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I'm trying to use a different approach with this مضمون and I'm going to include user comments!

 "It's like the reverse of the Queen's transformation- ugly hag into beautiful girl." (princesslullaby)
"It's like the reverse of the Queen's transformation- ugly hag into beautiful girl." (princesslullaby)

10.Ursula's transformation into Vanessa

Unfortunately, there were no user تبصرے for this one. I love this transformation, because even though it's short, it's interesting and reveals a lot about Ursula's character. She remains relatively calm throughout the story (until the end), but has random spurts of anger and psychoness, which is blatantly evident in this transformation. And...
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A/N: So this just randomly came to mind and I decided to write it out...so in the movie Rapunzel and Flynn/Eugene never کہا "I Love You"(...They only knew each other two days!) Anyway I wanted to write a story where it's there first time telling eachother that...and this takes place about 4 months after the movie...I think...haha use your imagination!

"PASCAL!" I screamed staring outside my window as my little cameleon jumped from being startled awake. He turned a bright red before glancing at the smile on my face then calmed down. "It's snowing!"
I had woken up that morning to the beautiful...
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