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 Belle پیپر وال
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A fitting song for Elsa. The song was actually song سے طرف کی Idina Menzel, the voice of Elsa.
snow queen
own worst enemy
idina menzel
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Bonjour!!! Over the last few weeks, I created quite a few پولز which asked شائقین to eliminate their least favourite Disney Princess (including Anna and Elsa) hairstyle, and princesses were eliminated until the سب, سب سے اوپر two. This is basically a results countdown of those polls, with descriptions as to why. I just wanted to say a big thank آپ to everyone who voted and شدہ تبصرہ why - your help was appreciated!!
This is not based on my opinion - if آپ are interested in my choices, I am writing a Part 2 which explains my opinion.
Let's get started shall we?

13. Cinderella

Although most people seemed...
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So far these are the results for the countdown of the most beautiful Disney heroines, places 31-40. Most people didn't consider these girls pretty and definitely not beautiful. So just like the last time I did this countdown I'm going to tell how the public felt about them and then what I think about them. Please تبصرہ and keep in mind that this isn't my personal فہرست but the public's opinion.

40.Miss Birdwell
 Very masculine looking.- cruella
Very masculine looking.- cruella
Pretty much everyone agreed about the same opinion of here, that's she's hideous. They کہا her nose was huge, her facial structure is masculine...
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13. Snow White
They look creepy for most of the movie. I'm jealous of her lashes though and the dark eye shadow really suits her.

12. Merida
The color is pretty but my main grip with Merida's eyes is that they appear to have no lashes. I don't mind so much in real life but I think all animated female characters should have apparent eyelashes, whether individual یا multiple.

11. Pocahontas
Some people say she has such soulful eyes but I don't really see it, they look a bit lifeless and dead to me. I wish her eyes would display مزید emotion.

10. Aurora
I think they make her...
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