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posted by AllegroGiocoso
With Beast’s carriage leaving, Belle watched it go sadly. She paced throughout her room. “It was so nice to have company with the Beast,” Belle thought. She continued to pace for a while and then she opened the door. With the door shutting quietly, Belle paced across the hallway and then traveled down the stairs. She traversed her way through the قلعہ hallways, and then, since she was hungry, Belle decided to stop in the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ for her meal.
    In the kitchen, three people were standing, looking as though they were just waiting there for Belle. Belle immediately recognized them as Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, and Lumiere. As Belle entered the room, they immediately greeted Belle enthusiastically. “Good day, Madamoiselle Belle!” Lumiere stated charmingly. “The three of us…are here to serve you!”
    “That’s very nice of you,” Belle stated melancholically. “Can آپ serve me some baguettes?”
    As Lumiere and Cogsworth began to bicker as they were busy cutting Belle’s baguettes, with Lumiere wanting to use Beast’s special چھری and Cogsworth arguing against it, Mrs. Potts kindly walked over to Belle. “What’s the matter, dear? آپ look oddly depressed today.”
    “I want to go with Beast on an adventure,” Belle stated, “Over to wherever he is going?”
    “Oh, but آپ can’t go, dear,” Mrs. Potts stated sadly. “It’s only for princes, آپ and the other princesses have to stay home.”
    Lumiere abruptly stopped cutting the baguettes and turned to face her. “Did آپ say, “other princesses” who have to stay home?”
    “Yes, I did,” Mrs. Potts stated warmly.
    “No, no, no!” Cogsworth fumed angrily as he dropped his چھری to the ground. “Lumiere, don’t get any ideas!”
    “You mean…there are other girls my age who are in the same spot that I am in?” Belle asked excitedly.
    “Oh yes, dear,” Mrs. Potts told Belle “Many princes have their own wives.”
    Lumiere then hustled back and forth and stated, “Let’s give them all a party in here! While the princes can talk, we can invite the other princesses for a celebration!”
    “I was afraid you’d say this,” Cogsworth groaned. “We can’t have a party in here, even with the Master away. Think about all the commotion and all the preparation.”
    “Oh Cogsworth, let them in! They must be bored silly. When their princes leave, they have no one to talk to! And they must be our guests!”
    “Not this again,” Cogsworth groaned.
    “Remember though, Cogsworth,” Lumiere stated. “Remember what happened the last time we let a guest in?”
    Mrs. Potts interrupted Lumiere and asked Belle, “Belle, what do آپ think?”
    “It would be nice to have some مزید company,” she stated. “I would like to meet a few مزید people I can talk to.”
    “Splendid!” Lumiere stated, throwing his arms up in celebration. He looked at Mrs. Potts and asked her, “How many other princesses are there?”
    “Five, last time I checked,” Mrs. Potts stated, and then Lumiere and Mrs. Potts hustled out of the kitchen. Cogsworth pouted, quietly stated, “The master would not like this…” and then waddled out of the room, leaving Belle alone.
    Belle walked over to the countertop and began to finish cutting her baguettes with her knife. She wondered about all these other princesses that Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, and Cogsworth were talking about and what they must be like. Belle vaguely heard their voices from the hall, and then she heard a fourth voice.
    “What’s this, Momma!” the fourth voice yelled. Belle knew that voice, this was Chip, Mrs. Potts’s son.
    After a while, Mrs. Potts came in alone. She went over toward Belle and stated, “Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Chip have gone out to take care of the mirrors.”
    “Mirrors?” Belle asked. “What do آپ mean?”
    “You know that mirror the enchantress gave Beast?” Mrs. Potts asked Belle. She continued and stated, “Well, it also has the ability to duplicate and can be used as a method of travel and communication. It did not have that function before, but now that the curse broke, it can do anything that the inhabitants of our قلعہ desire. Lumiere has devised a plan with the mirrors, and your father will help with the technical parts in the village, so that’s where they are heading now. They will get the mirror to duplicate and then will send these copies off to each of the princesses. He will tell them to meet us here سے طرف کی tomorrow evening and then they can travel سے طرف کی this mirror.”
    “That’s neat!” Belle stated.
    Mrs. Potts smiled, “Splendid! Now we can begin to prepare for the party.”
    Belle and Mrs. Potts quickly began to clean up the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ hurriedly, as the قلعہ was so huge, it would take a long time to clean up. After an گھنٹہ of laborious work, both of them took a break. Belle went to her library, and there, she realized that there were plenty of کتابیں that the princesses would like to read. She looked on the shelves and decided to get out a stack of fantasies.
    Belle then was curious to see what the other princesses would expect. Certainly they expected good میز, جدول manners, since they probably all came from royalty. So Belle opened up a book about manners in the لائبریری and reviewed basic courtesy. With all the excitement, there was soon a rapping on the door. Belle gently put her کتابیں down on the nearest table, and she and Mrs. Potts rushed towards the front door.
    As Mrs. Potts opened the door, in came Lumiere, smiling broadly, along with Maurice, who looked chipper, a very energetic Chip, and a somewhat dour looking Cogsworth. “Let’s begin to fix the mirrors, shall we!” Lumiere stated.
    “I’m good with inventions,” Maurice stated excitedly. “Let me help build this thing.”
    And with that, the two of them began to focus working on the mirror, and they decided to affix five birthstones onto the sides of each one...one sapphire, one aquamarine, one crystal, one rose zircon, and one ruby.
    As soon as Maurice began to affix these gems, the mirror lit up and then multiplied into six mirrors. Lumiere smiled and stated, “We invite آپ to jump into the mirror, where آپ will find yourself in a town where آپ will find a party for princesses in the nearby castle. Once آپ find the castle, you’ll have the time of your lives! Just come سے طرف کی tomorrow at six in the evening, and we hope to see آپ there!”
    As soon as Lumiere then gave the main mirror a tap, the other five mirrors flew upward and disappeared. Lumiere then stated, “Now, it’s only a matter of time before our guests come! Let’s prepare!”
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To cute for words!
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Last time I wrote about songs that I thought suited Rapunzel, now I'll write about songs that I think suits Anna, hope you'll like this مضمون :)

link - Counting Crows
Totally suits her, she fell in love with Hans which ended up being a bad decision

link - Céline Díon
This song really suits Anna, she didn't really want to be alone

link - Britney Spears
Doesn't suit her perfectly, but if آپ change some of the lyrics it could suit her when Hans reveals his true self

link - Sara Lumholdt
Doesn't suit her as good as the other songs on this list, but she fell in love with the villain of her movie and...
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Last time I wrote about songs that I thought suited Belle, now I'll write about songs that I think suits Cinderella, hope you'll like this مضمون :)

link - Drake
This song really suits Cinderella, she worked as a slave for her stepmother and stepsisters and in the end she finally got out of that life

link - Kelly Clarkson
Totally suits her, I don't feel like explaining why

link - Miley Cyrus
Totally suits her because whenever something good happens to her, the stepmother and the stepsisters tries to ruin it for her

link - Britney Spears
Like I کہا in another مضمون this song could suit almost all...
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As everyone walked into the cool night air, Mulan found the strength to talk about her heartbreaking experience. "We told our دوستوں and family. We didn't want to tell anybody else." she said. "We should've کہا something to آپ guys alot sooner." Shang replied. "You waited until the time was right." Pocahontas consoled. "I'm glad we took the tots with us. They've made this walk even مزید enjoyable." John added. Mace and Ping were amazed at the nature all around them. Their faces lit up as they saw trees ans riverbends.

As the gang got near the infamous cliff Pocahontas loved going to, Mulan,...
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As آپ can tell سے طرف کی the title, this مضمون will be on the negative side but I just wanted to make things clear on my issues with these Princesses. It's just like how I would write my پسندیدہ Disney Princesses فہرست مضمون but I tried something different and focused on my bottom placements, so I won't bore the hell out of آپ :P


I like how Merida's flaws are portrayed in a negative light, Brave truly acknowledges them. And boy does she have a lot, she even does the unthinkable trying to poison her mom. The fact that she did that disturbs me a bit but I'm all for going to extremes...
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 Part of Your World
Part of Your World
ارے guys! So I've decided to do a big countdown! I've already done Cinderella and SWATSD. So this is the results of the پولز I've been doing! اگلے I'll do BATB! Then, I'll take the پسندیدہ from each movie, and do the final round!
Sorry if that didn't make sense, I'm exhausted. Thanks for bearing with me guys! Love ya!
Anyway, with out further ado...

9. Les Poissons
This one was eliminated very quickly. There were no تبصرے on it specifically.

8. Daughter of Triton
I like this one, as I think other's did, but not as much as the rest of the outstanding songs in TLM

7. Fathoms Below
Great song,...
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The Little Mermaid
the little mermaid
animated film
disney princess
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Last time I wrote about songs that I thought suited Mulan, today I'll write about songs that I think suits Pocahontas, hope you'll like this مضمون :)

link - Bon Jovi
Totally suits her, she does crazy things in the movie and the people in her movie judge her because of that

link - Justin Timberlake
This song describes Pocahontas' and John Smith's relationship perfectly well (even though the song is quite long)

link - Katy Perry
Like the گزشتہ song it describes Pocahontas' and John Smith's relationship quite well, not as great as the گزشتہ one, but still it sort of suits

link - Michael Jackson...
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animated film
the little mermaid
posted by dimitri_
Since there have been users that asked me how to do the fotm interviews, here are the guidelines! Of course, آپ don't need to include all of the سوالات and remember it's good to personalize things. Don't forget to backspace [ b ][ /b ] and the (Feel free to ask why).

First things first, آپ congratulate the user.
Congratulations to ______, our پرستار of the ماہ for Month|Year!

[ b ]1. How does it feel to be پرستار of the Month?[ /b ]

[ b ]2. Your پسندیدہ Princess? (Feel free to ask why)[ /b ]

[ b ]3. Your least پسندیدہ Princess? (Feel free to ask why)[ /b ]

[ b ]4. Has your پسندیدہ princess ever...
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