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As the majority know, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Walt Disney's first feature length animated film, therefor giving us our first Disney Princess. There are a variety of different films, fairy tales, animations and stylistic genres that seemed to blend together to make this very historic piece of cinema.

 Betty Boop & Snow White
Betty Boop & Snow White
Many believe that Disney was directly inspired to make the film due to the success of the Betty Boop short of the fairy tale. This is relatively believable, دیا that the Betty Boop short was released in 1933 a سال prior to Disney's adaption coming into...
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One of the subjects that interest me the most about فلمیں (including DP movies) is the box-office. I think that if used in the right way (I mean, inflation-adjusting things), it might be a good way to compare فلمیں and understed why they are مقبول یا not. So I spent some time researching and I finally came up with the North American grosses of the 10 DP Movies. Hope آپ enjoy my research, my تبصرے and my images.

#10 - The Princess and the Frog - $107.7 million
If the word "flop" applies to any of the DP Movies, unfortunately, it's this one. The Princess and the Frog's marketing was...
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