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This فہرست is only about Disney villains who turned up in animated full-length feature. No Pixar, no package فلمیں and no half-animated movies. I also only included villains, who definitly are villains, not those who turned good at the end of the movie (like Amos Slate) یا those which are mostly just slightly jerky characters (like the characters of Dumbo یا the Siamese cats).

10. Sloth:

It should be obvious why this motivation is at the bottom on the list. Lazy villains don’t really provide much action because they are…well, too lazy to do much. So it’s no wonder that the only...
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 The gorgeous, mature-looking redhead
The gorgeous, mature-looking redhead
I've been planning to do this for a while, but I never had the chance to. KataraLover's سب, سب سے اوپر 10 most beautiful DC girls مضمون inspired me to write this article. Anyways, here is my سب, سب سے اوپر 10 most beautiful Disney Channel ladies.

10. Bella Thorne and Bridgit Mendler
What a way to start off an article, with a tie. Bella Thorne is very mature-looking. She's sixteen, but she looks about eighteen یا nineteen. She has an amazing smile, beautiful lips, mature features, very pretty eyes, and absolutely GORGEOUS red hair which happens to be her best feature. I honestly don't see how people find her ugly,...
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As many of آپ might know I'm working on a very long countdown including all the disney heroines; the disney princesses, the disney non-princess adult heroines, the young heroines, the pixar heroines, the classically animated 2-D heroines, the 3-D computer animated CGI heroines, and even the animated heroines from live action movies. For this round I will tell about the ones who unfortunately didn't make it to the سب, سب سے اوپر 20 but that doesn't necessary mean that all of them are considered ugly. I will talk about what they audience thought about them and than my opinion of them. There will also include...
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This is the final part of my countdown and for the most part the results don't surprise me. Well there are some negative people who don't care much about some of their looks مجموعی طور پر everyone thought they were gorgeous. Just like with the last two مضامین I will be telling the publics opinion and than my opinion. Each character will also recieve a comment. Please keep in mind that this isn't my opinion but the opinion of the public, enjoy.

 Too BIG eyes!!! And she's مزید cute than pretty. She only can be pretty from side view. Her protruding upper teeth makes her face not that pretty either.- LightningRed
Too BIG eyes!!! And she's مزید cute than pretty. She only can be pretty from side view. Her protruding upper teeth makes her face...
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The Black Cauldron
I watched this movie for the first time on vhs with my sister, mom, and my dad. I was 3-5 years old and amazingly enough this movie did not scare me like Pinocchio, Snow White, and Fantasia did. I actually felt like a big girl watching this "scary" movie and I watched this movie a million times, including on Halloween. I remember when I was little there were a few things that I didn't understand یا was wondering what the point of some stuff in the movie like what happened to Taran's guardian یا Eilonwy's bauble that just sorta appeared every now and then یا what the point...
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There's a lot of really cute babies animated سے طرف کی Disney so it's time to دکھائیں some appreciation to them! The فہرست includes all Disney اندازی حرکت Studios movies.

10. Baby Lucky

Such an underrated scene, it's so touching when the the little کتے actually makes it. It's a tiny little thing with a گلابی nose and a white کوٹ and even if his eyes weren't open, it just made it cuter. It was so heartwarming as a child and still is now. I couldn't help wanting a کتے of my own after this scene especially seeing his little nose peek out and snuggle he father's. It's so cute and totally...
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9.TRUE LOVE KISS : fron enchanted When آپ meet the someone who was meant for you
Before two can become one there's something آپ must do

[Rabbit:] Do آپ pull each other's tails?
[Bird:] Do آپ feed each other seeds?

[Giselle:] No, there is something sweeter everybody needs

I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss
And a prince I'm hoping comes with this
That's what brings everaftering so happy

And that's the reason we need lips so much
For lips are the only things that touch
So to spend a life of endless bliss
Just find who آپ love through true love's kiss

[Animals:] She's been dreaming of a true love's...
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Back around April 17th (Which is my birthday.) after I finished my مضمون where I reviewed Bayformers, I was planning on writing a new مضمون where I فہرست off stories that Disney should adapt into movies. However, after reading an مضمون where a Fanpoper counted down the Disney Revival فلمیں from her least پسندیدہ to favorite, I was inspired to write down a version of my own. As a result, my plan on listing off stories that I want Disney to adapt was put on delay. But now, it seems like the perfect time to continue it.
About a ماہ ago, I made a سروے where I listed off the stories I...
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Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel finds himself in the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead following a mysterious chain of events.
animated film
So, a while پہلے I wrote this مضمون on my سب, سب سے اوپر ten پسندیدہ and least پسندیدہ Disney characters (in comments) and, as always, felt this needed an update, since a lot has changed in my lists. My hate and love has grown for some of these characters, some have just made it on my list.

My opinion has changed undoubtably, and I have decided to rewrite this مضمون to fit my new opinions!

As always lets start with my least پسندیدہ out of the way, so I can get آپ pissed off, and get it over. Oh, and I don't want to see any bullying over my opinion. Okay? Okay.

10. Honey Lemon- Big Hero 6

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Hi guys, since I had compare the Phantom of the Opera with Beauty and the Beast earlier on. Here is my comparison on other Disney classic, the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Are آپ ready?

The Phantom of the Opera

Okay, as آپ know that that both stories are also set in France. It deals with 2 physically deformed عنوان characters, however unlike Quasimodo, the Phantom (Erik in the original novel) is actually a madman and his obsessive love for Christine who seeks refuge at the Opera House in Paris.
Speaking of poor Erik, he was a combo of Frollo and Quasimodo until the end when Erik felt remorse....
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 Even Disney can't please everyone.
Even Disney can't please everyone.
Well,I bet that عنوان got your attention!
Let me make something perfectly clear here.I love Disney! I really do,it's a big part of my childhood,and I'm pretty sure it was a big part for everybody's childhood.It's probably the greatest اندازی حرکت company in the world,but it's not perfect.
Like most companies,Disney has its fair-share of things about it that piss me off,on a lot of levels.These things can range from baffling decisions that don't make sense,cancelling great games,movies and shows,or creating things like فلمیں یا series that were failures,or anything that make آپ ask the question:...
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