And, as promised, here is the سیکنڈ part of the alphabet.

Honestly, this was easily the most difficult of them all. For one, there weren't exactly many picture options in the style I wanted. Two, the sheer Size of Maui made it difficult to fit him and a plant into the picture. I am actually not happy with having him directly behind the letter, but when I tried to place him in the swirl it just didn't work out at all. I paired her with the "N" because one of the two plants which is particularly prominent in "Moana" is the coconut, and "Niu" is the Polynesian name for the coconut palm.

This is another letter I am not quite happy with. For some reason it is easier to find pictures of Hans than finding pictures featuring Kristof. So I might redo this one down the line.

I went with the مالٹا, نارنگی ٹیولپ, گل لالہ over a پھول which actually start with "O" because the ٹیولپ, گل لالہ is a typical Scandinavian پھول which often turns up in fabric patterns.

Moana on the other hand was mostly easy, I just had to decide if I should pair her with a "P" for Plumeria, یا a "F" for Frangipani (same flower, different name). As آپ can see, I went with the former in the end.

There aren't really many options of letters starting with "Q". I eventually went with Queen Anne's Lace, which is an alternative name for a wild carrot. And a carrot is what Phillip offers Samson in the movie. But I also felt that it was a good fit for the style in which the movie is drawn.

Aurora naturally got the rose یا the ranking rose to symbolise her. And yes, I went for a blue dress. Aurora belongs in blue imho.

Yeah, Anna kind of چرا لیا, چوری کی the Sunflower from Pocahontas in Frozen Fever. The moment I found that picture of her I knew I would have to give it to her, and sadly there aren't really alternative names for Sunflowers. I am still quite happy with how the picture turned out, though.

If Merida is connected to a specific پھول in her movie, I can't remember it. But the اونٹ کٹارے, گوکھرو is pretty much the symbol of Scotland, so it was the logical plant to pair her with.

"U" is another letter for which it was difficult to find a fitting plant. I eventually went with the Umbrella plant, but also threw in some bamboo for good measure to symbolize Shang.

I had a small فہرست of flowers I felt would be a good fit for Cinderella. In the end I mostly ended up with the بنفشی, وایلیٹ because the letters for the alternatives got claimed. But I am still happy with the end result.

Okay, I admit, it is slightly cheating to pair Naveen with the Water Lillie after having already paired Tiana with the Lotus. But can I pair anything else to his official prince outfit?

In order to find a پھول which started with "X" I had to dig deep and go with a scientific instead of a common name. The Xeranthenum is better known as immortelle یا annual everlasting. To be frank, there is no particular reason I paired Aladdin with it, other than me feeling that the colours would be a good fit.

For Prince Charming, I looked up what the Fleur-de-lis (the symbol in the background which was used سے طرف کی the French royals) is based on. Turns out it is based on the Yellow Iris, so I picked it to دکھائیں his royal status.

And another one where I didn't have a lot of choice. Eugene basically ended up with the Zinnia because I had no one which had a connection to it at all, and I felt that at least all the colours would be a good fit for Eugene.

Sorry for the reasoning of the سیکنڈ half not being quite as sound as for the first half. I tried to find perfect fits as often as possible, but as آپ can see, it didn't always work. Hope آپ like the end result nevertheless.