Disney Princess Best Quote سے طرف کی a Character Contest Round 24: Daphne (Cinderella 2)

BB2010 posted on Sep 10, 2018 at 11:58PM
Years ago another user named BelleAnastasia used to be in charge of this game but once they left the game kinda stopped for 5 or so years. I remember this being a real fun game so I wanted to keep it going :)

Here's how the game goes.
I choose a character and for 7 days whoever wants to play can submit quotes said by the chosen character. After the 7 days are up I'll put up a poll and everyone can pick the quote they like the most. Winner will get 1 prop and after 10 rounds I'll put up a poll of the winners of those 10 rounds and the winner of that will get 5 props. I'll always be accepting quotes from sequels and spinoffs.

***When voting please don't just vote for your submission

Round 1: Belle (Winner: Sparklefairy375)
Round 2: Grandma Fa (Winner: ApplesauceDoctr)
Round 3: Witch (Winner: Sparklefairy375)
Round 4: Louis (Winner: CodyVenusTrent)
Round 5: Kocoum (Winner: CodyVenusTrent)
Round 6: Jasmine (Winner: CodyVenusTrent)
Round 7: Dr. Facilier (Winner: ApplesauceDoctr)
Round 8: Beatrice (Winner: CodyVenusTrent)
Round 9: Shan Yu (Winner: ApplesauceDoctr)
Round 10: Vanellope von Schweets (Winner: Sparklefairy375)
Round 11: Prince Charming (Winner: Sparklefairy375)
Round 12: Lord Macguffin (Winner: Sparklefairy375)
Round 13: Aneesa (Winner: CodyVenusTrent)
Round 14: Yao (Winner: disnerdtobe)
Round 15: Angelique (Winner: Sparklefairy375)
Round 16: Aladdin (Winner: Sparklefairy375)
Round 17: Ray (Winner: MaidofOrleans)
Round 18: Magic Mirror (Winner: ApplesauceDoctr)
Round 19: Sleeping Beauty narrator (disnerdtobe)
Round 20: Oaken (Winner: disnerdtobe)
Round 21: John Smith (Winner: CodyVenusTrent)
Round 22: Wardrobe (Winner: MaidofOrleans)
Round 23: Tiana voting in progress link
Round 24: Daphne

Overall Winners
Rounds 1-10: (Winner: CodyVenusTrent: Jasmine)
Rounds 11-20: (Winner: ApplesauceDoctr: Magic Mirror)
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