Disney Princess [COUNTDOWN] If all the princesses were دیا the task of returning Te Fiti's heart, who would be the LEAST likely to succeed?

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 AnimaIuco posted قبل ماہ X
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AnimaIuco picked Tiana:
I'm really satisfied with these results. I feel now it's between Elsa or Tiana. Tiana is more fisically capable, but she is somewhat close minded and Elsa does have her magical powers
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ApplesauceDoctr picked Tiana:
I don't think Tiana is quite as resourceful as the others or would recognize Te Ka is truly Te Fiti.
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wavesurf picked Elsa:
I really still do not "see her" as anything but "skittish." I don't see how Elsa would do anything but annoy Te Ka.

Te Ka would just melt Elsa's ice barriers.
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KataraLover picked Elsa:
I feel like she wouldn't do well under the pressure of being in danger with the fate of the world being up to her. My next choice would be Tiana.
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disnerdtobe picked Tiana:
Gosh this is really hard. All of them have good potential.

Elsa could freeze the ocean and walk across.
Ariel could just swim.
Rapunzel has great physical capabilities. and so does Mulan and Poca.
Anna is courageous and determined.
Tiana is determined.
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MaidofOrleans picked Anna:
Honestly I feel like she'd die in the process of trying to get there... I mean she goes out into a winter landscape with nothing but a flimsy cloak. It's a wonder she didn't die of hypothermia.
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