores) “Someday, my prince will come..someday we’ll meet again...”
Eric : (Storms in) Yes, I’ve come darling!
Ariel : Sweetheart, turn the TV on, I’ve gotta keep up with the K’s rather than this broth!

Belle – Read sorta tacky novels and celebrity gossip

Belle, you’re a grown up with a decent job, your own place and a pretty awesome boyfriend who آپ adore… and آپ still “get off” on reading Twilight. That love مثلث is pretty intense, isn’t it? But sparkly vampires, come on! She also would read either poorly written works (Fifty Shades of Grey) یا کتابیں written for a much younger audience (Goosebumps, The Maze Runner, The Divergent: Series). There are countless shows and magazines that focus entirely on keeping the public up-to-date on what is going on in the world of celebrities. Since many say they do not care what their پسندیدہ actor is eating for lunch یا what the newest Victoria’s Secret model does in her work-outs, the number of people who actually read celebrity مضامین may be surprising. Belle might be interested about whom did Justin Bieber last fall in love with, and have a connection with Kim Kardashians latest hairstyle. Juicy gossip!

Belle : Oh yea! Bella Swan!!! (Lets out a scream of excitement)
Adam : Belle, are آپ okay?!
Belle : Yup!............(minutes later) I love آپ Bella!
Adam : *rolls eyes and lets out a sigh*

جیسمین, یاسمین – Facebook creeping and stealing hotel goodies

Throughout your life, آپ will meet, befriend and possibly un-friend countless people. They will be childhood friends, high school sweethearts یا random people آپ meet and hang out with every دن for a very short period of time. Creeping her ex on social media is totally normal and acceptable and she secretly loves it when she sees that her ex is unhappy یا her old frenemies got fat. It feels good when آپ compare yourself to someone else and “win” that imaginary battle, right? If anyone owns the hotel where she would stay in real life, they must count the dressing gowns and تکیا slips before she checks out. This guilty pleasure can verge on the criminal but usually shejust likes to lift a small souvenir from an event یا place that means something to her. It’s excitingly illicit and that fine dining menu یا Paris road sign is proof of the experience.

(Jas and Aladdin are quarelling) جیسمین, یاسمین : Why, I stalked it! I saw my ex is so unhappy!
Aladdin : Oh yea, if I only knew آپ had an ex.....I am not gonna sleep with آپ tonight!!!!
جیسمین, یاسمین : (thinks) *Oh, my pleasure! I’ll sleep with those ultra-soft, furry, cotton like pillows I چرا لیا, چوری کی from the hotel! Let him burn with jealousy!*

Pocahontas – Sun bathing and taking too many selfies

The sun provides a large supply of Vitamin D, which contributes to her happiness. There are many songs about sunshine and studies دکھائیں that those who don’t get enough sun often are chronically tired and unhappy. Women love to sunbathe; on patios, on beaches, on their balconies یا even on their front lawns. And let’s be real, no one likes those dreaded tan lines! So Backless clothes come in handy! She probably doesn’t even care that her neighbor “might” be able to see if he looks out his window hard enough… Keep catching those rays! She may think those girls whose Instagram pages are just littered in selfies are awful. But whether یا not she posts the occasional one, یا just take a million of them on your phone when she’s having a good hair دن (or her make up is on point), the evidence is very apparent in her mobile تصویر album.

Pocahontas : Sun tanning is so.....nice!
A boy : There’s such a cute dog! You’ve gotta see him!
Pocahontas : I’ve gotta take a selfie then!....(With the dog) Doggy, smile! (Selfie taken) Ugh, imperfect! (Passes 1 گھنٹہ on taking slefies) It’s perfect now!

Mulan – Extra Online shopping and no deadlines

A lot of struggle to decide what this girl’d be! At last, it’s done! Shopping wunderkinds, she is usually tasteful and considered – that is until آپ catch her alone one night surfing the net and buying pineapple shaped clutch bags and Donald بتھ, مرغابی rain coats. Overcome سے طرف کی “kid in the lollishop” disease she secretly takes pleasure in ordering shiny lurid kitsch that she won’t ever use یا wear but the act provides instant gratification. They will have that “WTF was I thinking!” When the credit card bill arrives. Mulan might like to go off the grid. Her guilty pleasure is no time constraints, no structure, no phone calls, just a دن off – solo wandering and doing whatever she damn well feels like. This sign is the one eating alone at restaurants and sitting solo in cinemas – she will even jump on a bus without knowing anything about the destination just to satisfy their wanderlust.

Mulan : A Donald بتھ, مرغابی clutch back! I’ve gotta buy it! (Minutes later) No...anything different (Searches one item after another) Wow, it’s been a whole night! Anyway, Today’s my day-off, so what if I didn’t sleep for weeks?

Tiana : Serial re-giftng and calling in sick!

Oh Tia! Look it’s not something that is widely approved of but she is as guilty as charged for the crime of re-gifting! She doesn’t like clutter and is very, very particular and practical when it comes to taste so there’s bound to be a stash on unused gifts around. She also hates waste – She rationalises that if an item can give someone else joy then it’s served it purpose. She just woudn’t admit to refitting for fear of disapproving looks. Engaging in the same routine دن after دن can be wearing, right, Tia? Maintaining a good reputation at work is important, but calling in sick once in a blue moon will not cause any harm. Taking a دن off to scratch off an at-home to-do فہرست یا to spend the دن relaxing allows the brain and body a chance to rest and recharge.

Tiana : (1 ماہ after gifting Lottie the cosmetic pack) Oh, how could I! How could I forget it! (Phones Lottie)
Lottie : (Recieves the phone) Yea, Tia?
Tiana : I’ve gotta buy the cosmetic pack for you! Sorry, Lottie!
Lottie : Eh, I’ve already recieved it, Tia! Anyway, won’t آپ go for work today?
Tiana : Nah, I am calling in sick !

Rapunzel : Puzzles and bubble baths

Rapunzel loves experimenting with new ideas and tries to figure out tricky situations. Finally, she could use her problem solving skills in a fun environment with her besties. When she’s feeling like she needs to indulge in something, she’ll round up her best group of problem solvers and hit the local escape room. We wouldn't be surprised if Punzie had been to the same escape room a few times یا if she’d driven far out of town just to try a new one. She loves them! If she can't round up a group, she'll try and entertain herself with some puzzles at home. Not just jigsaw puzzles but sudoku, crosswords, word searches, and logic puzzles all captivate Punz. When all other areas of life become a bit overwhelming, many find that locking themselves away in the bathroom and soaking in the tub for an evening offers a much-needed escape. She’d build herself a luxury bath : Mineral salts, bath bombs, bubbles, essential oils, rose petals and anything else to make her bath luxury. She needs a lot of energy being one of the most energetic DPs, right?

Rapunzel : Eugene! Eugene! Eugene!
Flynn : Yea, sweetheart?
Rapunzel : A new detective puzzle game’s out! I’ve gotta install it!
Flynn : Oh well, then why are آپ telling me?
Rapunzel : Uh, Actually I wanted to tell آپ something different. Can آپ prepare me the bath as I install the game? It needs Wi-Fi, and thus needs a lot of time to load, it’s a large game!

Merida : Turn off your phone! And fear & terror!

She is loaded with guilt and the need for pleasure. Her insecurities crave attention and reassurance. Social creatures with limited concentration spans she finds it hard to be in the present and is guilty of texting under the میز, جدول at restaurants and even at funerals. It can be annoying but Merida is just trying to make sure everyone really, really does like her and that the real action isn’t happening elsewhere. Her another guilty pleasure is to, literally, try and scare herself to death. Big kids at دل she will chill to a Friday 13th and Alien فلمیں fest یا head down to the local fairground and ride a roller coaster till she vomits into the nearest rubbish bin. She might have been known to fight with 6 سال olds for a turn on slippery slides and hog swings at the local park so expect disapproving looks from parents.

Merida : (At a restaurant) Oh yea, this game’s so cool!!!
Elinor : Merida....
Merida : Yay!! I won!!
Elinor : Merida! Turn off the phone!
Merida : Ugh..................
(Some منٹ later.....) Merida : Wow this is such a cool horror movie!
Elinor : Don’t دکھائیں it to your siblings, they might get afraid!
Hamish : No! I’m gonna be scared and I love to get goosebumps!

SORRY for the length! Well, I just got crazy and let it out! Why should DPs always be innocent, perfect and never be selfish? That’s pretty toxic so I imagined them to have some guilty pleasures like us! I hope it was fun! I’d like to hear from آپ all!