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BB2010 posted on Nov 08, 2018 at 06:33PM
This is kind of a "get to know each other" game. The rules are simple:

1. One person suggests a Disney movie and the next person can say "My favorite thing about [blank] is..." or "I like/love [blank] because..." and then leave the name of another Disney movie

2. It can be any Disney movie

3. You can like this movie for any reason, no reason is incorrect. Examples:
"I like Legend of Sleepy Hollow because I watched it all the time at my grandma's"
"My favorite thing about Finding Nemo is how the underwater scenes looked"

4. If you haven't seen the suggested movie or you don't like it, you can just say "I've never seen that movie" or "I don't like that movie"

5. You don't need to leave an essay long answer. You can just say something simple like "I like the songs" or "Ariel is my favorite princess"

6. This is a hate free forum. If someone says they like a movie you dislike don't get angry and leave angry comments, the same with the other way around. Let people dis/like things in peace.

7. Have fun!

I'll start:

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پہلے دن X Anime_fan2011 said…
I like Bolt because Bolt the dog reminds me of my puppy

The Little Merimaid
پہلے دن X BB2010 said…
My favorite thing about The Little Mermaid is the music

Monsters Inc
پہلے دن X wavesurf said…
My favorite thing about Monsters Inc is Sulley

101 Dalmatians.
last edited پہلے دن X
پہلے دن X BB2010 said…
My favorite thing about 101 Dalmatians is Cruella and the dogs :) It's because of this movie I love dalmatians so much

Lady and the Tramp
پہلے دن X magicworld_88 said…
My favorite thing about lady and the tramp is the animation !

Princess and the frog
پہلے دن X Anime_fan2011 said…
My favorite thing about Princess and the Frog is the songs

پہلے دن X deedragongirl said…
My favourite thing about Moana is the visualisation.

Beauty and the Beast.
پہلے دن X BB2010 said…
My favorite thing about Beauty and the Beast is the beautiful animation

پہلے دن X ApplesauceDoctr said…
Anna and Elsa's sisterly relationship

The Great Mouse Detective
پہلے دن X BB2010 said…
Let Me Be Good to You and the characters

Oliver and Company
پہلے دن X AdelitaI said…
Sykes as a villain. So sinister, so realistic and I love his dogs!

Hunchback of Notre-Dame
پہلے دن X BB2010 said…
Esmeralda is my favorite heroine and I love the songs and animation!

The Lion King
پہلے دن X AdelitaI said…
Scar and hyenas. Also Mufasa's wise lines( especially the one about bravery).

پہلے دن X cruella said…
I love the music and most of the characters, especially Iago and Genie.

Toy Story
پہلے دن X KataraLover said…
I love the characters (Which a few exceptions), character development, Woody and Buzz's relationship, the humor, and the emotional scenes.

Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure
last edited پہلے دن X
پہلے دن X BB2010 said…
I love Angel and Scamp and the songs

The Incredibles