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Hi guys, I just watched Coco and the film left me breathless. So, here is my review on this wonderful Pixar film.

The Story

The story is about being motivated, it reminds me of the Sound of Music. In which I will write down later, it was very interesting to see the ending where Ernesto gets killed سے طرف کی the same fate during his last earthly moments! I really like how his شائقین saw his true colours and booed him during his grand concert.
Another great moment was the film introduces Mexican cultures and colours, another topic that I will write about later.

The Characters

Miguel is actually my favourite character, he reminds me of the عنوان character from Hugo because they are almost identical in personality as they wanted to achieve something in their respective lives.
Dante the dog is another favourite character from the film, who provides comic relief throughout the movie. He reminds me of one my dogs too, mainly in appearance except the فر, سمور colour!
Ernesto was much like Clayton and Hans from Disney's Tarzan and Frozen respectively, in terms of appearance and personality respectively. To which I will talk about later about the reason why!

Movie Connections

In terms of film connections, the reason why I mentioned that Coco is like The Sound of موسیقی is because Miguel's family is like Captain Von Trapp, especially Elena Rivera (Miguel's grandma), because they are stern and forbids music.
Secondly, the scene where Miguel is going to give his blessings to Ernesto eerily reminds me of the True Love Kiss from Disney's Frozen between Hans and Anna. Pure coincidence!

Interesting Cultures & Music

Like I promise, the film introduces to Mexican culture, like the دن of the Dead, which is the Mexican equivalent of the Chinese Qing Bing Festival. It was very colourful and vibrant if آپ ask me, that I would love to go to Mexico one day!
I am very familiar with Mexican and South American music, because the first film that got me introduce was Andrew Lloyd Webber's Evita which is set in Argentina. So, I have no single problem listening to Mexican موسیقی in this film!

A ٹوسٹ to Mexico!

So, here is my interesting film review on Coco. For those who haven't seen it yet, go ahead and watch it. It's worth it!
My 2 Favourite Characters from the Film.