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The Staff District, Keruush

The staff district consisted of several dwelling places, ranging from apartment blocks to large mansions for the senior staff. All of the buildings were made of a clear glass like material, each building having the ability to change colour with the weather. Scattered among the buildings were native Keruush trees, their amazing colours of fuchsia, lavender and turquoise in startling contrast to the ever changing hues of the buildings. The whole thing was located on the island of Tira, a small island in the middle of the Cyra Sea, a manmade sea filled with creatures from all around the galaxies, swimming in harmony. The sea surrounded the capital of Keruush, different attractions located on and in it, from the underwater hotel for the rich, the Hydra Plaza, to the many themed Islands located on its surface. The sea was covered with a force field making it appear like an underground aquarium with entry points located near the attractions and the island sat on the field. In the centre of the island was the Springs of Cyra, a manmade water fall, filled with hundreds of different coloured waters, with a wide, manmade crystal ledge surrounding the entire waterfall, where the staff could view the falls from all around. Normally the falls were quiet during the busy days, with most of the staff in the main areas of Keruush یا in some of the other attractions on the planet. Today was the same, only a handful of people in the staff district. The falls themselves where practically deserted, only a lone female worker was viewing the falls, sitting on the crystal ledge under a covered نشست on the edge of the ledge. And as Meagan sat engrossed watching the latest HoloNews رپورٹ on her computer pad, the peaceful atmosphere was shattered سے طرف کی a noise that sounded light a crack of lightening and a massive burst of blue light in the middle of the ledge. Jumping from her نشست Meagan covered her eyes and squinted as the blinding light lasted for a few seconds. Staring with her mouth wide open Meagan watched as in the midst of the light appeared the figure of a man in a long blue jacket.
“Wow, what a ride!” The man exclaimed, flicking his head, “The name’s Captain Jack Harkness. And who are you?”
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Function Room 10, The Mystic Casino

“This is, well just plain awful!” The Doctor complained as he and Steve stood in the middle of the conference room. It was midday and the glass دیوار was tinted to block the powerful rays of Keruush’s twin suns. But what the glass blocked in the way of light, the room made up for in artificial light. The room was ablaze with multitudes of different colours and patterns, radiating from the conference room’s massive floor, مزید like a gigantic computer screen than a floor.
“How can آپ stand this?” He asked spinning around in a دائرے, حلقہ then staggering to a stop. “Ouch I’m feeling something...a headache! Ouch!” He exclaimed clutching his head, looking side to side at the floor beneath him. “How hu-oh no! Human! Yuck, this is so human!”
“Are آپ always like this?” Steve asked.
“Like what?” The Doctor replied, on his knees staring at the floor. “This? Why would I want to see a thing like this? It’s so... so human.”
“Ok, Doctor,” Steve said, “I think we’ve established that this place is too human. The way آپ say that, Doctor, what do آپ mean سے طرف کی too human? You’re one.”
“What me?” The Doctor asked sounding insulted, “Human? Do I look human to you?” He got up from the floor and extended his arms out for Steve to inspect. “Except that smell.” He suddenly turned and ran over to the glass window, “That’s not from around here.” He withdrew his sonic سکریو ڈرایور, ڈرایور and buzzed around the room.
“What’s that?” Steve asked coming to stand اگلے to the Doctor.
“This? Oh this is my screwdriver, Sonic Screwdriver.” He کہا proudly, “Impressive isn’t she?”
“What does it do?”
“What does it do? What does it do?” The Doctor sniggered, “Humans.” Steve just stared at him.
“Well it sonically screws don’t it?” He sniggered again and returned to his buzzing.
“Aha!” He declared, “That’s it. A smell!”
“A smell?” Steve repeated. “What smell? I can’t smell anything.”
“Well of course not, silly, “The Doctor said, “It’s a sonic smell, kind of like,” The Doctor licked his finger and waved it around in the air, and then licked it again, “Rubber. Burning rubber. Oh how clever!”
“What is?” Steve asked.
“Oh do try and keep up Stevie boy.” The Doctor کہا impatiently, “The smell is the smell of a hologram; your mysterious woman is a hologram.”
“What? How can that be?”
“Tell me something,” The Doctor asked, replacing his سکریو ڈرایور, ڈرایور to its rightful place, “Where was she first seen, this woman?”
“Right here, two years ago. It was before I was an officer he-“
“Yes, yes,” The Doctor کہا waving his hand in Steve’s face, “Enough sad human sob stories. Has she ever been seen outside?”
“Outside what?”
“Oh آپ humans, you’re so thick!” The Doctor said, tapping Steve’s head to make his point, “Outside outside!”
“Well, no I don’t think so.”
“See,” The Doctor کہا smiling, “You thought. Well done, I’m proud of you.”
“Has anyone ever punched آپ Doctor?” Steve asked angrily.
“Yes, mostly women. Why?” He stepped back a step.
“How about recently?” The Doctor grinned.
“I like آپ Steve O’Ryan. Now,” He ran over to a دیوار panel to the right of the glass wall, removing his سکریو ڈرایور, ڈرایور and sonicing it over the panel, “Aha! Here it is, آپ beauty!” Steve rushed over.
“HoloFeeds,” Steve said, “They run through the entire place.”
“Oh, I see!” Steve exclaimed. The Doctor put the panel cover on the ground and looked at Steve, squinting.
“Ok, I don’t.” Steve said. The Doctor rolled his eyes.
“These panels run through the entire place,” He کہا explaining to Steve like he was lecturing a little child, “Everywhere. These HoloFeeds all connect together, though these panels and they come together in a central place, a HoloPower Grid. This whole place is like one big HoloDome, all those Holo things everywhere, ads, toilet signs etcetera.”
“Toilet signs?”
“Oh آپ know what I mean.” The Doctor کہا replacing the panel on the دیوار and sonicing it back into place. “Now take me to the HoloGrid!” The Doctor said, rubbing his hands in excitement.
“Who are آپ really?” Steve asked.
“You’ll have to find out!”
. . . . . . . . . .
A few منٹ later, Steve and the Doctor emerged from the turbolift into the Mystic Casino, its hustle and bustle having died down some, with most of the people attending the midday attractions, only a few dedicated gamblers and new arrivals milling around the dens, tables and bars of the Casino’s main room. A few waitresses went to and fro, serving the remaining customers their drinks and food. Several people کہا hello to Steve as they walked past, with the Doctor just standing there shaking his head.
“What?” Steve asked.
“Oh nothing,” The doctor replied, “all these people just... sitting there, none of them knowing the doom that is coming.”
“Doom?” Steve repeated.
“Doom.... I think she likes you.” Steve just looked puzzled at the Doctor, who smiled and pointed to Julia who was at a nearby table. He waved and she pointed at herself mouthing ‘me’. “Come on.” The Doctor strode over to the table. “Hello,” He کہا cheerfully, “I’m the Doctor.”
“Julia, Doctor Who was it?”
“Close enough.” He said, “You know my friend Steve,” He کہا indicating to Steve, “He’s Scottish آپ know.”
“Yeah, I think she knows that Doctor.”
“A scot Scotsman.” Julia laughed.
“Who are you?”
“I’m the Doctor and I’m here to cure all.”
“Right, now time to تقسیم, الگ کریں up.” The Doctor said. He withdrew his sonic سکریو ڈرایور, ڈرایور and did a wild turn around, buzzing frantically, “Julia, آپ and I are going to the HoloGrid. Wow,” The Doctor کہا stumbling to a stop, “Dizzy, why’d I do that then? Aha! Come along!” The Doctor rushed off, his سکریو ڈرایور, ڈرایور buzzing wildly in front of him. Julia rushed after him leaving a bewildered Steve behind.
“What about me, Doctor?” He called after the running Time Lord, as he disappeared behind a wall.
“You, oh, yes Stevie!” The Doctor said, popping his head out from behind the wall, “You... go... Aha, yes! Arrest Polly! Come along!” He grabbed Julia سے طرف کی the arm and yanked her behind the wall. Steve shook his head.
“He really is crazy.”
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
The Lassiter International Spaceport, The Inner Rim
“It is a large mission,” The balding hologram image of Counsellor Relusa of the Federation of the Inner Rim said, his voice that of a man that considered himself a higher being then anyone who he spoke to, “Do آپ think آپ can handle it?”
“Of that آپ can be sure,” The recipient of the Counsellor’s stare, a humanoid figure in a flowing black روب, چغہ responded, with the voice of a woman, “I have my best men on it now, and I myself will be following along shortly, to make sure that the target is truly liquidated.”
“He is a powerful man.” The counsellor responded, “A thorn in our sides from millennia ago.”
“But surely, one man cannot be that powerful, my Lord?” The robbed figure asked. “After all, he is alone.” The Counsellor frowned.
“That man has caused us nothing but pain and torment, and the time has come for his much needed demise.”
“I understand, Counsellor, my ship is being prepared to leave as we speak. Keruush is a very populated planet, advanced in its technology, but I’m sure we have the necessary passes. In his file it speaks a lot of a planet in the Milky Way that he frequents. I have never heard of it, it must be highly undeveloped.” The Counsellor sneered.
“Earth. Yes, it is underdeveloped indeed, but they seem to have attracted his, albeit likely unwanted, help. آپ must find him on Keruush and bring him to me. Whatever way is needed. Do آپ understand?” The robbed figure bowed.
“I understand. Before the اگلے setting of the Moons of Claus 4, the Doctor will be in your hands.”
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