J-Pop Moment.
Hi guys, this فہرست is something like the K-Pop فہرست that I made previously. Only this time, it's their Japanese counterparts. Ready?

1) Moonlight Densetsu (DALI)

Taken from the مقبول Japanese anime, Sailor Moon. This song has always been part of my childhood and being a Die-Hard Sailor Moon fan, the princess will support them, especially on International Women's Day!

2) Shunken Sentimental (Scandal)

This is the first time that I'm listening to it, and while doing so, I notice that it sounds like some of Paramore's songs. In particularly, Misery Business.

3) Hitohira No Hanabira (Stereopony)

Another rock band, but the vocalist is مزید gentle than the lead singer than Scandal I felt.

4) Otome no Policy (Yoko Ishida)

Played at the ending credits of Sailor Moon R, the tempo is very upbringing and the lyrics is wonderful.

5) Kimochi wa Tsutawaru (BoA)

BoA is a Japanese singer who also sings Korean too, and this song reminds me of Aaliyah's songs.

6) Moon Revenge (Peach Hips)

Another song from Sailor Moon R the Movie, this song is also motivated and the beat is really Disco oriented.

Japanese Love

So of all آپ J-Pop شائقین out there, if آپ have anymore suggestions. Please feel free to write it down!
Yoko Ishida
آڑو Hip