Usually I don't post مضامین here any longer, because I have my own blogs to take care of. But this is a little project I did specifically for this club: Entry letters آپ can use every time آپ write an article.

Now, I first wanted to sort Disney Princess characters on letters, but I soon realised that there are way too many characters whose name start with A, B یا P. I would have been impossible to include even all Disney Princesses if I had done it this way. So in the end, I decided to do a plant based alphabet. I hope آپ like the result.

I picked the Anemone for John Smith for a kind of convoluted reason. See, I think nothing symbolizes him as well as his compass does. But a compass is not a flower. But the Anemone is, which is also called "Bushwindröschen" in German which means as much as little scrub Windrose. And a Windrose is what the middle part of the compass is called, so there we go, the A is covered.

I am not sure how many people are aware of that, but "Rapunzel" is actually supposed to be the name of a plant in the original fairy tale. Thing is, nobody is quite clear about what plant. It is most often used for مکئی salat, but there is also a specific kind of bellflower which is called that way. Looking at the golden پھول in the movie, I guess they used کہا bellflower as inspiration, so I paired her with it, but I also throw a little bit of Feldsalat in it for good measures.

I also decided to go with drawn versions of the CGI characters, because I didn't want any jarring style changes in this.

In general, it was pretty easy to pick a پھول for the princesses, but with most of the princes it was way مزید difficult. I admit, though, it had the advantage that I could put the princes on the letters for which I didn't have a perfect fit. Thus said, I actually think that the مکئی پھول is a good symbol for the prince. It used to be مقبول with the royals in Europe, and the blue colour is very royal too.

Though Belle is usually portrayed with roses, I feel that the پھول with which she is connected most in the actual movie it the dandelion. After all she picks up one and lets the seed fly in one of the key scenes of the movie. I also added a book, because Belle without a book just isn't quite right.

To me, the پھول which represents Snow White the best is the daisy, since it is a typical spring flower. The "D" was already taken سے طرف کی the Dandelion, but then I think what fits Snow White the best is specifically the English گلبہار, گل داؤدی anyway.

Yeah, it is a little bit awkward, but I went for Flying Leafs for Pocahontas. I would have loved to pair her with the Sunflower, but another character kind of claimed the Sunflower for herself. But I still wanted something which is truly connected with Pocahontas in her movie. I wasn't really happy with using maize یا corn, since مکئی don't exactly have great blossoms. And I couldn't just give he the L for Leafs, because the letter was already claimed. So, she got the Flying Leafs, even though I would have loved to use Forget me nots for L. Well, maybe another time.

To be frank, there is no particular reason why I picked golden rain for Eric. He just was left when I had to place a character on the G. I went with this over any of the flowers starting with G (there is quite a selection) because the golden rain is مزید distinctive, and I felt it kind of fit him.

Yep, I found a solution for the Beast vs Aurora سوال regarding who get the Rose سے طرف کی simply connecting the Beast specifically to the hybrid چائے rose. That's how the rose in the movie looks like anyway.

Yes, I included Elsa in this. Just do the math, there are 26 letters, but only 21 official Princesses and Princes. I needed five character more, so I included Frozen and Moana in it. And yes, I know that an Ice پھول isn't really a flower, but I feel that nothing would represent Elsa better.

There was no doubt that جیسمین, یاسمین would represent jasmine. The weird thing is that in the art of her, she usually has purple جیسمین, یاسمین in her hand, even though the one in the movie is white. Hence I used white ones for the ornaments, too. And some peacock feathers to fill the image a little bit.

It was clear to me that Ariel should be connected to some sort of water plant - one whose name آپ would actually recognize. I eventually ended up with kelp. But as آپ can see, I ensured that a lot of water plant in general are in the design.

Tiana was another princess which was easy, her پھول is clearly the lotus. So that's what I used for her, but I added a little bit of reed to balance out the picture, too.

And naturally Mulan got the میگنولیا, منگولیا to symbolize her. I picked a picture of her in female clothes, but I also added the sword to honour her as the soldier she is.

And that's it for today. I would have loved to put all the designs into one article, but fanpop seems to the pictures I can add to 20, so I تقسیم, الگ کریں this in half. سیکنڈ part will follow soon, if there is any interest.

And, should that not be clear, feel free to download and use those pictures, if آپ want to.