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Hi guys, since I had done Let It Go from Disney's Frozen. Here are my favourite international pop version of Beauty and the Beast, I will most likely include the 2017 version as well. Ready?

Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson

The original one that started it all, I love Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson, especially the former and I was very happy that this song boosted her career!

Sarah Chen & Jackie Chan (Mandarin Chinese)

I had just listen to the Mandarin version, and I was amazed that Jackie Chan could really sing this song especially. So, good job to both Sarah and Jackie!

H & Claire

From the late 90's/ early 2000's band Steps, this song was release for the UK release of the movie when came out on IMAX theatre in 2002. Wonderful rendition once again!

Serafin Zubiri & Michelle (Spanish)

I absolutely love Spanish, I personally think that this song suits better in Spanish alongside the original English version!

Ju Cassou & Marcelo Coutinho (Brazilian Portuguese)

This comes close to the Spanish reason, except that it has مزید passion than Spanish at certain parts of the song.

Sofia Kallgren & Tommy Korberg (Swedish)

Yes, they voice the عنوان character for the Swedish dub of the film. They sound very different from the movie, but I am glad that they sound differently from the movie!

Jorn Lendorph & Anne Herdolf (Danish)

Jorn sounds very young when singing this, and I personally think that this is how the song, especially the guy should sound like!

Yu Yeol & Ieun Yeong (Korean)

Considering that I love K-Pop, this sound really amazing, it is like Belle and the Beast learn Korean and surprise everyone with their rendition of the Pop Version in Korean!

Torhild Sivertsen & Egil Eldoen (Norwegian)

Their voices sounds very smooth and at the same time, relax.

Jana Werner & Peter Hofman (German)

Like Chinese, the موسیقی is very different compared to the other version as seen here. But, it sounds slightly jazzy.

Charles Aznavour & Liane Foly (French)

Belle's and Prince Adam's mother tongue, every time I listen to this. It's like Belle and Prince Adam are singing this in their mother tongue!

Gino Paoli & Amanda Sandrelli (Italian)

The other language that I fell in love, after all Italian is the language of love.

Manuel Mijares & Rocio Banquells (Latin American Spanish)

The سیکنڈ Spanish pop version of the song, good job to Spanish for their wonderful rendition!

Ariana Grande & John Legend (2017 Version)

I have listen to this version a couple of times before, it is a revamp version of the original 1991 version. In terms of the tempo and instruments. But I personally prefer the original 1991 version, considering that I grew up with!

Tale as Old as Time

So, here are my opinions on all of the international pop versions of the timeless classic that we grew up with! Happy Chinese New Yearand Gong Xi Fa Chai!
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