Doctor Who Most emotional moment from Series 3?

Pick one:
"Doctor! آپ can stop now!"
Donna turns down the offer to travel
The Doctor sacrifices himself
Martha joins the Doctor in the Tardis
"Abide with me" (The Motorway hymn)
The Face of Boe dies after revealing his secret
Free at last!
Laszlo is Revealed
The Doctor is Electrocuted
"Thats a price worth paying". "Is it?"
Lazarus is Finally Defeated
Martha and Riley are Jettisoned off to Death
"I think i already did"
The Doctor turns into a human
Martha is Left Devestated
The Boys are being made to use violence
Smith's Choice
Remembrance دن
Sally Reads Kathy's Letter
The Angels surround Sally and Larry
"You are not alone"
Chantho is shot but then she shoots the Master
Martha's Family are captured
Using a Perception Filter
The Doctor is aged
"I'm coming back!"
The Master Dies in the Doctor's arms
Burning his body
"The Face of Boe they called me"
Martha Bows out
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 DW_girl posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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