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Chapter 4:

My footsteps were light like a deer's as I hid in shadows and behind
It was easy slipping through the fence, the guards wern't the most
observant men. But still the thoughts of Natives laurking around waiting
for me to step out with bows and arrows truthfully frightened me.
I managed to grab a sword before I left from a tool shed where I would
return it in the morning, but for now it rested in its case on my hip
swishing as I walked along.
The forest was lush and green even in the night آپ could see the
true beauty it held. The leaves in the air danced as the gentle breeze
fluttered about blowing my hair as dark as night along with it.
The wind had provided great comfort for the time I had been here, it
almost sang as it whistled through the pines and over the hills. The moon
was nice and full and the clouds from earlier disappeared.
A بش that I walked سے طرف کی held berries and my stomach growled signaling
for me to stop.
"I wouldn't eat those if I was you" A voice whispered from behind me
causing me to throw the berries in my hand and jump in shock. It
took me moments to place the voice with the face.
"Adam! آپ nearly scared me to death...again!" I whisper yelled at him
when he stepped out into the moonlight. His black hair shined and his
brown eyes sparkled with amusment.
"Sorry..I was staying in the house اگلے to yours and saw someone sneak
out the window, I wanted to make sure آپ didn't have an adventure without
me" He puffed his chest out with pride and I playfully shoved him in the arm
causing him to almost fall over.
"Ok creep now explain why I may not eat these berries" I picked up one
of the berries from the ground and held it in front of his face while
he crossed his eyes.
"Because my dear...their poisonous" With that I slammed the berries on the
ground and pouted. "Please tell me آپ aren't hungry."
The smile on his face made me smile, I knew where this was going.
"Yes" I mumbled turning away from him and standing اگلے to a huge
"Well shouldn't have thrown out your bisquits" He laughed as he grabbed my
shoulders and jumped passed me. I just rolled my eyes and leaned against
the درخت taking a break.
"Well your in luck Beth, because I happen to have one in my pocket" Suddenly he
was in front of me, a bisquit in hand and a grin on his face.
"Thank You" I told him politly taking it from him and eating quietly looking
up at the stars.
After a few منٹ we began a walk trying to be as quiet as possible. Aside
from an occasional whisper all was silent. Even the animals barely made
their presense known.
"It's so quiet here" I only nodded as I became fasinated with a درخت covered
in vines and a sitting area in front of it. Squinting my eyes I crossed
over to the veil and parted the vines going through to the other side.
"Hey Elizabeth I'm gonna go check out the waterfall, don't go far" Adam
warned as he walked in the other direction where the rushing waer could
be heard.
Looking curiously up at the درخت I saw of column of roots that looked
perfect for climbing up to the resting area. Placing each foot carefully
on the damp bark I slowly made my way to a flat surface.
I could tell I was looking at the face of the tree, theres was a huge bald
spot in the bark.
Suddenly the wind began to pick up again along with that strange
humming, except this time it sounded louder and مزید like words that
I couldnt understand.
"Who's there?" I looked around ready to fight with anyone who tried
to jump out at me. If it was Adam playing another wanna of his tricks he
would be in trouble.
"Me" An elderly womens voice replied to me sweetly and quietly. I
couldn't find the owner of the voice in the lighting.
"Who's me?" I asked to the darkness once again my voice quivering.
"Well turn around if آپ wanna know so bad!" The elderly women
told me and I raised an eyebrow. Behind me was the tree.
I turned and nearly screamed at what I saw, the درخت had a face. Now
I know I sound completly insane but it's the truth. My legs began to shake
and I fell onto the bark my mouth wide open as the درخت smiled at me.
"Now that I answered your question...why don't آپ answer it yourself?
Your name, child?" The kind درخت asked me as I stared open mouth still.
"Elizabeth...Elizabeth...S-Sm-Smith" I whispered to the درخت still
frightened سے طرف کی what was taking place in front of me.
The درخت gave me a huge grin and began to laugh while the branches around
me shook a bit from her actions.
"That's why آپ can visit me, your mother would be Pocahontas correct?"
She asked me kindly. All I could do was nod still to shocked to
form a complete sentence.
"I knew she would follow the right path" The elderly voice whispered
to itself, and once I had mustered up the courage to talk I heard a rustle
behind me.
"Elizabeth?" Beth? Oh there آپ are!" It was Adam.
"Im here" I answered back turning to see him coming through the veil
of vines.
"Thank Goodness! آپ have to check out this waterfall!" He told me excitedly
and came over grabbing my hands and helping me down from the
sitting area on the tree.
"Ok..but.." I looked over my shoulder and was shocked to see the face
gone and things exactly the way they had been before.
"What?" He asked me looking strangly at the درخت then back at me.
"Nothing" I کہا quickly trying to convince myself that maybe my mind
had been playing tricks on me.
We walked over to the waterfall and Adam was right, it was gorgeous.
About 30 feet high up and the river it fell into was a crystal blue that
sparkled in the moonlight.
"What was that?" Adam asked as we heard a crunch of leaves behind us, I
grabbed the sword at my side and took a step closer to him.
"Who's there?" I yelled out surprised at my own courage, I guess
that just comes with holding a sword in your hand.
Suddenly out of the woods walked about 8 Natives bows and arrows
at their sides and looks of anger on their faces.
"We told آپ to stay out of our land" One man told us bitterly speaking
english well which surprised me."Now your going to face the consequences,
Boys take them both to the chief"
"What?!" I yelled as three came over to me and a few مزید to Adam, one snatched
the sword out of my hand and the others went for my arms and legs.
I put up a fight but in the end they overcame me, Adam didn't even bother
trying, he knew it wouldn't help.
"Lets go" The man commanded them as they began to drag us towards the
If I couldn't get us out of this, who knows what they would do.

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