This my سیکنڈ مضمون on this club and my first مضمون rating movies. I love Disney فلمیں and I just decided to share my سب, سب سے اوپر ten. Feel free to leave comments, but make sure they are respectful.

10. The Incredibles
This is the first Disney/Pixar to make the list. I though it was a really unique idea. My پسندیدہ character is Violet. I just love her powers.

9. Lady and the Tramp (1955)
I loved this movie so much when I saw little. Its iconic especially with the سپتیٹی, اسپگیٹی and meatballs scene. I want سپتیٹی, اسپگیٹی so bad whenever I watch this movie. I love Lady and Tramp!

8. قلعہ in the Sky (1986)
I decided to include Miyazaki films because they are owned سے طرف کی Disney. I wanted to see this movie so bad when I was little. I saw the trailer for it on Kiki's Delivery Service (a present from my dad when I was little) and it looked so good. I watched it and I was addicted. Kikki's Delivery Service is also a good movie, but barely missed the list.

7. Ratatouille (2007)
This was a great movie especially with all the food. It had a great concept, amazing animation, and the characters were quite enjoyable. I also took French in high school about the time when the movie came out so I could appreciate it more.

6. Tangled (2010)
Out of the new Disney princess فلمیں this is the only one to make the سب, سب سے اوپر ten. I never really liked the tale of Rapunzel, but Disney's twist on the tale is amazing. I think it should have been nominated for Best Animated Feature.

5. Atlantis:The Lost Empire (2001)
I really think its a shame that this movie was considered a flop. I feel like it came out during the wrong time and probably would have gotten مزید recognition if it came out مزید recently. It's just such a good film and مزید mature too.

4. The Lion King (1 and 2) (1994 and 1998)
I am kind of cheating here, but I think these two make one complete film and both are amazing. I couldn't choose a پسندیدہ and so I just lumped them together. The Lion King 2 is one of the only sequels I actually like.

3. Wreck-It-Ralph (2012)
This is one of Disney's newest فلمیں and I really enjoyed it. I'm a gamer so I loved all the references to old arcade games and new games. I loved the story, characters, and the اندازی حرکت and soundtrack is good too. They have a song سے طرف کی Owl City, Daft Punk, and the Sugar Rush song is adorable (especially if آپ like anime). I was really disappointed that it didn't win the Oscar.

2. Whisper of the دل (1995)
This is honestly one of my پسندیدہ movies. Hayo Miyazaki did an excellent job in creating a great romantic movie. It's about a girl named Shizuku Tsukishima who loves to read and borrows کتابیں from the لائبریری in her school all the time. She finds that before she borrows a book a boy named Seiji Amasawa checks them out before her and she wants to meet him and see what kind of person he is. They eventually meet and well آپ know the drill.

1. The Little Mermaid (1989)
If آپ have read any of my مضامین آپ know that I love Ariel. The Little Mermaid is just such a great Disney film. Wonderful animation, characters, story, and songs.

So there آپ have it. Here's my سب, سب سے اوپر ten. What's your's?
Thanks for reading!