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 6x10 The Girl who Waited
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doctor who
series 6
season 6
episode 10
the girl who waited
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آپ might be a Doctor Who پرستار if…

1. آپ have debates over the best Doctor with other obsessed friends.
2. آپ own a replica Sonic Screwdriver, and attempt to unlock doors with it.
3. آپ make the sound of the SS while doing this, and quickly unlock the door yourself, telling yourself it worked.
4. آپ know what Time Lord Rock is, and feel a sense of pride about this.
5. آپ think Chameleon Circuit is the best band in the world.
6. You’ve written a Time Lord Rock song.
7. آپ claim your refrigerator is a TARDIS with a broken Chameleon Circuit.
8. You’re terrified of gas masks and angel statues....
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