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 Bolt & Mittens?
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Source: Walt Disney اندازی حرکت Studios/ Screencaps سے طرف کی Me
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Source: Walt Disney اندازی حرکت Studios/ Screencaps سے طرف کی Me
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Source: Walt Disney اندازی حرکت Studios/ Screencaps سے طرف کی Me
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Source: Walt Disney اندازی حرکت Studios/ Screencaps سے طرف کی Me
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Source: Walt Disney اندازی حرکت Studios/ Screencaps سے طرف کی Me
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4. Stunning performance

Star's point of view

Team, 5 minutes. Sue said.

Okay, everyone knows their missions, right? I asked.

Yes! everyone said.

I took a look out of the window.

What's that..Missile! I thought

We've been hit! I repeat, we've been hit! Sue said.

Team! Take the parachutes! We're gonna glide down! I said.

Emergency doors open up.

Quickly! Move! I said.

Everyone jumped out.

Rocket launchers, 600 feet ahead! I said.

Team, try to get past these missiles! I said.

We get past them, but they were still alive.

We landed to the same roof with them.

Take them out! I said.

One down! Moon said.

Second! Mike...
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Contains: Swearing

12. Special op.

In the caves...
*Bolt's point of view*
What are آپ doing here? چیری, آلو بالو asked
Why shouldn't I be here, with my lovely, lovely guests. Rotyklov said.
So, آپ are the guy behind all of this mess.. I said.
What do آپ mean with, mess?!Rotyklov asked.
The war, and stuff.. I said.
Well, آپ have ben here travelling around Russia, and killing my men.. not fun.. Rotyklov said.
Rotyklov, what have آپ done?! Why are آپ lauching a war! War Is never a solution یا a choice! I said.
SHUT UP آپ BASTARD! Rotyklov said.
And rushed at Bolt.
Rotyklov.. I'm gonna say this for one more...
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Captain Cherry's point of view

We're going down! I said.
*Bolt searches for something*
Here! Grab this and jump down!Bolt کہا to me.
B-but..I was about to say
Just do It!Bolt said.
We jumped down just before It hit the ground.
We're alive! I said.
Yeah,but stuck In Russia,We need to find MissionForce223 یا head right home,which is impossible to do...Bolt said.
You're right.*Sigh* We have to hide یا Rotyklov and his squad یا they will slain us.I said.
I have thought wrong about Bolt,He's the true hero.I thought

We ran to the woods,but we were not alone...
Someone follows us,I can feel It.Bolt said.
I can...
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posted by FinnishBoltfan1
Proceed with Mission Force :)

Private Tricky: Acrobatic and Fast. That's all آپ need to know. This girl accepts any challenge that آپ give to her. If she loses,she is annoyed for a long time

Private Finn:Newest Pick for Mf223,But He is quick learner, If his story is true. He was in family who did not give him love,He found love,MF223.

Corporal Muff: This guy got promoted after at the mission at the long tiem range. He is very useful for this team. His one of the keys for victory.

Corporal Ted: Medic,Good at field and knows what he does. He also can fight,but better medic.

Sergeant Gill: This guy...
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 Logo Of FBI :)
Logo Of FBI :)
Characters will Continue in اگلے part of this article.

Name of the series: Bolt:FBI

Story line: 5 years later...
Penny was 18,and Bolt was not interesting anymore,Otherwise boys were in her mind all the time.
Bolt goes to his bed,And cries once again cause Penny does not care about him anymore.

When Bolt wakes up,He is in Truck with couple dogs.
They are From FBI!
Bolt does not know that.
When Bolt goes inside,He asks,Why I'm here?
Well,You got skills. We have heard of them.
That's why آپ are Here. Private Bolt.

You'll start Training tomorrow,now have a look at your new Life here at the FBI!

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posted by FinnishBoltfan1
Bolt and Reika were ready to fight for their lives.
There was Great danes,Akita dogs,Shibas...
Huge army of calico's dogs were standing against them.. thIs was turnin' out to be a big fight.
It me and you,against all of those. Bolt کہا to Reika.
Are آپ ready to fight for risk of losing? Bolt said.
Yes,Bolt. If we die here,We must have someone to tell for the اگلے generation. Reika said.
Wisely said,Reika! آپ have a soul of an fighter, IF آپ JUST WANT IT TO!!! Bolt said.
Shut up and fight like a real dog! great dane کہا to Bolt.
CATCH ME IF آپ CAN! Bolt said.
Bolt ran on the wall.
Bolt jumped from...
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posted by FinnishBoltfan1
Bolt was making something powerful,Really powerful.And then....
It happen...
First paw... سیکنڈ one... Third.. Fourth.
But,Bolt Did not bark He used that as a cheat,He run to German shepherd And Used his fangs on His Face.
Don't آپ dare...German shepherd said.
OH,YES!Bolt said.
Reika did not shake anymore,Was she ready.
She had something on her mind.
I can't be an useless loser,I have to help Bolt..
And Then Reika Attacked on them.
It Did not even take long to beat them up,but.
Bolt could not go in Before Someone helps him out of his Pains...


Penny and Louisa were in possesions,waiting...
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posted by PatoAdmireBolt
When Bolt was out of the house of Penny, a تیتلی flew in front of Bolt face...
-Bolt: What's that?
Then Bolt followed the wing ...
5 منٹ later ...
Then, Bolt lost the تیتلی of his vision...
-Bolt: How did I get here? Where's Penny?!
Then when Bolt was walking towards Penny's house, suddenly two bad boys approached Bolt and said:
-Bad Guy # 1: hahaha, what have we here?
-Bad Guy # 2: I think it's a white dog with fleas ...
Bolt was saying in his mind:
-Bolt: hey! I have no fleas ...
So ...
-Bad Guy # 1: Let's take this dog with us, brother ...
-Bad Guy # 2: Sure!
Penny went out to tell...
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Hey,when I saw the guide سے طرف کی Bolt_Mittens I got an good idea.Make an own version of it.
Let's go!
1.Before آپ attack,You must be ready for it. If آپ are afraid,don't do it.
2. If enemy escapes and they are afraid,don't kill them,but tell them that don't attack on me never ever again,or I will beat آپ up.
3. If آپ fight with your دوستوں Don't let them in trouble,Think:If آپ would be in same possesion,What would آپ do?
4.If آپ see that enemy has مزید fighters,think about the strategy a little big longer,silent یا Rush?
5. If آپ are alone and in trouble,be smart,If you're paws are damaged,don't move,If آپ can't attack Try to use your speed. If آپ are not fast enough,try to get in shadows and dark places,They might not spot you...
Well there was 5 hints for being an hero, and the oldest hint of all: Never.Give.up
posted by Bolt_Mittens
Bolt yelped as the ground gave way beneath him. He fell through the floor and down through a dark hole. He heard Penny scream, "BOLT! No! BOLT!" But Bolt couldn't do anything about it. He barked for her but kept falling. Soon, he couldn't hear her at all. He soon wondered if he would ever stop falling, and then he landed hard on a stone floor. He staggered to his feet and looked around. He saw Glovy pointing at him. Bolt turned to see Stompy charging at him. Bolt barked and shot eye lasers at Stompy's head. Stompy groaned and fell over. Bolt charged at Glovy and jumped. He was about to land...
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posted by FinnishBoltfan1
Let's Take A Heli. Penny said.

They started to fly.
And It taked only 10 secs and Guards have spotted them already.

*Sound of lauching missile*

Penny look out! They're trying to drop us down! Bolt said.

They gave up,trying to shoot from ground,They Jumped on Helis and Bringed on the Big boys...
Penny,You need to Fly this carefully,They are going to race us! Bolt said. First shot..Missed.
Penny,Go as fast as آپ can!
Bolt said.
Then one of them Flef In front of them!
Penny,Shoot the missiles.
Bolt said. Yes! Penny said.
She got that down.


Professor,I know آپ are Ready to tell it,Right? Calico...
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