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Hey! So, I just realized I haven't ever گیا کیا پوسٹ an مضمون on Fanpop. Well, that's about to change! I also realized that none of آپ really know anything about me...so, without further ado, my favourite princess list!

13. Jasmine
I know this is probably a pretty unpopular opinion, but I really don't like Jasmine. When I was a kid I adored her, but now...not really. I dislike the way she just forgave Aladdin for cheating and lying to her like that. She's supposed to be 'stubborn' and 'doesn't want to be treated like a prize', but sorry for saying it, she married someone who just did that, and lied...
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A سروے was recently made about who was the most selfish DP, and I was shocked and annoyed at what people were saying about Elsa (and Merida... But I guess I may have to make that مضمون later) being selfish.

I know this point is already being debated on the poll, so some may find it a bit repetitive to read this, but I wanted to make a really detailed examination about Elsa and her 'selfishness'.

One argument I read was: "in the beginning part when she forbids Anna to marry him, it's just because she doesn't want to see Anna have fun with others while she is alone in her own sadness...."....
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I feel like I don't write enough مضامین on here. *cough* Lemme rephrase that, I don't write enough serious مضامین on here. XD I just love writing, and just felt like writing about each princess. So, I'm going to do a little series مضمون about my opinion on each DP, in order from my least پسندیدہ to favorite. So, aye, here we go. c:

My Original Thoughts
The first time watching the movie was when I was a child, and I only remembered bits and pieces, so let's start from when I first remember watching Cinderella, about five years ago.

I admired Cindy for being wishful, hopeful, etc. When I...
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Guilty, I'll say. I was a user who baffled Ariel with hate. I could see many flaws with her because a lot of people were pointing them out, but now I see she's just underrated. True, I still think Merida has a much better personality سے طرف کی comparison, but Ariel is gaining so much hate, it's starting to make me want to come to her defense.
Ariel is pretty guilty to my calculations, she was forbidden to go out to surface and showed up to her کنسرٹ while everyone depended on her. Ariel did wrong things, but she does have some good points.

When Triton turned into that thingy near the end of...
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 "There's no one else in the قلعہ for me to interact with... wait, what?"
"There's no one else in the castle for me to interact with... wait, what?"
The first time I saw Frozen, I felt as bad for Elsa and Anna as anyone. After all, their parents chose to keep Anna's erased memories of her sister's powers, separated them سے طرف کی moving Elsa out of Anna's room, reduced the staff and shut the gates so no one could learn about Elsa's powers, etc. The girls grew up in a dark, mostly empty castle. Elsa was kept isolated from everyone with only her parents to constantly coach her, and Anna was kept isolated without anyone at all.

Then their parents died, leaving them not knowing how to get on without them. Elsa was the heir but could not rule since...
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I've already ranked their films so now I will rank the princesses individually. Share your thoughts. My opinions are always changing so this فہرست might not always be the same in my head.
13. Aurora
I love her film but she really is the worst, most boring part of it. Sure, she's beautiful and has one of the best singing voices of any princess but she is just so bland. And I can't place a character who only appears for around 18 منٹ any higher on this list. She's nice but really needed مزید of a personality especially since her film has such memorable characters.
12. Cinderella
I used to think...
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 This stunning picture of Elsa helped her obtain her سیکنڈ best picture in the competition Credit to:selinmarsou
This stunning picture of Elsa helped her obtain her second best picture in the competition Credit to:selinmarsou
Previously on DNTM: The girls fight to win in a تصویر shoot challenge and the models pose in fashion dresses and needed to be elegant. Elsa, Ariel and Belle all do well while Pocahontas and Cinderella struggled. Cinderella was the model to be sent home. Only 7 princesses remain. Who will be eliminated next?

Confessionals After Elimination:
Elsa: I got best picture so I am happy but Cinderella was a friend of mine so I am sad she left.
 Elsa confessional
Elsa confessional

Snow White: I am last classic princess left. I have to win this competition now for the classic princesses.
Rapunzel: Cinderella left and there...
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