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 Beauty And The Beast 3D
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Beauty And The Beast 3D
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Since this section has been very inactive lately I decided to fresh it up سے طرف کی writing another article, about my پسندیدہ Disney Princesses, hope you'll like this مضمون :)

13. Merida

She's the only Disney Princess that I don't like at all, but I don't dislike her either, I feel neutral towards her. The main reason might sound weird, but it's mainly because I don't think she fits in the Disney Princess lineup, to be perfectly honest I would appreciate her character مزید if she wasn't an official Disney Princess. Besides that there's nothing wrong about her character except her temper, she's...
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Hello, everyone! Here is the compilation of the results of this spring's DP movie countdown. The ranking was based 32 lists: thirty-one کیا پیش سے طرف کی Fanpop users link + mine. Click on the link for مزید information on how this countdown works, but in case آپ are wondering, I awarded one point to the first of each list, two points to the second, and so on. Which means that the movie with the least points was the winner of the countdown.

This مضمون includes:

1. The مجموعی طور پر ranking;
2. The individual placements;
3. The total of points;
4. Two تبصرے for each film (four for the first place).

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Please note that this is a countdown where we users make a lot of assumptions and don't provide proof of anything. This is for the amusement so please don't kill the fun :)

11. Prince
The Prince from Snow White comes in last place, can't say I'm stunned. At that time, Disney animators haven't mastered drawing male characters yet so I'm guessing what's underneath isn't HD quality either. He's also quite feminine looking, petite frame with soft edges. No worries though, Snow White loves his man for his huuuuuuuge دل :)

10. Charming
Nope, still not quite there with drawing men. Charming...
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Yesterday I wrote an مضمون about my پسندیدہ song from each DP Movie, today I'm doing an مضمون about my پسندیدہ song scene from each DP Movie, the only requirement for this was that the song in the scene has to mainly be sung سے طرف کی a character from the movie (this rule doesn't apply to Brave), also the song scene can of course have two songs in the scene

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs - With A Smile And A Song

This movie has many great song scenes, it was actually a bit hard to pick a favorite, but this one is currently my favorite, first of all it has one my پسندیدہ songs from the...
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