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ارے everyone! Sorry it took me so long to کریں شائع this article. It's finals week at my uni and I've been pretty busy writing papers and studying for exams. Luckily I finally got some time to write this, so here are the final results all compiled together for your convenience!

9. Brave

We started off this countdown with a tiebreaker between Brave and Frozen. Honestly I was kind of sad Brave was the first eliminated, since I'm incredibly fond of it. However, users didn't like the fact that it was a Pixar film and so technically not the work of Disney. Others also didn't like the fact that there...
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 One of my پسندیدہ songs of all time.
One of my favorite songs of all time.
Disney's Frozen is receiving rave reviews,and the song"Let It Go"is one of the highlights of the film.Don't take my word for it-Wikipedia,as usual is great for such simple backround facts.I have decided that Elsa is my پسندیدہ Disney character,but I'm having internal debate whether"Let It Go"is my پسندیدہ Disney song-time will tell,but I'm leaning towards"yes".On my Google تلاش history,there are queries such as "Let It Go is brilliant" and "Frozen Let It Go analysis",but having found nothing satisfactory,I've decided to write this post instead.
There has been much written about Let It...
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Since first of all it's DP Couples ماہ and سیکنڈ Valentine's دن is coming up in just 3 days so I felt like writing an مضمون about my پسندیدہ DP Couples, hope you'll like it

11. Mulan & Shang

I would've liked these two much مزید if they showed مزید clearly that they're a couple and not just best friends, basically the sequel is in that way better, there I can see that Mulan & Shang are مزید than just best friends

10. جیسمین, یاسمین & Aladdin

They're higher than Mulan & Shang simply because they دکھائیں مزید clearly that they're a couple, but my biggest problem with them...
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