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 (evil stepmother from enchanted) yeah, there's NOTHING unkind یا evil about this woman AT ALL. /sarcasm
(evil stepmother from enchanted) yeah, there's NOTHING unkind or evil about this woman AT ALL. /sarcasm
aurthors note: I'm back with a new article! I just realized that on my last two مضامین that it has 2 fans! I didn't پرستار it myself, so whoever two fanned it, Thank آپ very much! I'm glad آپ like my writing. =)

Anyway, we're going to start with comparing Ariel to ECHANTED. I have watched it and it is VERY funny. The main character is Giselle, who is kind of all the Disney girls mixed. She has animal friends, cleans after people, and so on. Her prince is Edward, but instead HES the one with the evil stepmother. Apparently she's very kind to everyone. And It's a musical as آپ can imagine....
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2013 wasn't the best سال in موسیقی but we did have some memorable, and some relatable, songs. And speaking of relatable, have آپ ever wondered which famous modern pop song some of your favourite Disney characters would connect with? Probably not but I do think this مضمون might interest anybody who's into both Disney and سب, سب سے اوپر 40.

Work Bxxch سے طرف کی Britney Spears - Tiana

I was listening to this song the other day, right after watching The Princess and the Frog, and I immediately thought of Tiana. That's what gave me the idea of this مضمون in the first place. Anyway, while a lot of the lyrics in...
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Welcome to the first cycle of Disney's اگلے سب, سب سے اوپر Model and the first cycle will be a princess edition The princesses will go through grueling tasks, modelling challenges and تصویر shoots and only one will have the honor of being Disney's اگلے سب, سب سے اوپر Model
Firstly lets introduce the judges. There is me Mickey and as well as being an experienced model I am also the host for this show. Donald Duck is the creative director for all the تصویر shoots and will judge from the technical side of modeling. Thirdly there is Minnie a very talented and famous model of the modern era. And lastly there is Magic...
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If I had to write an مضمون which one of those فلمیں is better, I know what the result would be. I consider Tangled the better movie because it has a cohesive story, better characters, better score, مزید impressive اندازی حرکت – it just beats The Princess and the Frog in every aspect. But why is there this constant need to compare those two فلمیں in the first place? I have never seen anyone comparing any of the Disney Princess فلمیں with the one which came directly beforehand یا after, unless it was for pointing out the development in animation.

I guess the reason is simple: Because all...
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posted by callejahLUVSed
I just watched Cinderella III: A Twist In Time..
and I was expecting it to be absolute shit, as everyone makes Disney Sequels out to be really bad because they aren't really necessary, but in all honesty, I loved it!

At times, it was cheesy and the songs weren't as good as the ones in the first movie, but I really enjoyed it. It showed مزید of Prince Charming and gave him a bit مزید of a personality...
The King: I forbid آپ to take one مزید step down these stairs!
Prince Charming: *sneaky grin* Okay.... *jumps out the window*

Prince Charming has always been my least favourite prince but after this, idk.. it makes me like him مزید :)

Which raises the question.. are Disney sequels all that bad?.. I think not xD
Those of آپ using the word selfish still do not see that آپ are using this word the wrong way, and frankly seem like fake Ariel fans. Cause no Ariel پرستار would call her such a hateful, negative word. The definition of selfish is : "devoted to caring for oneself and ones interests only, greedy. Regardless of others". the words that can be used in place of of Selfish are : narcissistic, greedy, hoggish, mean, narrow-minded, out for number one, narcissistic, prejudiced, wrapped in oneself. This definition and these words do not describe Ariel at all in any way. They describe Ursula, and the other...
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posted by princesslullaby

10. Snow White
Jane wouldn't dislike Snow White, but she wouldn't care for her because Snow has no ambitions, interests, یا hobbies like Jane does. Her personality is too-housewiveish and she's too young and naive, and she wouldn't like that she sits around and waits for her prince.

She wouldn't love Aurora that much مزید than Snow White, and she would have the same issues with her. But she would like that Aurora is مزید proper and مزید lady-like.

Jane would respect Mulan's bravery & wanting to save her father. She'd love her quirkiness and intelligence. She...
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posted by anukriti2409
Here's my quick فہرست on the ranking of Disney Princess signature outfits:

13. Rapunzel tower dress:
It's the most generic dress i could have imagined for a princess, purplish pink, with motives and stripes and criss-cross stitching, like the designer was sort of confused as to which design to follow, and put them all in one. I'm not a پرستار of puffy sleeves either, and why there's this stripes on them, really off-putting. They could have done better with the color and design. Only good thing about the dress is its silhouette, very modest and flattering. I don't know if it suits her personality...
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Snow White-Christina Ricci

Cinderella-Katherine Heigl

Aurora-Kate Hudson

Ariel-Rachel McAdams

Belle-Natalie Portman

Jasmine-Kim Kardashian

Pocahontas-Nicole Scherzinger

Mulan-Zhang Ziyi


Rapunzel-Kristen Bell
posted by AudreyFreak
I know she's always typed as an Intuitive, especially an ENFP, and it's understandable why; I had once typed her as an ENFJ myself. She does, after all, just "know" the lights are "meant for me!" But is that really indicative of someone with strong intuitive preference? I think it's because this tendency for people to type nerdy/quirky/silly ESFJs as ENFPs, not only Rapunzel but characters like Steven Universe. It gets frustrating because that just implies only intuitives are inherently imaginative.

Anyway, to the typing:

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Rapunzel is very warm to everyone she meets....
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posted by AprilGhost
So, recently I did a countdown about the Disney Princess's redesigned looks. The results are now in, and here's an مضمون about it! But before we see which princess has the best redesign, lets look at the other 10 princesses that didn't make it to first place.

11. Cinderella
This one came as a surprise to me. Cinderella isn't that bad, but it seems like Fanpop didn't like how her face and hair looked, یا the fact that she's yellow blonde in blue and not سٹرابیری, اسٹرابیری blonde in silver. Not many of the voters who chose Cinderella wrote a comment.

I hate her hair style. But she has a pretty گاؤن, gown <33...
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Alright, Tangled came out and I really want Rapunzal and Eugene in here (I like calling him Eugene better than Flynn), so I had to work them in there somehow, so here's what I came up with. Enjoy.

Extension of Chapter 3 Part 1:

The princes, lead سے طرف کی Kapo, venture further into the darkness, knowing nothing of what lies ahead. Without warning, Kapo stopped walking. The princes eventually surrounded him, knowing he was concentrating on something.
"...something's coming." Kapo finally said. Some of the men became alarmed, although a few remained sceptackle. Because of the lack of action and trecherous...
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Hi everyone! This is a rank of Fanpop's پسندیدہ princes. If you've read my past two articles, آپ likely know how this system works. If so, skip to the ranks. If not, read the section below.

So basically here's how the process worked. I asked people that voted to rank their پسندیدہ Disney Princes, and they شدہ تبصرہ with their ranks (a total of twenty-five users took part). Like with the team articles, the ranks here are an average of the ranks of everyone that commented. A difference here though is the scoring system, which I changed the scoring from an average rank of to a total point score,...
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posted by rhythmicmagic
I’m a huge gymnastics nerd as well as a Disney nerd (obviously), and this was just something that’s been on my mind lately: who would each princess’s پسندیدہ جمناسٹ, گیمناسٹ be? I know a ton (or all) of آپ don’t follow gymnastics, so I added a couple of history notes and ویڈیوز of each gymnast, though I know no one’s going to watch them all! If any of آپ does follow gymnastics یا just check out the videos, do آپ agree with me, یا would آپ pick someone else? Though I will accept no argument on Merida.

Snow White’s Favorite: Olga Korbut
Known for: basically inventing gymnastics
Why she’d...
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Since my birthday is soon I decided to combine two of my biggest fandoms, the Disney Princesses and Within Temptation, link. To make it even مزید interesting I have decided to also give each princess that where in the old مضمون a new song that I think suits them so it's a good idea to read the old مضمون before آپ read this one. I also decided to update this فہرست so that Merida could be included.

Snow White:link

This song totally suits her, when I did my old مضمون I hadn't listned to this song, but now it's one of my favorites. There are many lyrics that suits her, but the one that...
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 Happy Birthday to me!!
Happy Birthday to me!!
What better way to celebrate my birthday than سے طرف کی writing an article? Subject matter: My favourite Disney Princess singing voice. Not the BEST since I as a regular person can not judge how good ones voice is (unless you're Rebecca Black in Friday of course) but my personal preference. Since I'm going to be spending my birthday doing nothing but watching Disney فلمیں and ignoring the real world, I have a chance to finally form a coherent opinion on the matter. And since favourite Disney Princess Signing Voices appears to be on trend with us on the DP Spot lately, what better مضمون to write?...
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So, I know everyone does this فہرست but I haven't done one yet, so I'll give it a shot. This is my opinion, so if آپ don't like it, oh well.

11: Ariel
OMG! I'll be attacked سے طرف کی a gazillion bombs after putting her dead last. I'm sorry, I don't really like her. When I was little I loved Ariel, but now I'm starting to see her flaws. I don't know why, Ariel bothers me. For a while she was سیکنڈ last, but then I realized that I like my number 10 better than this one, no matter how I was so angry about her joining the line-up.
 A cute heroine but too many flaws
A cute heroine but too many flaws

10: Merida
I don't really know that...
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 “This is my love,” she angrily said. “No matter what آپ do, آپ cannot kill love.”
“This is my love,” she angrily said. “No matter what you do, you cannot kill love.”
گزشتہ PART


    The wind furiously blew through the trees. The spirits became angered with the horrid sound of the gunshot. It happened so quickly and yet it seemed like time had stopped just so Pocahontas could get to where she is now. Her arm burned with pain as blood dripped from her arm. Her eyes were intense as she glared at John Rolfe.
    “This is my love,” she angrily said. “No matter what آپ do, آپ cannot kill love.”
    John Rolfe threw the gun to the ground, ashamed that the blood on Pocahontas was his...
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I hope it's not too late doing my فہرست and i'm not very good making articles, so, it's my first time. So enjoy!

I used to love her, she's pretty, wise, fun and she even jumped on a cliff, but then she got boring and serious after she met John Smith. Don't get me wrong, i like her, but i would like her to stick with her risking, fun loving personality.

When i watched PatF, she's just so serious,(not as serious as Pocahontas). I was very interested on شارلٹ and Naveen than her. But i love her determination and hardworking to open her restaurant, but she's too...
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posted by laylastepford
link" alt=" Credit to: link" width="300" height="168" />
Credit to: http://matthoworth.deviantart.com
The content in this مضمون is rated PG-13 for mentioning horror-thematic elements though no explicit details are given.

So I was inspired سے طرف کی anukriti2409's link and was inspired to do my own, especially since I knew Halloween was coming up! سہارا to link for her مضمون as it was actually what inspired me to want to do "themed" articles.

Some Factors in the Countdown: Before I begin the countdown, I want to let everyone know that I think crimes done to children/innocent are the absolute worst and my countdown will no doubt reflect that entirely. Additionally, I tend to believe that it is worse...
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