Disney Princess Which is your favourite Disney Princess song? (one یا two songs from each princess)

Pick one:
I&# 39; m Wishing- Snow White
I'm Wishing-Snow White
Someday My Prince Will Come- Snow White
Someday My Prince Will Come-Snow White
A Dream Is A Wish Your دل Makes- Cinderella
A Dream Is A Wish Your دل Makes-Cinderella
So this is love- Cinderella
So this is love-Cinderella
Once upon a dream- Aurora
Once upon a dream-Aurora
Part of that world- Ariel
Part of that world-Ariel
Little town(Belle)- Belle
Little town(Belle)-Belle
Something&# 39; s there- Belle
Something's there-Belle
A whole new world- جیسمین, یاسمین
A whole new world-Jasmine
Just around the riverbend- Pocahontas
Just around the riverbend-Pocahontas
Colours of the wind- Pocahontas
Colours of the wind-Pocahontas
Reflection- Mulan
Almost there- Tiana
Almost there-Tiana
When will my life begin- Rapunzel
When will my life begin-Rapunzel
I see the light- Rapunzel
I see the light-Rapunzel
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