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As an adult, I viewed the name Gaston of Beauty and the Beast's villian, Gaston, as Gaston's last name. I only assume its his last name because 1)the triplet girls call him "Monsieur Gaston" which is basically saying "Mr. Gaston" in the opening song called "Belle" in the reprise that Belle sings سے طرف کی herself the line "Madame Gaston, his little wife?" Most of the time saying "Madame (name" would be like saying Mrs. Gaston. And there's the fact Gaston is a first name but it could also be a last name as well. The name of Phantom of the Opera's author.
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Just a quick مضمون to compare Gaston to the Beast and decide who is really the villain...

Gaston: Vain, selfish and doesn't really care about anyone else.
Beast: Spoiled, selfish, cursed for not having any love in his heart.
Gaston: Only wants Belle because she's beautiful.
Beast: Only wants Belle because she's the first girl who's come along since the curse.
Gaston: Locks up Belle and her father.
Beast: Locks up Maurice and keeps Belle prisoner.
Gaston: Relatively level-headed. Acts مزید out of jealousy than anger.
Beast: Quick temper. Yells a lot for...
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